The Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn Woman

Credit: Nastia11 via iStockphoto

Credit: Nastia11 via iStockphoto


In a previous article, I wrote about hard aspects between natal Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn in a man’s chart. This article will explore the effects of these natal aspects in a woman’s chart. While the impact on the love life is similar, there are differences. The condition of natal Moon and Venus has a direct impact on the type of partner a straight man is attracted to. As the primary female archetype, a woman’s Moon reflects (in addition to her needs) her expression as mother and nurturer. This is true, whether or not she has children. Her Venus indicates how she expresses herself as a woman who attracts what she desires. In a queer woman’s chart, Venus also describes who she’s attracted to.

Moon/Saturn: The Mother Inside

As with the Moon/Saturn man, the Moon/Saturn woman probably had a difficult relationship with her mother. She was either responsible for her mother, or did not have access to her mother’s unconditional nurturing. Her emotional expression was frozen in childhood, and a shell was constructed around it. We have the lady who is cool and controlled on the outside, but starving for hugs on the inside.

In a woman’s chart, this aspect also creates a hard boundary between her mother (as primary female role model) and herself. This is true whether she is gay or straight. Saturn’s limits create distance, which can result in a woman who is not comfortable expressing the Moon’s energies of care and nurturing. Any resentment she feels for her mother is internalized, so she ends up resenting her own “softer” instincts. She is the partner who may refuse, point blank, to take on anything that remotely resembles a nurturing role. The other extreme can result as well, as she becomes the Super Mother, focusing all her emotional energy on her children and domestic concerns. Sometimes her partner can take the place of a child, and he or she becomes the obsessive focus. Saturn can overcompensate when something is denied; this is an ambitious planet, with nurturing becoming a goal that must be achieved. Despite Ms. Moon/Saturn’s best intentions, this takes all the sensitivity out of it. Care for the child or partner becomes a march towards excellence, rather than something that is given with ease.

No matter how this aspect manifests, the key for Ms. Moon/Saturn is to differentiate between what she feels about herself and what she feels about her mother. This can be challenging, especially with a Moon/Saturn conjunction (where the two energies are fused). But it’s essential for her to use Saturn’s focus to draw boundaries. These aren’t boundaries between herself and her partner, or herself and her instincts, but between herself and her experience of her mother. This will lead her to a place of emotional maturity that does not involve denial or overcompensation.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Hi Nadia! First time commenting on this site 🙂 Thanks for posting this about how saturn/moon affects women- I read the article about how it affects men so great to see this one.. I have saturn conjunct my moon and yes, so true about not receiving emotional acceptance and nurturing from mom.. My mom grew up with little support and care herself but she has come such a long way in being a better mother to her kids than her own mother was to her.. I can see how this conjunction has played out in my life- I am very strong and stoic and can put on a brave face easily, but as I have realized in the last couple years (since saturn passing thru my first house) I have learned a whole new meaning of expressing my emotions and allowing myself to be who I am without the fear of rejection. My mom and I have a better relationship now bc I feel I purged a lot of hurt and resentment of not receiving the mothering I so wanted in my childhood and I see her in a different light now- of acceptance and understanding and peace. I think you said one time that having a hard aspect to saturn can only give you the greatest gifts once you own and transcend the struggle and difficulties that it offers? What would be the gifts that this aspect could bring once you learn its lessons?

  2. Samantha (@Erulastiel14) says:

    Thanks so much for posting this article Nadia! I have Saturn conjunct Venus and I definitely experienced rejection from friends early in life. It doesn’t help that my natal Chiron is in the 7th. I have a great family but I felt from an early age that everyone else was given priority over me. It wasn’t intentional, but the result is that as an adult I feel I don’t deserve to be put first or given priority over other people. It doesn’t help that I’m a Scorpio Sun in the 12th so I suffer in silence.

    Transit Saturn is dabbling between my 12th & 1st houses right now because of the retrograde and it’s forcing me to look at all these issues.

  3. Hi Nadia, great post! Thanks. I have progressed Saturn square progressed Venus for the next 15-20 years, though no natal contact. Progressed Saturn is also semi square my natal Venus. This worries me a little! What might this mean progressed?

  4. @Selina
    I described it in the article. “This will lead her to a place of emotional maturity that does not involve denial or overcompensation.”

  5. @Samantah;
    thanks for sharing your experiences.

  6. Oh, this hit the nail on so many heads. [I have Saturn opp Moon *and* Venus conj Saturn] Thanks for the extra insight.

