A Whole New Love Life: When Your Progressed Descendant Changes Signs


There are few influences that trigger a guaranteed change in your love life (with 99% certainty). Your progressed Ascendant/Descendant changing signs is one of those influences. The progressed AC is your evolving identity, and the progressed DC is your evolving committed partnerships. When they enter new signs, you say goodbye to an old way of identifying yourself in relationships, and hello to a new love life. Your natal AC/DC will always dominate, but your progressed AC/DC describes your developing responses to external influences.

The point in your life when this shift happens depends on the natal degrees. These angles move roughly 1-2 degrees per year. If you were born with your AC/DC at 29 degrees Pisces/Virgo, you’ll experience the shift into Aries/Libra when you’re so young that you’ll grow up with these signs as your evolving relationship energy. But if your AC/DC is at 8 degrees Taurus/Scorpio, you won’t feel that shift (into Gemini/Sagittarius) until you’re 27.

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So what does it mean when these angles change signs? To understand this, we need to back up and define your Ascendant and Descendant . Your Rising Sign (the sign your AC is in) describes the external energy that defines your identity, and how others experience you. The sign your DC is in describes the type of partner/committed relationships you’re drawn to (your projected energy). When the angles progress, your identity/partnership experiences evolve into the next sign. Each sign builds upon the previous one. So if you start with your natal Ascendant in Sagittarius and Descendant in Gemini, you (very generally) have an expansive identity that’s based on experiencing new things. Your Gemini DC indicates that partnerships will be communicative, and you’ll be attracted to whomever/whatever is new and exciting (depending on what’s happening with your natal Mercury).

You get married, and your angles change signs (to Capricorn and Cancer) five years into your marriage. Now, your external identity becomes more focused. Your previous explorations are funneled in one direction, and your responsibilities increase (maybe you get promoted to manager). Traditional values become more appealing, and you and your partner have a child (Cancer). Previously, the two of  you spent a lot of time checking out the latest restaurants/clubs. Now, as parents, the energy of your relationship has changed. Or, maybe you don’t have kids, but you start to crave an emotional (Cancer) connection that’s about more than witty, intellectual exchanges. You want to take those Gemini words a step deeper, and see how they translate into feelings. If you’re not communicating your evolving desires to your partner, or they’re not interested in changing, you may meet someone new who embodies that Cancer energy (empathetic and nurturing).  How this unfolds depends on your chart and your partner’s chart. But if your lover isn’t willing or able to match these changes, the relationship will be seriously shaken.

As another example, let’s say you have Capricorn AC/Cancer DC natally. You’ve never had a truly happy, long-term relationship (although you’d dearly love one). Part of the issue involves projecting your needs (Cancer) onto your partners, so you attract lovers who seem to require 24/7 coddling. You’re sick of being the parent who always shoulders the weight of the relationship, but you have difficulty acknowledging what you need (defined by the condition of your Moon, which rules your DC). Then, your AC/DC move into Aquarius/Leo. Your identity undergoes a radical shake-up, as Capricornian conformity gives way to Aquarian liberation. The old responsibilities become meaningless, so you quit your job and pursue your dream, working independently. In your new line of work, you meet your next lover, who personifies Leo energy. They are still somewhat childlike, but they’ve integrated that to create amazing art. They are proud and confident, and definitely don’t require coddling. They open your eyes to a brand new way of being in a relationship. You still nurture your lover (you can’t disown your Cancer DC) but rather than sucking up all your time and energy, they lavish you with an equal amount of adoration (Leo). The shift to Aquarius/Leo enables you to attract a healthier version of your 7th house energy: you acknowledge your need to nurture (natal Cancer DC) while meeting your need for spontaneity and wonder in a relationship (progressed Leo DC).

How the above progressions manifest will depend on your chart:  the condition of the rulers of your natal and progressed AC/DC, plus what natal houses your progressed angles move into. But overall, you can count on the energy of the new signs to color your new relationship/approach to relationships. This will be a direct result of how you work with your progressed Ascendant. If you’ve been coasting in an unsatisfactory relationship, this could be what ends things (or revitalizes the relationship). If you’re unhappily single, a change like this is a hopeful sign. It’s all about moving to the next level.

In a future post, I’ll explore what happens when the progressed Descendant aspects your natal planets.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. This will be interesting. I have Gemini in my 7th and my Progressed DC as well. My love partners have always been much younger, but very knowledgable, intelligent souls. I am already seeing the Cancer influence in my relationships, even though the big change should happen in 6-7 years or so. I tend to appreciate the warmness of the heart and empathic abilities more and more. Looking forward to this actually 🙂

  2. Loved this article! Nice to see a focus on the progressed DC.

    I’ve read that progressed angles changing signs often coincides with changes in relationship status (marriage/divorce). Have you had experience of this, Nadia?

    On a separate note, in mid September 2016, my progressed Leo ASC/Aquarius DC change signs. As I was born at 2° Leo, this is my first ever axis shift. In mid November 2016, my progressed Sun (natal Gemini) moves into Leo, immediately conjoining my natal Saturn. My progressed Moon also shifts into Gemini in April 2016.

    My Solar Return for June 2016/2017 (my 40th!) also features my SR ASC in my radix 7H—an event that only happens in my SR chart once every 29 years. Moreover, transit Uranus (7H ruler) is currently sextile my natal Venus/Sun conjunction (19°/21° Gemini respectively).

