Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilitySun in Aquarius’ eccentric ways may disrupt Moon in Virgo’s need to do things just so, but these signs can meet on an intellectual level. Aquarius views life from a detached perspective, and Mercury-ruled Virgo needs to analyze her feelings. Without other, more passionate connections, this union may be a tad dry. But these two can spark each other’s curiosity.

Sun in Aquarius has a rep for being friendly but cool. Although he may be utterly devoted to his lover, part of him will always stand off to one side and observe the proceedings. Combined with his drive for independence, he’s not the best match for anyone who needs a cuddly romantic. However, Sun in Aquarius is perfect for those who want a partner who isn’t easily ruffled. Despite his occasional unpredictable behavior (usually triggered if he feels restricted) he more often expresses his rational, pleasant side (no matter how worked up his partner gets).

Moon in Virgo needs to have a fix-it project on the go. Whether it’s home improvement, self-improvement or an upgrade of her partner, keeping busy makes her she feel secure. While her Shadow side can manifest as relentless nagging and worrying, Moon in Virgo can usually release her tension by talking things out with her lover. A partner with a high tolerance for analysis (plus the ability to interrupt her obsessive loops of worry) will suit her best.

Moon in Virgo may find Aquarius’ peculiar habits jarring or intriguing, depending on how the rest of her chart meshes with his. Sun in Aquarius will view Virgo’s domestic routines and emotional knots with interest and amusement. His detachment may be helpful in calming her down, if she doesn’t become more frustrated by his coolness. If there are other aspects between them which enhance compatibility, these two can form a relationship based on a mutual bond of mental exploration.

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