Mars in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Mars in Gemini’s sexy wit will feel annoying to Moon in Capricorn. As he buzzes around, trying to get her attention, she may be too preoccupied with keeping her life in order to notice. But even if his efforts create a chink in her emotional armor, these two will have further challenges to overcome. Capricorn will take on the role of parent, and Gemini the precocious child.

Mars in Gemini doesn’t take anything too seriously, even if he’s madly in lust. While the rest of his chart will illustrate the degree to which he’s able to commit, when it comes to actions and sexual energy, he wants to keep things light and interesting. Turn-ons include verbal sparring as foreplay, cheeky comments and anything/anyone new.

Moon in Capricorn needs to maintain control. Her core sense of security comes from order, discipline and boundaries. While this means her emotional expression may be somewhat subdued, no one takes relationships more seriously than she. Moon in Capricorn is a dedicated, responsible partner to someone that she deems worthy of partnering with. While she needs to be the boss at home, she’s not interested in a relationship with a lover who doesn’t share her values.

Moon in Capricorn may not take Mars in Gemini seriously. His words will mean nothing to her unless he can back them up with proof of intent. Mars in Gemini may lose interest when he bumps into her Capricorn wall. But if his clever words crack her defenses, and he can prove that he has more to offer than innuendo, these two may move forward together. Gemini will find Moon in Capricorn’s stoicism an interesting challenge to overcome, and Capricorn will find that Mars in Gemini is able to lighten her heavy moods. But if they want make it work, they’ll have to tone down the parent/child dynamic. Moon in Capricorn’s instinct will be to chastise Gemini, and Mars in Gemini will instantly rebel. She can be his grounding influence, but she’ll have to use a light touch.

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  1. sailor.mercury says:

    Dearie, u are still my favourite astrologer. My moon in Capricorn can be vicious, so I always take the time to listen to his mars in Gemini, and take it at face value. Accepting it as truth. Tho it seems ludacris, it is actually his heart speaking. These things take time…:)

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