The Zodiac Signs as Instagram Hashtags

  Credit: milanws via iStockphoto

Credit: milanws via iStockphoto


We all love Instagram. We also all have our own styles of using the photo sharing app. If your sign ruled a hashtag, which one would it be?

#nofilter ARIES

They have a “what you see is what you get” attitude in general, and it extends to insta selfies and the like.

#instanature TAURUS

This Venus-ruled sign revels in the beauty all around them, and loves to inspire others to connect with Mother Earth.

all the hashtags / no hashtags GEMINI

I mean, it’s Gemini. They’ll either have a bunch of hashtags describing the photo in question, or forgo any in place of a witty caption.


Cancer can be nostalgic and holds fond memories dear. Don’t be surprised to see cute old photos pop up whether it’s Thursday or not!

#selfiesunday LEO

All of the selfies. They’re hot, they know it, and they’d be doing instagram a disservice by not sharing.

#potd VIRGO

They’re consistent, and this extends to various social media outlets. Expect daily pix of what’s going on in their lives, and/or quotes sharing what they’re currently chewing on.

#mcm / #wcw LIBRA

This is the sign of love & relationships. They love showing off their sexy other half and their adventures together.

no hashtag SCORPIO

They see social media and hashtags, as an extension, as just another way to be tracked, so they’ll be done either in jest or not at all.

#caturday / wildcard SAG

When Sag pops up in your IG feed, don’t be surprised to see pics of their pets and the great outdoors, or just them doing something fun and ridiculous. Or the beer they’re currently enjoying.


This perceptive sign is both artistic and meticulous, so expect cool shots right from where they stand.

#goodvibes AQUARIUS

This peace-loving sign loves sharing the fun they’re having with their favorite people in gorgeous places.

#instamood PISCES

They rely on photography to convey a mood, to express what words can’t. It’s like a peek into the current state of their psyche.

Comment below: What’s your favorite hashtag?

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  1. Abby Harmon says:

    Cute article!

  2. Nature***

    Love it. Love them all. Aries and Gemini, hahaha

  3. Insight and humor make a good combination ???????

  4. Those ???????? are supposed to be applause emojis

  5. #nohashtag you hit the head on the nail with this article sass

  6. this?
    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  7. I love this! The Virgo one is so true, and I need to gets my Instagram up, but I’m afraid that I’ll share TOO much and what could be a cool photo diary of my life is just going to be open information for everyone to see. But yes, Virgos are really into what they’re into in the moment. I’m currently into classical music, old movies, weird movies, Thai food, learning cooking methods,old Martha Stewart episodes organizing, showing love to loved ones, being creative, manifesting the positive, and having fun! I’ll get on there eventually, but I’m so tempted to share everything that I get nervous at the thought of sharing everything I’m constantly into! I think I’ll compromise by not sharing *everything* and going private if I go on. So hard though.. Virgo: all or nothing! :p

  8. I like this Aries and Scorpio me and my boos sign I love them all ?

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