  7. @Mileser
    evolving relationships create tension with evolving rules/personal authority. Or, learning how to handle internal relationship fears (related to the houses the progressed planets are moving through). Progressed planets aspecting progressed planets are usually felt on an internal level, although the outcomes can manifest externally, through relationships. Or self-esteem. Sometimes finances. But progressed to progressed is largely about your internal development.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I sadly fit all of this. I’ll never date again, I feel responsible for/married to my mother who is on the super nurturing side, I despise nurturing and homemaking and all of that stuff that is supposed to make you feel warm and good inside (all I do is just get complained at for not being perfect enough–mom is Virgo rising), etc. I have both aspects and am pretty much the poster child from hell for this.

    It sucks. But…honestly, that’s me, you know? I wasn’t intended for love in my life and that’s really all there is to it. I smothered the bejeezus of boyfriends and drove them nuts–I was too vulnerable–and hoo boy, am I not doing it again.

  9. @Colleen;
    you’re welcome. 🙂

  10. @Jennifer;
    both Moon and Venus/Saturn? Wow. But I’ll bet that makes you an incredibly strong woman.

  11. Wow Nadia, this is so accurate I’m just blown away. Everything to who I’m attracted to, to the way I nurture being a goal, to my relationship to my mother to my first go-round experience (except in this case I practically pushed her into the arms of another woman and then spent years getting over it) is just spot on. Although I’m more comfortable with expressing my moon qualities on everyone, except a potential partner, I just become really awkward and cold, I can be affectionate with friends, or people who don’t really matter, and I actually love cooking (4th house sun). I have the soft aspect (Cap moon trine a retrograde Taurus Saturn), but lots of other icky aspects elsewhere in my chart. With Venus in Scorpio I read somewhere even with all the pain I need to hit rock bottom before I will change, lately I feel this getting really close (Pluto is in close orb to my moon, Lilith just past my natal Lilith) but then on other days I retreat back into my fantasy world where everything’s rosy (Neptune conjunct and square my ascendant and sun, in Leo and Sag has got to be the worst thing in my chart). Yet I know it’s my destiny to overcome this fear and to be able to love (north node in 7th house Aquarius, Chiron in my 8th). Astrology is just amazing, articles like this makes me think it’s not all my fault, and I really appreciate the advice, thanks again.

  12. @ thoughts exactly..astrology helps u in ways u nva think or thought possible..Iv spent my entyr lyf blaming myself, feeln guilty for stuff that I know in my gut that Im not responsible for but will talk myself into such a frenzy always ending up at th same conclusion..its my fault cz I let it happen.After crisis upon crisis I found astrology and nw its my oxygen!! @ Nadia..I have 11H Saturn sq 2H Venus conj Lilith (yes I attract the black sheep..who end up rejecting th most public and embarrassing ways..all duty (kids so am nw solo) no love..but have now put all my love into astrology & Im happy there cz its safe..for nw at least)And Venus sq 5H Nep opposng my Saturn..its like my Venus is in jail!!Tr Saturn will trine my Venus at 22degs Saggi on my 7H cusp..could be my “get out of jail” card!!Cappy is my H8 cusp so we shall see..quietly excited.Its been 4 years since Iv felt a man’s loving embrace.My body is so frozen and tense with sadness and fear that Iv gained alot of weight thru mindless comfort countng on tr Saturn to help get me back on the “focus” track to fully living again.

  13. Thanks for this Nadia. My wife and I have Venus-Saturn in our synastry. Natally I also have Saturn-moon.
    However, our composite Venus and Moon are opposite each other. No Saturn.

    Despite our composite, after 20 yrs of marriage, not having this, is it bcos of synastry Venus-Saturn opposition, that I feel so claustrophobic. As if her Saturn is crushing me all the time. In addition TR Saturn is getting close to my Venus. And my Progressed moon is squaring my Natal Saturn-moon conjunction.

    I feel like breaking free. Is that our Venus-Saturn in the marriage at work?

    Kind regards,


  14. katherine says:

    Thanks for the insight. I have 1st house Moon/Taurus conjunct squaring 10th Saturn conjunct 11th Jupiter. Mother emotionally detached in childhood. Very strict up bringing w/ little forgiveness. Always trying to prove my worth. I guess success is delayed too because I’m not there yet. Moon/Venus also opposing Neptune in 7th (t cross) – rosy colored glasses make it hard to see the truth that’s out there!! Here comes the “why me??”

  15. @fiinyx ,hey good luck with your journey, I know with me astrology helps me go through stuff in a more conscious way, its amazing but I still don’t rely on it exclusively, its a great tool, but on its own it’s not going to save you. I have to do mindfulness practices as well or I’ll go off the rails, it may help you too, I got this book, bought from amazon ‘The Healing Power of the Breath’ by R.Brown & P.Gerbarg. Comes with a CD with exercises, if done consistently you’ll notice more courage and clarity, and you’ll feel better overall. I recommend it, it goes well with astrology!

  16. @ Joey..thanks so much for th recommendation..yr th second person this week that has told me to have a go at some breathing exercises..that’s a sign i rkn..Im gna do jst that.Brilliant Joey!!

