Mars in Aries, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

An interesting mix is created when Aries’ fire meets Aquarian ice. However, both these signs are highly independent, and Moon in Aquarius is curious about anyone who stands out from the crowd. Mars in Aries may be demanding, but he’s not clingy, and this will keep their relationship humming along.

Mars in Aries goes after what he wants. Once he’s attracted to someone (which can happen almost instantaneously) he’s in full-on pursuit mode. But once he’s caught her, it can become confusing for his partner. Mars in Aries’ determination is not the same as obsession or neediness. Once he gets what he wants, he’ll be looking around for the next challenge. And this is the secret to keeping him engaged in the relationship: provide a challenge. A bit of friction will create a spark, and that will be all that’s necessary to keep the fire burning.

Moon in Aquarius needs room to break a few rules. She may not be obviously rebellious, but no matter how conservative she appears on the surface, in her heart she marches to a unique (sometimes weird) beat. As a Fixed sign, she can be totally loyal to a partner who recognizes and honors her inner individual. Part of this will involve accepting that her love does not consist of emotional merging. Moon in Aquarius stands slightly apart from everyone, and is suffocated by neediness. Her brand of nurturing consists of dedicating time and attention to those she loves, even though she’s not baking cookies.

Mars in Aries’ flavor of passion will suit Aquarius just fine; he’ll catch her interest with his aggression, but won’t be possessive in the long run (although he may initially compete to win her affections). Moon in Aquarius’ cool curiosity and take-it-or-leave-it vibe will be an endless source of excitement for Aries. She’ll always be slightly out of reach, but at the same time open to what he’s offering. Her steady acceptance of her partner’s desire for challenge will keep the relationship together. These two can create a hot connection that burns steadily throughout the years.

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