Mars in Gemini, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Mars in Gemini’s glib approach will rub Moon in Scorpio the wrong way, as his wit clashes with her need for profound intimacy. However, if more compelling connections exist between them, Gemini might be intrigued enough to investigate Scorpio’s depths. And Scorpio may (if she deems him worthy) teach him a thing or two about passion.

Mars in Gemini has his story down pat. This Mercury-ruled man can weave a convincing tale as he woos the object of his affection. His approach involves figuring out what impresses her, and then shifting his approach to match. He’s not lying (exactly) but Mars in Gemini is a spin master. Words are his tools of seduction, and he acts quickly and intelligently.

Moon in Scorpio is not easily impressed. Her need for raw intimacy and deep, emotional exchanges make her a formidable partner. She is slow to trust, but once she opens up, her needs are extensive. Moon in Scorpio is capable of no-holds-barred commitment, but she needs her partner to offer the same in return. She also needs access to his innermost secrets and desires; she only feels secure if she’s touched her lover’s core.

Mars in Gemini’s sexy little come-ons will bounce off Scorpio’s surface. She’ll see right through his story and deem him a waste of time. Gemini, in turn, will quickly lose interest and look elsewhere. However, if there is sufficient magnetism in their synastry, Mars in Gemini may consider Scorpio’s initial silence as a challenge, and redouble his efforts to win her over. If Moon in Scorpio intuits any potential in him for commitment, she’ll gradually let him in. Then, it will be a sharp learning curve for both. Gemini will have to control his urge to bolt when Scorpio’s intensity smothers him. Scorpio will have to control her instinct to burrow into his psyche and demand things that he’s not able to give. These two may be able to make it work, but there will always be a gap between Scorpio’s depths and Gemini’s surface.

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