How to Tell if a Mars in Sagittarius Man or Woman Is Into You


Life is a high-octane adventure for Mars in Sagittarius. If you catch his eye as he gallops past, he’ll slow down long enough to invite you along for the ride. Will you be able to keep up?

The Start of the Journey

If Mars in Sag is into you, he’ll bowl you over with his enthusiasm, inviting smile and irreverent sense of humor. He’ll manage to be assertive (as he insists that you accompany him on his latest adventure) without being creepy. If you demure, he’ll keep trying in his charmingly persistent way. But you’ll never get the sense that he’s desperate, because this guy usually has multiple options. He may be all over you, but at the same time, you’ll suspect that he’s having a laugh. Not at your expense (he’s not mean) but at life in general.

A first date will probably not be a quiet affair. She may invite you to join her and her friends at a concert, party, gallery opening, all-night rave, whitewater rafting excursion or food festival. She has many interests, but the common theme will be something new and unusual that the two of you can discuss afterwards. She’ll want to know what you think, because she craves physical and mental experiences. She’s also got a thing about honesty. For all her charm, she’ll be quite blunt (even tactless). Part of her explorations involve pulling back the facade, and she’ll be curious to see how you respond when you’re exposed. She may push you (playfully) especially if she senses you’re holding back. Get ready for off-color jokes and borderline offensive comments, all delivered with her killer smile. No matter how “interesting” things get, Sag will be laughing. Will you? A sense of humor is essential if you want to be with this Mars sign; you don’t have to be the class clown, but you do have to appreciate the irony of everything. By the end of the first date, you’ll either want more, or you’ll be so uncomfortable and overwhelmed that you won’t know what to say. If you fall into the first camp, there will probably be a second date. And if she’s that into you she may want a second date, even if you are overwhelmed. She’ll get a kick out of seeing how uncomfortable she can make you.

Uncharted Territory

Once you’ve grabbed Mars in Sagittarius’ interest (and you’ve proven yourself a worthy travelling companion) prepare yourself for some off-road adventures. Sex may or may not happen on the first date, but he won’t postpone it for long. Part of Mars in Sag’s quest for the truth involves exploring the wild world of intimacy. This is his attitude towards sex: he wants to have fun while pushing the limits. He’ll be playful and rambunctious. Forget about a long buildup or delicate romantic overtures. He will not be shy, at all. And he’ll have no sexual secrets. He’ll tell you whatever you want to know, because he wants everything out in the open. His goal is to achieve absolute honesty, and that involves exploring new physical and moral horizons. What is morality, anyway? Mars in Sagittarius understands right from wrong and often has high ethical standards. But he loathes repression or judgemental restrictions. If you’re easily offended, you’re probably not the partner for him.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Nadia, excellent and perfect article! I swear I’m going to make anyone who wants to be with me READ THIS FIRST as a user’s manual. I didn’t realize how influential my Sagittarian Mars has been in my personality, but I guess it would be since it’s conjunct my ascendant. One seemingly contrary effect of this Mars placement, though, can be a highly moralistic outlook on all things Mars related (like sexuality)– fanatically puritanical, even– and depending on the Mercury sign the native can be mouthy and argumentative, and express anger under the guise of moral indignation. So, this is the person who, when confronted with an accusation of infidelity, might say, “I’m deeply offended that you don’t trust me, that you would take me for that kind of person, when you know how important it is to me to be ethical!” and turn the tables on his or her partner, making the partner feel as though he or she has committed a crime against the relationship by bringing his or her wrongdoing out into the open. The deeper truth of such a conversation is that the Mars in Sag native should avoid making promises he or she can’t keep, and when Mars in Sag breaks a promise, the truly ethical act is to own up to it– obviously! But for some, to own up to it is to accept that the lapse happened, and they might not be able to stand the blemish on their positive self-regard. For what it’s worth, when I was married, it was as if other men did not exist. I was completely faithful sexually and emotionally, although other people sometimes found my behavior flirtatious. I wasn’t flirting– I’m just interested in all new people and want to know everything about them! Luckily, that was one aspect of my personality my spouse did understand. I really chafed at the restrictions of having to make other life decisions in my career, in travel, in dwelling places with someone else having his own needs and opinions. My moments of unilateral decision making made my Aries Sun/ Leo Moon spouse feel disrespected and sent a constant stream of disapproval my way, including withholding sex. The single best way to destroy a relationship with a Mars in Sag native is to withhold sex, in my opinion. My repeatedly “taking one for the team” laid up a profound store of resentment that eventually exploded and ruptured the marriage. Over eight years later, I’m still nursing that wound. At this point, I think I might never recover.

  2. @Sarah
    thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

  3. I have Mars in Sagittarius, but in the very final degree, 29*45′, and it’s in the 7th house, but right on the cusp of the 8th by Placidus. You’ve pretty much described the type of individual that I have historically mated. I wouldn’t describe my characteristics in your description as matching, but certainly describe a pattern of the characteristics I seem to be attracted toward.

  4. @Mike
    7th House planets are often projected onto the partner.

  5. The problem I have with my Mars in Sagittarius in 11th House (1st and 12th House Cusps) is that it’s a double-masculine sign in the planet of yang energy (male) which is terrible for a woman. I also find myself enjoying friendships with men only which becomes a problem sooner or later (with them!) when they either get mixed signals from me and/or find out that I really just wanted to be friends. And even though I do tell them up front that I’m not interested in any sex, just hanging out and having a good time with them. Some of them get their ego hurt bad enough, and call me a lesbian, which I most certainly am not. Also, since my First and Twelfth House Cusps are in Sagittarius (interceptions/Placidus), the irony is that all my secrets(12th) are right out front(1st), meaning I can’t even have/use my Ascendant “mask” to confuse anyone anyhow! I’m hard to believe for all my honesty!!

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