Mars in Leo, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Mars in Leo’s flash won’t impress Moon in Scorpio, because she could care less about shiny moves. But Leo’s strength may connect with Scorpio’s need for a fearlessly intense lover. If these two Fixed signs connect, their different ways of expressing their passions will create a volatile relationship.

Mars in Leo goes all the way when he’s trying to impress someone he’s hot for. His boldness, creativity and over-the-top romantic streak means his efforts will not go unnoticed. His desire for attention, combined with stubbornness, makes Mars in Leo a vibrant lover whose flame will burn for a long time. He can also be extremely insistent on doing things his way, and if his partner is not strong enough, he’ll overwhelm her with his loving but demanding actions.

Moon in Scorpio needs a profound connection with no limits. Her powerful instincts can zero in on her partner’s fears, insecurities and hidden desires, which Moon in Scorpio will excavate. She feels most secure when she has the deep 411 on her lover. This can be intrusive, but the rewards include Scorpio’s extreme passion, commitment and support for her partner.

Moon in Scorpio will see right through Mars in Leo’s fancy moves. If she likes what she sees, the relationship will continue. Mars in Leo may get frustrated when Scorpio doesn’t give him the applause he thinks he deserves. But the heat generated between them will keep him coming back for more. Her passionate dedication to emotional honesty will resonate with his passionate dedication to being himself. But his focus on appearances will clash with her need for depth. Leo will need to adjust his expectations of praise, and Scorpio will have to watch that she doesn’t undermine his pride with her painfully truthful insights.

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