Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityWelcome to the relationship from another dimension. Sun in Aquarius’ fringe position and Moon in Pisces’ need for escape can create a mutual understanding of what lies beyond the mundane world. While Pisces’ extreme sensitivity may be bruised by Aquarius’ rational approach, both are in touch with an energy that transcends the personal.

Sun in Aquarius is interested in anything that breaks the rules, although he approaches most things with a cool, rational approach. This creates an aura of interested detachment, which his partner may find difficult to handle if she’s expecting effusive displays of affection. Sun in Aquarius looks at all things (including relationships) from his unique perspective. He can be as loyal and loving as anyone else, but this independent sign’s commitment is the strongest evidence that he’s in love.

Moon in Pisces picks up on what most people can’t comprehend. Her sensitivity, and ability to feel what lies beyond the real world, make her profoundly intuitive and vulnerable. She needs a partner who understands that she feels everything he feels, often without being aware of it. Shadow Pisces becomes the helpless victim, overwhelmed by the difficulties of this life. As empathetic as Moon in Pisces can be, she can also drift off into her own place. Pisces’ energy is universal and spiritual, rather than personal.

Moon in Pisces may initially feel hurt by Aquarius’ distance, but she’s intuitive enough to understand that this has no bearing on how he feels about her. And she’ll feel comfortable with his interest in all things alternative, sensing that he’ll support her need for magic and transcendence. Sun in Aquarius may be frustrated (and occasionally repelled) by Pisces’ sensitivity, depending on how far she she takes the victim role. However, he will appreciate her connection to the things that many people don’t believe in. Together, they can cultivate a partnership that supports their own interests that are literally and metaphorically “out there.”

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