Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityThis relationship blends Sun in Aquarius’ connection with everyone with Moon in Libra’s need for one-on-one connections. Each will complement the other, because both of these Air signs keep it light.

Sun in Aquarius can be everyone’s friend, although he will stand back and relate to the group rather than cultivate intimate connections. However, Sun in Aquarius will be loyal to his lover, someone who understands that his desire for freedom can blend with commitment. His version of partnership looks a bit different, and usually involves one or two areas where he must do things in his own eccentric way. Although he’s not a traditional romantic, his lover can rest assured that she has a special place in his heart, even as he approaches almost everything with detached curiosity.

Moon in Libra needs to know that she’s someone’s significant other. This is one Moon sign who absolutely does not enjoy being single, because her needs are reflected and developed through her partner. The obvious danger is Moon in Libra’s tendency to overlook her own needs. But if she’s self-aware, she can navigate the relationship dance by harmonizing her needs with her lover’s. Although she craves a connection, she’s not necessarily comfortable with deep intimacy. Raw emotions are messy, and this Venus-ruled Moon likes things to be graceful.

Sun in Aquarius will enjoy Libra’s light touch, and Moon in Libra will feel comfortable with Aquarius’ cool approach; he never seems to get upset. Sun in Aquarius may have to contend with an occasional spot of resentment from Libra (when he gets distracted by something interesting) but she’ll quickly be reassured by his unshakable devotion. Moon in Libra can gently nudge Aquarius into the realm of social grace (he doesn’t always care what’s appropriate) and Sun in Aquarius can show Libra that sometimes it’s better not to care. Overall, this is likely to be a balanced, sociable relationship.

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