Mars in Aries, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Sexual chemistry is high with these opposites, but so is the tension. Mars in Aries will be spurred on by Moon in Libra’s instinctive flirting, and Libra will enjoy his obvious attentions. But Moon in Libra may find that Aries’ aggression upsets her need for harmony. Since the Moon’s energy rests beneath the surface, Aries may also become frustrated by chasing something he can’t quite understand.

Mars in Aries takes the lead, pursuing whomever catches his eye. It doesn’t take much to trigger his hunting instinct, and if there’s an element of challenge, even better. In a long-term relationship, Mars in Aries must be challenged, something his partner should keep in mind if she wants to keep his interest. But the caveat is this: if there’s too much challenge (in the guise of unavailability) he’ll lose interest and look elsewhere. He’s impatient, direct and not interested in playing games.

Moon in Libra holds back. She needs to be pursued, and she needs some version of this in an established relationship. Moon in Libra feels most secure when her partner loves her, and the best proof of this is periodic romantic gestures from him. On the other hand, if her lover comes on too strong or acts rudely, she’ll immediately feel anxious and repulsed. This gracious lady needs domestic harmony and a light touch.

At first, Mars in Aries may seem like the knight to match Libra’s maiden. His immediate attraction will make Moon in Libra feel wanted, and she’ll respond by flirting. He’ll be encouraged by her just-out-of-reach demeanor. But she’ll soon feel overwhelmed by his bluntness, and Mars in Aries will become impatient when he realizes that everything he does is too much or too soon. However, the intense sexual attraction will remain, and if Aries can tone down his approach, Libra will be more than willing to meet him halfway.

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  1. I have this with my current boyfriend. He’s Mars and I’m moon. There’s definitely an intense sexual attraction going on with this placement, that I’ve never experienced before (I dated Mars in Pisces and Sagittarius). He’s got double cancer, so it calms the Aries strong approach… So he gives me all the attention I could ever want (Libra moon with Gemini Mars), and I’m very receptive to him! Hope this helps out others interested in this Mars-Moon synastry.

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