Mars in Gemini, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Mars in Gemini’s edgy quips may bruise Moon in Cancer’s tender feelings. Cancer is extremely sensitive, while Gemini may be too busy with his multiple projects to empathize. However, Moon in Cancer’s liquid moods can shift just as quickly as Mars in Gemini’s attention, so they may be able to dance together, if they can synchronize their steps.

Mars in Gemini has multiple targets. If he’s trying to attract someone, he’ll have several approaches (or, several other people he’s attracted to). He’s light on his feet, full of flirtatious comments, and has a quiver full of edgy remarks, just in case he needs to take a shot. Mars in Gemini is more focused on surface interactions than deeper feelings (or consequences). In can be helpful for his partner to remember that he’s an “in the moment” kind of guy.

Moon in Cancer needs someone who empathizes with her. It’s safe for her partner to assume that she feels everything intensely, even if she doesn’t show it immediately. Moon in Cancer feels most secure when she knows that her partner needs her love and care; nothing makes her feel more needy than someone (she loves) who’s not open to her mothering. But, no matter how tuned in her lover is to her feelings, her moods will still shift (sometimes dramatically) over the course of one day.

Mars in Gemini’s initial come-ons may feel a bit sharp for Cancer. If she gets uncomfortable and shuts down, Gemini may lose interest and walk away (hyper-sensitivity bores him). But if other connections between their charts keep them together, Gemini will have to watch his step, as each careless word or “innocent” flirtation has the potential to bruise Moon in Cancer. For her part, Cancer can learn how to detach, and not take everything so personally. And Gemini may find that Cancer’s unpredictable moods provide sufficient variety to keep him guessing.

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  1. thank you Nadia. this summed up my last relationship very accurately.

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