Mars in Leo, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Brilliant gold star for this union. Mars in Leo will be drawn to Moon in Leo like fire to flammable honey. Moon in Leo will meet her match in a partner who knows just how to make her feel hot and special. And, Mars in Leo will strut his stuff, so she’ll always love to be seen with him.

Mars in Leo is proud of what he can do. Each action is an expression of his joyful creativity, each initiative a demand for recognition. Mars in Leo says, “I will treat you better than anyone else possibly can, as long as you realize how fabulous I am.” His playful, bold and romantic gestures will sweep his target off her feet, although his self-centered eruptions of anger may be off-putting.

Moon in Leo is proud of herself. No matter what her Sun sign is, Moon in Leo feels that she is exceptional and deserving of the best. Her extensive needs for attention, adoration and fun (or drama) can make her a demanding partner. But if her lover understands that it’s all about her at the end of the day, she’ll respond with an intense, steady love.

Mars in Leo will recognize Moon in Leo’s inner Queen as a match for his King. He’ll know exactly how to impress her, and she’ll encourage him by feeding his fire. Together, they’ll create a passionate, larger-than-life relationship. And, they’ll look really good together. Although Moon in Leo needs to be the center of attention, the mix of external Mars (who will dominate) and internal Moon should create a balance. She’ll be content to be the Queen at home, and allow Mars the spotlight in the outside world.

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