Mars in Cancer, Moon in Cancer Compatiblity

Cancer plus Cancer equals extreme nurturing, in the mother of all cozy relationships. Mars in Cancer will move in for a hug, and Moon in Cancer will respond by melting in his arms. Intimacy is off the charts for these two, with a connection that fuses passion and safety.

Mars in Cancer initiates emotional connections. He may come across as pushy and invasive to some, because his Cardinal-based actions are based on his desire to get intimate. Simultaneously protective and needy, Mars in Cancer’s efforts to move his relationship forward will depend on his lover’s willingness to be vulnerable and mothering. He wants to be needed, but he also wants to be nurtured. This can be a tall order for some, so only those who are ready to get close need apply.

Moon in Cancer needs emotional connections. Of all the Moon signs, she’s the one with the most direct connection to primal mother/child issues. She can be a mother to her partner, but she’ll revert to sulky child if she feels that her substantial needs are being ignored. In keeping with her sign’s changeable nature, Moon in Cancer can shift quickly between emotional states. Her lover should be prepared for moody squalls that come and go. But as long as her relationship and domestic environment are safe and comfortable, she’ll be happy.

Mars in Cancer will sense Moon in Cancer’s vulnerabilities, and he’ll make the most of them. This reads as manipulative, but assuming both partners are emotionally mature, the result will be Mars’ protective instincts meshing perfectly with his partner’s needs. Raw physical attraction will be high, but so will intimacy. Stormy moments will be frequent, since both partners react quickly and instinctively. But they’ll make up just as quickly. Despite Mars’ aggressiveness, Moon in Cancer will feel perfectly safe, and will respond easily to whatever he dishes out.

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