Mars in Cancer, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

What happens when Mars in Cancer’s cuddles meet Moon in Taurus’ need for sensual pleasure? Pure indulgence. This couple will build a cozy nest, with Cancer supplying the nurturing food/sex and Taurus ensuring that they make the most of what they have. Moon in Taurus’ fixed stability will anchor (but not restrict) Mars in Cancer’s fluctuating actions.

Mars in Cancer will do whatever it takes to make his partner feel warm and wanted. His actions are meant to create security for his love interest and himself. However, he is also extremely sensitive, and if he senses that his efforts aren’t appreciated, he’ll react. Despite his mothering approach, Mars in Cancer does have a temper. Any threat to his or his partner’s security will launch him into protective mode.

Moon in Taurus needs a certain level of stability, and she knows how to get it. This self-assured Moon has no qualms about insisting on the right way to do things at home. If her partner goes along with the program, he can count on a solid, comfortable relationship with a domestic matriarch. But if her partner tries to push Moon in Taurus too far or too fast, he’ll experience her awesome powers of resistance to change.

Mars in Cancer will court Taurus with his cooking/nurturing, and Moon in Taurus will respond with calm delight. She’ll be pleased as he provides her with sensual pleasures (in and out of the bedroom) and he’ll be reassured by her steady flow of attention. Nothing soothes Cancer’s worries/temper like Taurus’ unshakable devotion. When Mars in Cancer does introduce new things (he’s a Cardinal sign) Taurus will decide whether it’s a go or not. And she may be open to Cancer’s changes, because their mutual comfort level will be his end goal. Neither of these signs will want to disrupt their cozy existence.

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  1. sailor.mercury says:

    Mars in cancer makes for an interesting chart , I would suspect . The cuddle-kissies are the let down from the taurean screwing. After loud taurean sex, martian snuggowls are what lead to the ultimate mind-spirit connection though facilitated by physical touching, still. Also, inevitably leads to more sex. So it becomes a positive feedback loop.

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