Mars in Cancer, Moon in Gemini Compatiblity

Mars in Cancer’s hugs will feel like a suffocating blanket to Moon in Gemini. Gemini needs a light touch and sparkling conversation, but Cancer will want to wallow in all the feels. However, one thing these two have in common is an ability to shift gears at the drop of a hat. This may be enough for them, provided they have more binding contacts between their charts.

Mars in Cancer’s actions are designed to establish security. His default mode (once he establishes a level of trust) is “protective nurturing.” This means Mars in Cancer will take charge of the care and cuddling part of the relationship. But his lover should realize that this Cardinal sign can also be quick-tempered and changeable, if he suspects he’s under-appreciated. He wants to be needed, but he also requires proof that he’s wanted. Flare-ups of jealousy are signs that something has triggered his insecurities.

Moon in Gemini needs room to breath. She’s most comfortable with a partner who understands that conversation is her way of connecting emotionally. “Let’s discuss” could be her motto, although the discussion should be light. Moon in Gemini also needs a domestic environment with a continuous influx of new ideas and activities. Boredom can set in quickly, which leads to emotional tension and nervousness.

Moon in Gemini may run in the other direction if Mars in Cancer makes a move on her. She’ll feel an uncomfortable sense of obligation to respond in a way that’s foreign to her. But if other contacts between their charts are encouraging, things may progress between them. Mars in Cancer will attempt to look after her while searching for an emotional response, and Moon in Gemini will respond in the only way she knows how: by talking. Cancer will become frustrated and possessive. Gemini will simply not understand why he’s upset. But, if anyone can keep up with Moon in Gemini’s need for change, it’s Mars in Cancer. He can move quickly, and she may find his temper tantrums interesting (if other aspects in her chart suggest an attraction to conflict). If these two stay together, they’ll never have to worry about a stagnant connection.

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  1. This is true, my BFF was a Mars in Cancer and I have a Moon in Gemini. Interesting that this came up in my fb news feed

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