    Though I may currently be single, I get the distinct feeling something serious is brewing on the relationship front…

  3. Charles says:

    OMG my progressed descendant is at 29’59” Pisces and will change to Aries in ten days! And I have Venus in Aries (in it’s detriment) and Mars in Pisces. This sounds like a major shift, the start of an entirely new cycle. Thanks for pointing out the progression, I don’t usually look at my progressed chart since it rarely has major changes.. like this!

  4. Me and my current partner met each other in 2005 when both our progressed DCs were in late Saggi. Nothing happened though i sensed some chemistry from him to me. One sided. No actions no reactions. We parted ways as friends in 2009. I didn’t bother to stay in touch though he tried a little. He didn’t try too hard either.

    But then in year 2012 his DC went into in Capricorn and mine followed in 2013. We met again in 2012 and started a SERIOUS relationship in 2013. Yes, a very Capricorn relationship.

  5. vanessa says:

    Hi, Nadia!:) Great article:) I wonder, when progressed DC moves into Pisces, who is the ruler – Jupiter or Neptune? How to interpret Pisces DC, if they both count?

  6. Great article. Thanks Nadia. Curious to know does a change in MC IC also usher in change in marriage divorce etc.? Perhaps a subject for a separate article? I have noticed MC IC being prominent among married couples and also transits to MC IC at times of marriage and divorce. Thanks very much

  7. How interesting, I remember looking at my progressed chart months ago and thinking, yuk, my progressed ascendent will be in Libra in 6 years time, thats all I need along with my natal Mars in Libra, and I never even thought about the effects of the descendent, so now it’ll change for the third time into Aries. Great! I need some Aries energy in my chart! thanks for the article, now I’m looking forward to it.

  8. @Kira
    Gemini to Cancer will be a significant shift.

  9. @Tessa
    I’ve seen progressed DC changing signs change the relationship status for some clients. Regarding your axis shift, it’s always exciting to see that coming up on the horizon.

  10. @Charles
    Wow! Yes, it certainly is major, especially since Aries is the first sign (emphasized new beginnings).

  11. @M
    Nice. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that.

  12. @Vanessa;
    Although Jupiter is technically the original ruler, I stick with modern rulerships (Neptune) for progressions.

  13. @Rajesh
    yes, the MC/IC can have a bearing on relationships.

  14. @Joey;
    you’re welcome! Enjoy the Aries boost.

  15. When my prog Desc moved fm 29degs Cap to Aqua my husband died suddenly.Natally I have Ceres conj Juno at 29degs Aries in H10 (traditional house of Capricorn).There were other active points in ny chart as well on the day of his death but this one was most obvious.Now my desc is in Aquarius I am so glad the Saturn in Libra/Uranus in Aries opposition is done with..I look forward to when these 2 trine each other at 22degs Sag (my natal DSC) for another shot at it!

  16. Like Kira, I think this will be interesting – in a few. AC 4 degrees & Sun 6 degrees from shifting into Leo 3rd H. I think I may enjoy this Leo-Aquarius energy – hope I’m not too old to enjoy it.

  17. alberto says:

    I forgive my English , I ‘m from Spain . What pages are best for the calculation of the progressed ascendant ? It is that some pages astro.com calculated ascendant in a way and in others, the right ascension calculated . Thank You

  18. What a great article. I feel like I have a completely new love life at the moment, or rather it’s still a little lacking but the way it manifests, the way i seek it out, who i seek out, and my attitude has completely changed. My Pisces Asc is at 8 degrees and I’m 27….bingo! 🙂

  19. Is it normal for the AC/DC axis to move less than one degree per year? Judging from what I’m seeing on astro.com, my progressed AC/DC moved only 47 minutes in the past year.

  20. Hi Nadia,

    I have a burning question that I can’t find the answer to. Over the next year my progressed descendant will conjunct my natal Pluto. I know you say you’ll write about that later, but I can’t find anything. It seems significant though.

  21. Hello Nadia , very interesting post there i never thought about progressed angles importance before this ! And i just checked out – My progressed DC just get into exact (Less than 1 degree) aspect with Natal Lilith in Cancer , also it makes it trine to natal Mercury from 3rd house which rules natal DC .
    basiacally lots of info , but i wonder what does it means Pr. Descendant conjunct natal Lilith , any thoughts about it would be appreciate very much !

  22. Gamze Gök says:

    omg! i am capricorn ac and cancer dc, today my progressed dc passed to leo
    i have a relationship which last 2 years, we are still dating but nowadays we are fighting very bad, and a boy who wants to meet me, made me confused
    so i worried about that how that could be happen and checked my chart and saw everything
    the things that you wrote about capricorn-cancer to aquarius-leo absouletly true
    thank you, i saw the problem is where
    problem is my chart:)

  23. Hi! have a Natal AC / DC at 13 :59 degree in Leo/ Aquarius. At present it is Progressed 29:14 AC/DC in Virgo/Pisces . It maybe changing signs next year to Libra/ Aries. I wonder how this will affect my love, business and finances. I have been really feeling a big shift but I can’t describe it.
    My MC / IC is also shifting from my natal Taurus/ Scorpio to Progressed Cancer/ Capricorn. . Right now it is at 29:17 degree of Gemini/ Sagittarius.
    I am new to astrology.I got curious bec i want to know why i have been having a hard time in all aspects of my life since i was young. I hope you can give me an explanation or an insight to me.

    Thank you very much!

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