Mars in Taurus, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Mars in Taurus’ literal approach may seem a bit dull to Moon in Gemini. Airy Gemini needs to talk about her feelings, while Mars in Taurus prefers to let his physical presence speak for itself. However, it may be possible for these partners bridge earth and air, if other contacts in their charts are encouraging.

Mars in Taurus lets his actions do the talking. Firmly rooted in his physical body, he expresses his attraction through sensual touch and practical effort. He sees no reason to clutter up the simplicity of his intentions with words or analysis. Mars in Taurus’ partner can count on his calm, rational presence to keep her grounded (plus, he’s skilled at handling work around the house). However, she should also accept that he’ll do things his way, and at his own pace (which is likely to be slow and deliberate).

Moon in Gemini needs a steady flow of conversation. This Mercury-ruled Moon processes her emotions by talking about them with her partner, and jumps from one idea to the next. This can result in moods that shift with the breeze, as well as a low tolerance for boredom. A sure sign that Moon in Gemini is bored or unhappy is frantic talking and nervous energy.

Moon in Gemini may have difficulty sitting still while Mars in Taurus attempts to give her a massage or cook her dinner. She’ll want to talk about her day, but he’ll likely find the discussion intrusive. The key to making it work is other aspects in their charts that enable receptivity to each other’s differences. If these aspects exist, Moon in Gemini may slow down long enough for Mars in Taurus to ground her. He’ll take care of the practical issues while providing a calm space for her to unwind (provided she doesn’t find his energy too suffocating).

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