Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and Love for the Fire Signs

Credit: bmcent1 via iStockphoto

Credit: bmcent1 via iStockphoto

Last week we looked at Saturn in Sag’s impact on relationships for the Mutable signs. This week, we’ll explore Saturn’s impact on Leo and Aries. All Fire signs know that they’re special. In her book “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” astrologer Liz Greene points out that signs in the other elements gain confidence through exchange or by creating something. But a Fire sign needs “…no further justification than its existence for the innate belief that life is essentially meaningful.” Fire signs approach relationships with the same sense of entitlement. But the recent square from Saturn in Scorpio (to Leo) — and Uranus and Pluto’s impact on Aries — may have shaken that conviction. Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius could help rebuild it. You’re most likely to feel this transit in your love life if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in Leo or Aries.

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Saturn will be trining your sign. This will be a very different experience from Saturn’s square in Scorpio. A trine from Saturn is harmonious and stabilizing. If the square from Saturn in Scorpio showed you what you couldn’t have, the trine from Saturn in Sag will confirm what you do have. This will not be a glamorous transit, and with Jupiter moving through your sign and cranking up the sparkle, you may not even notice it. But it will be there, in the background.

An existing relationship can settle into a new groove. If the Saturn square put a dent in your ego, the trine will help rebuild your sense of self. You may relate to your partner in a different way now, since Saturn squares have a tendency to humble you. But this new way could feel right, and you’ll see that your essential core of power (your light) will still be intact. While a trine from Saturn is not responsible for triggering a new relationship, if you’re single and there’s other agreeable influences hitting your chart, this transit can cement a new partnership. Again, if your ego took a beating during the Saturn square, you’ve probably emerged bruised but (cautiously) ready to put your heart on the line again. This trine can fortify your stubborn determination to give love one last shot. As a Fixed sign, you don’t give up once you have a goal. Use Saturn’s upcoming support to focus on building a solid connection with someone new.

For all Leos, Saturn in Sagittarius can be the foundation for your new and improved love life. Saturn won’t get close enough to form a trine with Jupiter, but you can still make use of the two influences. Saturn’s focus, realism and determination, combined with Jupiter’s shot of opportunity, will be invaluable to help you manifest what you want.


Saturn will be trining your sign. While transiting Uranus (in your sign) and Pluto in Capricorn (squaring your sign) have made change a constant in your love life, you’d probably like some stability as well. You’re all about charging ahead, whether you’re pursuing someone who’s caught your eye, or pushing an existing relationship forward. But this transit will help you put the brakes on some of those changes, so you can slow down long enough to take stock of what’s happened.

If an existing relationship has been disrupted, the Saturn trine could be your repair kit to patch up the cracks. Because trines are quieter influences, you may overlook opportunities for you and your partner to pull together. Pay attention to areas in your lives where you are encouraged to slow down or focus. These will be opportunities to rebuild areas of trust, or to consolidate a new foundation if something has been taken away from you and your partner. For single Arians, this transit can help you focus on yourself and heal, or it can encourage a new relationship to grow. While you’ve never lacked independence, this transit can reconfirm that it’s OK to move forward with your own agenda in love (although that agenda might look very different due to the shake-ups from Uranus and Pluto).

For all Arians, Saturn in Sag will be trining Uranus in your sign on the following dates: December 24th, 2016, May 19th, 2017 and November 11th, 2017. A month or so leading up to those dates will be key times for you to work with the changes that have hit your love life. Uranus’ liberation will harmonize with Saturn’s structure, helping you build something new. Whether this is new life for your existing relationship, solidifying a new relationship, or launching the new you out into the dating field, this energy will put you back in the driver’s seat.

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  1. Hi Nadia,

    thanks for this post. If there are two influences simultaneously a) TR Saturn conjunct Natal Venus in Sag, b) TR Saturn trine Natal Saturn-Moon conjunction in Aries, the net effect of which will is likely to be stronger- the conjunction or the trine ?

    Thanks very much.


  2. @S
    The net effect will be a combination of the two. Focus for Venus and support for Saturn/Moon, which should add up to a clear grasp of reality.

  3. Thanks for this Nadia, it’s very helpful. As a Leo I am relieved, particularly with Saturn in Scorpio squaring the moon too and transiting south node/Neptune

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