Mars in Cancer, Moon in Libra Compatiblity

There’s heat and discord with this combo. Mars in Cancer’s assertive moves will make Moon in Libra feel loved, but smothered. Even though she needs large amounts of affection, Libra also needs a light touch. Mars in Cancer can overwhelm with his protective parent/demanding child routine.

Mars in Cancer is the nurturing protector, ensuring that his partner is safe, loved, and well-fed. He can also be overprotective and needy. This is usually a reaction to a perceived threat (romantic or otherwise) or his sense that his lover is pulling away. There are times when Mars in Cancer’s partner may wonder if she’s dealing with a parent or child, because he can shift quickly between these roles. Above all else, he desires emotional security and empathy. All his actions (inside and outside the bedroom) are motivated by these desires.

Moon in Libra needs romance, but please keep it clean. She can be just as fussy as Virgo when it comes to creating an immaculate relationship, because this Venus-ruled sign needs harmony to feel safe. Ideally, her partner’s love should be full-on, but refined. Obvious, but not dramatic or clichéd. Moon in Libra will give until she’s drained, and if her lover hasn’t clued in to the fact that she is drained, he can expect withdrawal and resentment. She’s revitalized by appreciation and attention that she’ll never ask for (displaying her needs makes her uncomfortable).

Moon in Libra will enjoy Mars in Cancer’s efforts to look after her, but she may find him too obvious (and pushy). She’ll be cooly flirtatious, and he’ll chase her. Cancer may become frustrated by her indirect signals, and Libra will be very uncomfortable with his moody eruptions of anger. She’ll feel weighed down by his demands, because she wants Prince Charming, not a man-child. However, there is considerable attraction between these two, and if other aspects between their charts indicate a bond, they could have a passionate relationship. They’ll need to work out a balance between her distaste for messy, emotional scenes, and his tendency to initiate those scenes.

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