Mars in Cancer, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Cancer will try to give Moon in Aries a big hug/kiss/pot of soup, and Moon in Aries will thrash around irritably. But Cancer will keep trying, because the chemistry between these Cardinal signs can be pretty intense. And Aries may even get comfortable enough to sit still for a few minutes, as the mutual reception between them (she’s ruled by Mars, he’s ruled by the Moon) creates a bond.

Mars in Cancer is the assertive nurturer. He wants to take care of his lover, whether she needs his care or not. Once Mars in Cancer decides he’s ready to make his move, he’ll wrap himself around her like a warm, fuzzy blanket. For some partners, this can be heaven; 24/7 care and feeding. Others will find it way too much, and will be surprised how someone so assertive can be so needy. He’s a potent combo of suction-cup love and moody eruptions of temper, if that love is not constantly acknowledged.

Moon in Aries needs a challenge. Her comfort level lies in the conflict zone, which means she gets restless when her relationship is placid. Interpersonal challenges are her favorite, so a partner who views some light, emotional sparring as no big deal would be perfect. Moon in Aries is also extremely independent, and will feel trapped if her lover tries to keep her calm or make things easy for her. However, when she cares for someone, this warrior Moon will gladly do battle to protect him.

Mars in Cancer may see a wounded warrior who needs his protection, but Moon in Aries will only be interested in being the warrior. The more he tries to look after her, the more she’ll fight him. And this could be the basis for a hot relationship, if other aspects between them that suggest commitment exist. Aries will feel satisfied when Mars in Cancer loses his temper, so she may keep provoking him as he chases after her. While they probably won’t create that cozy nest that Cancer craves, they can become each other’s champions.

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  1. sailor.mercury says:

    I love this! To take this coupling further, the tag teaming u describe needs to continue…thats ppls ways of working the logistics out, setting boundaries, and in a healthy, emotional love, courting. Flirting. Like foreplay. So, ironically, the negativity that ppl sense, is just an expression of <Love3 🙂

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