Mars in Aries, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

This is a difficult mix that pits Mars in Aries’ disregard for details against Moon in Virgo’s need for precision. Virgo will feel that Aries is rude, and Aries will be impatient with Virgo’s fussiness. However, if other connections between their charts draw them together, these two can find common ground in their focus on change.

Mars in Aries jumps at whatever catches his attention. His actions are fueled by the raw instinct to express his will, and caution is last on his list. He’s the man you want if you’re looking for a decisive fast-mover. But Mars in Aries needs some grounding influences in his relationship, or else he can storm in and depart when things are half-finished. He needs a compelling reason (usually in the form of a spicy challenge that keeps him interested) to stick around.

Moon in Virgo needs to improve whatever catches her attention. She feels safe when she’s being “useful” in her relationship, which can translate to worrying or fault-finding. Her domestic routines will be carefully organized in detailed patterns that only she understands. Moon in Virgo’s partner should recognize that a certain amount of fussing means she cares. Her Shadow side can emerge when she gets stuck in a loop of picking at something that’s not broken, or creating mini crises to keep herself occupied.

Moon in Virgo will be horrified as Aries tramples carelessly over her house rules, and Mars in Aries will be irritated by her worries. She’ll probably be too upset by his impulsiveness to feel flattered by his advances, and he’ll quickly decide that she’s too uptight to waste his energy on. However, if other aspects between them create chemistry, they can have a forward-moving, dynamic relationship. Virgo’s need for constant improvement will be fueled by Aries’ drive. He’ll push her out of her perfection paralysis, and she’ll take care of the details he overlooks in his rush to get things started.

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