Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityThis deep-water relationship blends Sun in Pisces’ capacity for endless compassion with Moon in Scorpio’s need for complete merging. These two can almost become one, as they create a level of intimacy that goes beyond what most people can handle.

Sun in Pisces oozes empathy. He senses what others are feeling, and responds automatically. This makes him the most sensitive of lovers, and an ultra-aware partner. However, the downside to all this sensitivity is that, without boundaries, he can lose his sense of self. He can fall victim to insensitive partners, toxic relationships and hardcore reality that’s delivered without restraint. Self-aware Sun in Pisces will retreat in order to recharge, versus checking out in order to escape.

Moon in Scorpio oozes intimacy. With the right partner, she’ll let down her guard and push for an unfiltered union. Surface dwellers need not apply, because Moon in Scorpio has zero tolerance for superficial relationships. If she senses something is off with her partner (and her fearsomely accurate instincts will pick up on everything) she’ll demand to know what the deal is. No secrets allowed (although she likes to keep a few secrets of her own). In return for the emotional strip-search she puts her lover through, she’ll offer her complete devotion.

Sun in Pisces will unhesitatingly dive into Moon in Scorpio’s embrace. He’ll turn himself inside out to meet her emotional demands, and she’ll reward him with strength and stability when he becomes overwhelmed by the outside world. Moon in Scorpio will sense Pisces’ capacity for limitless love, and she’ll also sense that he’ll bow to her stubborn needs. She won’t even mind when he intuits what she tries to keep hidden. Together, they’ll create an insular relationship where nothing is held back.

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