How To Tell if a Mars in Gemini Man or Woman Is Into You

Credit: g_studio via iStockphoto

Credit: g_studio via iStockphoto


Mars in Gemini can flit from one attraction to the next, which makes it difficult to know if he’s into you for now, or forever. However, fidelity is about more than a person’s Mars sign. You must consider the entire chart. Therefore, Mars in Gemini is no more likely to be unfaithful than any other Mars sign. But he is going to be curious and open to exploration. And, he gets bored easily. It’s actually not that difficult to catch Mars in Gemini’s attention; all you have to do is talk to him.

It Starts in the Mind

Gemini is the sign of intellect, communication and information. Mars in Gemini experiences attraction as the urge to learn about new experiences. Sex starts in the mind for this planet/sign combo, so she’ll be drawn to almost anyone who has something new to share with her. Her approach is flirtatious, witty and challenging. Unlike some of the other Mars signs, she doesn’t care who makes the first move. It’s all good, as long as something new and interesting results. If Mars in Gemini starts asking you questions that are slightly risqué, you’ve piqued her interest. If she sticks around and wants to have a lengthy discussion, or (even better) argue, you’ve definitely got her attention. She’ll be turned on by your communication skills and will try to impress you with her wit (which is likely to be sharp) and clever anecdotes. There will be a slight edge to her conversation that will keep you guessing. Many of her comments could be interpreted as both sexual and innocent; you’ll wonder if she’s flirting, or if you’re reading too much into her remarks. Mars in Gemini is not turned on by what’s straightforward, so if you can join her in her verbal dance, you’ve got a shot at maintaining her interest. But if you’re not a big talker, she’ll move on. She wants someone who can keep her guessing, but strong, silent types need not apply. Mars in Gemini doesn’t have the patience to confront a wall of silence and tease out a response.

Mars in Gemini is not grounded in his body, so sex will have a voyeuristic component. He has difficulty getting out of his head and being in the moment. While this makes him a lover who is interested in trying almost anything once, it can be frustrating for his partner (and himself) because it compromises true intimacy. As a result, he may need a little something extra to increase the physical intensity, so he can be in the moment. What that “extra” consists of will vary, but sex with Mars in Gemini is not a direct path from A to B. Variety is essential.

Keeping the Focus

Now that you’ve got Mars in Gemini by your side and in your bed, how do you to maintain his interest? Keep talking and learning. He’s constantly pursuing new ideas so he can challenge what he already knows. Routine is a major turn off. If you can continually engage him with opinions of your own that keep him on his toes, you’ll have his mind and his heart. One caveat: he will be attracted to other people while he’s in a relationship with you. If we’re being totally honest, this is true of any sign, but Mars in Gemini is hardwired to scan his surroundings for new input. If he’s looking at or talking to someone else, it doesn’t automatically mean he’s being unfaithful to you. He can be all talk and no action with others he’s drawn to, especially once you’ve claimed his interest. But everyone has a different line when it comes to flirting, so if you’ve hooked up with him, you’ll want to make your line very, very clear. Then, see if he respects it.

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  1. I’m Mars in Gemini and all of this is mostly true in my case. Flirtation in form of witty chat is a big turn on, but only if a man has interesting things to say. Strong silent types become dull very quickly no matter how strong is initial physical attraction.
    My Venus in Aquarius loves thought provocative conversation too, so without a sharp and curious mind there’s no way I’ll found someone attractive.

  2. Mars is sex..Gemini rules hands and thoughts..equals masturbation.My ex has Mars exactly conj his Leo Sun (cazimi) in th 3rd house and not only is he the “one minute” hero ? but he loves doing “it” in th shower (Venus in Virgo) and in vehicles esp at work!Phone sex galore!He cld drive long distances whilst havn phone sex.I usd t think he was a god damn machine…more like a boring robot ?

  3. Jessica says:

    I know a guy with Mars in Gemini, Leo Sun. He’s the most amazing drummer I’ve ever seen live.

  4. Anyone who gets bored easily & needs “new & interesting” on a regular basis would be a total turn off for me. I need substance. Although I have Saturn in Gemini & Venus in Capricorn.
    My ex was moon in Gemini. I wouldn’t want to experience that again.

  5. @Ema
    Thanks, Ema.

  6. @Jessica
    Interesting! I never associated that with Gemini but it makes sense.

  7. @Carly;
    Gemini is certainly not for everyone.

  8. @fiinyx
    3rd House would definitely emphasize that Gemini energy. Plus all that fire…needs an effective outlet.

  9. Jessica says:

    I once read that Mars in Gemini channels energy through the hands and feet, so it does make sense!! He’s just a friend so I have no idea what he’s like with intimate partners, but I also thought it was interesting; he’s just so captivating to watch. The Leo helps too!

  10. Spouse has this placement… he is a Gemini, yeah he talks and talks and talks about sex. But that all I get talk!! lol Mars in Gemini on the lasts degrees of his 11th (phew!). Always touching (hands)… And I’m a Virgo with Mars in Virgo so yeah I’m sexy too… So are both ruled by mercury and have mars in the 1st, makes for a feisty combo. But NN hitting my first and SN hitting his 10th, can only mean this party is over!

  11. sailor.mercury says:

    Nahdiah…Nahdiyah!!! The thing w Mars is, it always looks like fighting, right? The thing with Gemini is, it always looks like the opposite of wat it is, right? 😉 But if sex is love (Eros,) and the sex is good, then the Love is Good 🙂
    XXX Love yahs!

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