  17. Hi Nadia thank you for this article and your great insights.

    In my natal chart I don’t have Saturn aspect my moon or Venus
    Saturn@14 CAP
    Moon@29 leo
    But Uranus aspect @25 Leo which mentioned else where that it’s other side of Saturn?
    l lost my mother when I was 18 as well as what you mentioned above is far opposite to me the other side of Saturn 🙂
    I was wondering if you ever write about the trio Neptune/Pluto/Uranus aspect to Moon-Venus and the different between Saturn/Jupiter the mid planets between personal and

  18. Ps.
    I might be wrong but I noticed Saturn/Venus/2nd house/Taurus people are either too stingy or too cautious regarding money they measure values to what they earn. One of their characters I admire is they know how to save money for the rainy days as opposed to my character no savings risking everything and live for today.

  19. Nadia thank you for this article! very helpful. I have saturn square moon but i also have a moon uranus conjuction. Does it make this aspect “easier”?

  20. @Rainbow
    No, I haven’t written about these specific aspects to Moon/Venus. But there will an upcoming article on outer planet aspects to personal planets.

  21. @Rajesh
    I would have to analyze your natal chart, the synastry between you and your wife, plus your composite chart, to answer that question.

  22. @letti;
    Uranus will influence your Moon/Saturn square, but it could also create more emotional tension (limits versus the need for freedom).

  23. Oh wow! Thank you so much Nadia for posting this!!

    I have Venus in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Capricorn- both in the 5th, it really hit home for me. Especially about being hard to spot, I come off as very cool and collected (Sun in Cap + Virgo Rising) and in the past had gone to the most extreme to be as beautiful as I possibly could, but it was all a facade to cover how incredibly insignificant I felt on the inside- I’ve always felt incredibly ugly since childhood and all the compliments I’d receive didn’t shake the belief inside me,

    But thankfully I am turning things around and have begun the process in opening my heart once again and can say I do belief in love once more, probably because I’ve built a foundation within myself instead of looking for it in others (big lesson for my moon in Libra to learn!)

    Saturn often gets a bad rep and it’s comforting to hear the strength behind the ordeal! I was overcome with tears about having a rock solid self esteem, it’s definitely something I’ve been working incredibly hard to achieve (mars in Taurus in 8th) but in learning to let go I’ve started to live again, maybe for the first time really,

    Thanks again for the wise, kind, healing words!

    Greatly appreciated! xxx


  24. Fatima Sylvain says:

    Hi all,

    I have both moon conjunct saturn and Venus opposite Saturn…. As you can imagine outch!

    I would say that the description is quite accurate. Given I also have a libra/cancer influence I don’t think I have difficulties being vulnerable what happens however and I suspect it has to do with the Venus Saturn opposition is that the lovers I attract tend to embody those characteristics of being cold/ and not allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Perhaps this is a projection? Who knows.

    Truth is I don’t think there is “one size fit all” solution. And people will always tell you “it’s YOUR own fault, for some reason even when it’s absolutely unfair/unbalanced” here again Saturn stuff… You just have to keep going and not give up on finding real love and loving yourself. Believe that things will improve step by step and slowly.

    Love and luck to all!

  25. I have Moon opposed Saturn + Venus square Saturn.

    Definitely true. I do not have that emotional connection to my mother. I simply don’t – I do not feel warmth or love even though I know she is objectively a good mother, considering all things. It’s just that she was not very expressive or gentle when she does express emotionally, and I found her controlling Scorpio-ness unloving (sensitive spot for a Sagi Sun with Ceres in Aries).

    Perhaps consequently, I have never been able to relate to the typical female nurturing activities – I do not coo at babies or try to hold them, I do not relate to any housekeeping roles (even though I am actually highly competent at them – more so than more typical peers who bustle femininely about), but I am the one people depend on for strength and protection, the one that can be relied upon not to lose her wits under pressure and to be able to manage without any supervision or affection. But exactly as described, I secretly wanted to be able to do these things, I considered it as a missing part of my femininity. Thankfully I had a very motherly best friend who gave warmth even though there must not be much sign that it was needed or appreciated.

    It was after my divorce, I had to unlearn many things from my growing up years, learn new things in their place, and simply accept myself in order to execute the divorce well and thrive afterwards – Saturn is in my 1st house (meaning that the opposing Moon is in the 7th, last degree, Pisces – yeah…). Own my Sun sign a bit more and lose the restraints. Then I realised I am inexplicably now able to nurture – enjoying children, open to holding babies, and altogether more present emotionally with others. I was able to forgive my mother and stop resenting her for not being able to love me the way I needed to be. Hopefully that pesky Pisces Moon in 7th will manifest as a good energy for relationships now rather than the needy one it was before.

