Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilitySun in Aquarius’ insistence on freedom will clash with Moon in Scorpio’s possessive needs. Tension is a given between these Fixed signs, but mutual intrigue (and stubborn devotion) may keep them together.

Sun in Aquarius not only wants to walk his own path, he’ll cling to it if his partner tries to redirect him. Best described as the “stubborn rebel,” Sun in Aquarius is less of a revolutionary (although he can be if a cause hooks him) and more of an eccentric who’s committed to his habits. A partner who accepts his detachment, doesn’t insist on tradition, and honors his personal space will have the best chance of winning his loyalty. While he may be more suited than most to being single, this “loner” is capable of extreme devotion.

Moon in Scorpio won’t accept a surface relationship. She needs to feel that her lover is part of her, and this will involve penetration to her partner’s core. Those who are afraid of a naked, emotional connection need not apply for a relationship with Moon in Scorpio. The fearless lover will be rewarded with her all-encompassing devotion, but will also have to deal with occasional bouts of possessiveness. This Moon does not love lightly.

The tension between these two will create chemistry, which may initially pull them together. Sun in Aquarius will be magnetized by Scorpio’s power, but he’ll quickly find her moods to be demanding, draining and suffocating. Moon in Scorpio will view Aquarius as a challenge, but she’ll feel threatened by his stubborn refusal to open up on a level that satisfies her. If this relationship is going to last, each will have to learn how to respect the other’s energy, while accepting that there will always be a push/pull between depth and detachment. If they can achieve this, their mutual commitment should keep them together.

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