Mars in Cancer, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Both of these signs love to help their partners, and their different approaches complement each other. Mars in Cancer’s passionately nurturing actions will harmonize with Moon in Virgo’s need for domestic order and perfection. Mars will supply the raw materials, and Virgo will refine what he gives her.

Mars in Cancer expresses his desire for his lover by providing comfort. Whatever he can do to help his partner feel secure and loved is fair game. Mars in Cancer’s assistance is wrapped in a warm, cozy aura of emotional nurturing, which means his reactions (positive and negative) are also saturated in emotion. He’s protective and moody, and it doesn’t take much trigger an outburst of temper, especially if he feels threatened.

Moon in Virgo needs to continually improve her relationship. Even if her partner thinks everything is fine, she’ll find a way to better it. While this can spiral into obsessive nagging and worrying, contented Moon in Virgo will nurture her lover in her own practical way (this meets her need to serve). By ensuring that everything is running efficiently in her relationship, she’ll feel safe in the atmosphere of order she’s created.

Mars in Cancer’s protective efforts will support and soothe Moon in Virgo. When she gets wound up about something, he’ll take care of it, while wrapping her in his reassuring embrace. Moon in Virgo will feel satisfied with Cancer’s efforts to make her feel safe, and she’ll conscientiously express her appreciation by doing even more to help him. He’ll handle the touchy-feely stuff, and she’ll take care of the necessities. Together, they’ll create a relationship that covers all the bases.

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