    At the same time, I found that mastering the Saturn (in Virgo, sigh…) energy also allowed me to permit myself to just enjoy pleasurable things without always sizing it up and being cautious (the repressed Venus). I’m a totally different person once I stopped caring about how I “should” be, and just be. I’m no worse a person, I don’t think I could ever be irresponsible if I tried – but just happier. I also feel oddly young, as if I was in stasis for a few decades and only now am I doing the youthful growth my peers have completed. Whereas when I was growing up, I felt old, older than my peers, older than my elders even.

  26. I have moon opposite Saturn and Venus square Saturn.. And yes ouch, ouch, ouch. I just thought it was normal, like pain in love and relationship searches was normal, but getting older having to accept that I’m really struggling from these aspects, I thought effort to find love would be enough, that it would get easier but its tough. I also have Libra /cancer aspects… With my Libra sun in the 4th and ascendant in cancer, so vulnerability and emotion has been easier to express, but exactly the same, I’ve chased narcissists and unavailables all my life, been compelled by that challenging unavailable dynamic, rather than appreciate the many nice decent men I e known, been pursued by, had short relationships with, I could have settled down with… etc… I’ve considered it being a projection too.. That I see them as bring closed and wanting to open them to me, when I need to open to allowing myself to be loved by people who are available and interested in me. I agree that moon opposite Saturn for me meant just defining and identifying myself as a different kind of woman than my mother, and I can imagine that may be an easier path in ways than being fused to her like with Saturn moon conjunction.

  27. I also have a moon Saturn opposition and Venus square Saturn and funnily I too seem to get younger as I get older. I was the precocious mature child, who was the youngest of an unnurturing family and having to keep up with many siblings I was very advanced, though bereft emotionally I suppose now. I am nearly 40 and regularly pass for 20’s.. Young men don’t mind pursuing me even when they hear my age cause I look so young. I also felt once I was in my teens that I needed to hold years back..and we need this time to do the ground work that was not done for us as children, I feel like I was unconsciously aware of not being given that time and do my maturation is being done in a different, unchronological way… I’m very young and sweeter even the older I get, and yet was always the ‘advsnced’ but not personally loved child growing up. I also feel it’s true that moon Saturn opposition mean we define or find our identity as women as different types to our mother finding role models who are not like our mothers. For me though that meant having quite a vulnerable, sensitive nurturing identity as my mother’s way was to struggle with this in herself. So sometimes very domesticated women, with traditionally feminine ways, are reacting to moon Saturn oppositions too.

    But yes I’m finding time very curious now as I too felt older than adults growing up and now I’m growing young, feeling young…

    But still the difficulty accepting abd appreciating love from decent men who are interested in me, rather than pursuing unavailable narcissists is proving as difficult and chaotic as ever..sigh…saturn/Venus may be a worse cross than moon Saturn… But then I am a Libra..conjunct Pluto sun… This search for love is all I ever believed mattered!

  28. I have venus in eleventh square saturn in second. Very poor self esteem after 14 years old. In late thirties now and mostly over it but slow going. For many years straight up gave up on ever finding a wife or girlfriend. Only now have been realistically considering it. But there are many other issues with that besides
    just this aspect.

    Also, when younger, terribly stingy with money and saved for a rainy day. But after a long period of time would forget and relax and blow all the money, so now I’m still poor! I can’t imagine having Moon thrown in there with saturn also. I do have Sun and Mercury in 12th, and Moon squaring Asc in Cancer which makes it harder to be confident and outgoing as well. I have a hard transit with saturn in 5th and neptune square natal venus and saturn right now, so I’m rethinking this stuff. I’m still trying to piece together what kind of “lessons” saturn venus is trying to teach? What does the saturn energy do to the venus energy? Does it simply block it from moving freely? Does it build up and squeeze out another way? Does it turn you into a slut/whore or fake model person just to express it? Hmm…I think these energies are wired to express any which way they can, regardless of what roadblock is put in front of them.

    One way to solve this problem would be to add mercury or uranus to saturn or venus so you could get an insight or mental process that unravels it, but without that it just turns to a dense and foggy energy that hurts and causes long term bad views of self that can’t be unraveled easily. Its like you could cut it with a knife and yell at it to shake it off but the darn thing won’t leave you.

    Thanks a lot planets! CEO Carter said in his book “astrological aspects” that venus saturn is plain bad and never leads to much good, even the good aspects as these planets are not friendly at all. Seems like the universe is designed to mess with people and cause problems!

    Anyways, I agree with above posts. Love is not necessarily for everyone it seems.

  29. nmimi0707 says:

    Wow I feel the same way I have the squares both of them…. and I not very nurturing or wanting to do the typical woman thing ….but maybe one day I will however my relationships with women always go side ways ..hopefully I can grow out of this one day

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