Mars in Gemini, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Both of these Mercury-ruled signs love chatter, but Mars in Gemini’s approach may be too careless and raunchy for Moon in Virgo. Gemini wants to skim the surface with his bratty sense of humour, while Virgo needs to focus on what’s correct.

Mars in Gemini can be a bad boy, with the emphasis on “boy.” His whimsical/naughty approach to flirting blends wit and innuendo, and if he manages to shock the object of his affection, all the better. Mars in Gemini wants to keep things interesting, and this involves new and controversial topics of discussion. But as much as he loves to discuss, he’s not interested in focusing on anything for too long.

Moon in Virgo needs to think about it. “It” can be anything from her relationship, to her lover’s health, to something in the news. But she must analyze. Moon in Virgo’s constant analysis can grind her partner down, especially if she focuses on negative issues (which she has a tendency to do when she’s trying to make improvements). She feels most secure when she’s being useful, which translates to fixing something, in Virgo-speak. Her perfectionist streak ensures that she also focuses on the correct way to approach anything. If it feels rushed, or rude, or unclean, she feels anxious.

Mars in Gemini may offend Virgo with his remarks. She’ll view him as silly and annoying, and if he persists, she won’t hesitate to tell him the truth, as she feels it. But rather than discouraging Gemini, Moon in Virgo’s sharp responses may keep him coming back for more. He’ll see her as a worthy opponent, and their verbal jousting will be foreplay (to him). Whether or not things go any further depends on other connections between their charts. If they do form a relationship, the constant tension will keep Gemini intrigued and Virgo busy (as she attempts to correct him).

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