Outer Planet Contacts in Synastry: Part 1

Credit: Alina555 via iStockphoto

Credit: Alina555 via iStockphoto


A natal aspect between an outer planet and personal, relationship planet will inject your love life with extreme situations. As I explained in this article, the energies of the collective are hooked into the most intimate parts of your life. But what happens when someone else’s same outer planet aspects your relationship/outer planet combo? For example, their Pluto to your Venus/Pluto. Hundreds of thousands of people are born with an outer planet in the same sign, within the same 1-2 degree range. This is especially true for the slowest moving planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Will every Pluto person (born during a certain span of years) connect with you on an intimate level?

If you have natal Pluto conjunct Venus (let’s pick 25 degrees Virgo as an example) the energy of obsession is emphasized in your relationships. Maybe you zero in mercilessly on your partner’s flaws (Virgo) with the intention of helping them, of course. Or maybe you fixate on certain relationship details. Or, you might attract lovers who push you to the limits of what you can handle, as a way to confront your own weaknesses. The bigger theme is Pluto’s survival at all costs, united with Virgo’s M.O. of improvement through crises. You worry and obsess in order to identify what needs fixing. If you ferret out the essential “flaw” in yourself, your relationship or your partner before it becomes a problem, you think you have gained control over the situation.

Anyone born from (roughly) August 1968 to September 1970 has natal Pluto around 25 degrees Virgo, conjunct your Venus/Pluto. Are all these people your potential lovers, ready to be locked in a make-it-better-or-die-trying embrace? Not quite. As always, you must look at the complete synastry between you and the other person.

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Danielle Doll says:

    Hi Nadia — very interesting article, thanks! I have Sun at 25 Libra and Pluto at 19 Libra, and my boyfriend has Mars at 28 Libra and Pluto at 19 Libra in his 7th house — are those orbs too wide to be considered a strong outer planet connection? In addition, my Vertex is 22 Libra and Pluto is the ruler of my 7th house.

  2. @Danielle Doll
    The orbs work (his Mars to your Sun) and your Pluto is conjunct your Sun. His Mars/Pluto are bit wide to be conjunct in his chart, but altogether we can say the influences overlap to make his Mars/Pluto conjunct your Sun/Pluto.

  3. Very interesting read. I have Pisces Sun trine Scorpio Uranus. His Uranus in Capricorn sextiles both. There’s definite disruption, everything is on and off all the time, including affection. Also, my Uranus opposes DC, so there’s a double contact from his Uranus.

  4. Glitter says:

    My pluto (conjunct my ASC in Scorpio) … exactly conjuncts his Juno Midheaven (Scorpio), with his Pluto 6 degrees away (Scorpio)

    My Neptune in Capricorn exactly conjuncts his Uranus & is 5 degrees away from his Neptune ASC in Capricorn

    what is the significance with the ASC to each other since we both aspect one another’s? & since his MC is involved with mine, what is the correlation between MC and ASC since both are involving the external?

    My Sun conjuncts his IC & his Mars conjuncts my Desc (the opposite angles involved above)

  5. @Glitter
    AC is external identity (personal), and MC is official or professional status. You both impact each other’s public identities, and your public identity is an important part of his external status and future goals (even if you have nothing to do with his career).

  6. @Ema
    sounds like a connection that needs to find its own, unique path.

  7. I’m wondering if not all easy aspects (trines) means a positive connection if the natal configuration is challenging. For example, if both party’s Jupiters are trine, but natal Jupiter is square the Sun. Could that potentially accentuate a challenging natal aspect or ameloriate it somehow? Thanks!

  8. If person A has natal Venus square natal Neptune would it help if person B’s Neptune trines or sextiles person A’s Venus? Would that make it easier to manage the Venus square Neptune aspect?

  9. @Gem
    it could do both, depending on how the Jupiter square Sun person handles their square. As a rule of thumb, Jupiter expands all existing issues.

  10. @rk
    Possible, as long as person B didn’t feed into person’s A’s illusions.

  11. Does this only work with conjunctions?

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