Saturn’s Transit of Sagittarius: Relationship Ideals Get Real

Credit: AtnoYdur via iStockphoto

Credit: AtnoYdur via iStockphoto

It’s a significant event when Saturn changes signs, because the “reality check” planet brings its rules to a new area of life. On December 23rd, 2014, Saturn will enter Sagittarius. The sign of expansion will host Saturn until December 19th, 2017 (except for an Rx dip back into Scorpio from June 14th, 2015 – September 17th, 2015). Read on to see how this might impact relationships in general, as limits are applied to a sign that’s about going beyond the limits.

First, a quick review of what this fire sign represents. Expansion and exploration are the first words that come to mind when Sagittarius is mentioned. But those are umbrella terms that cover belief systems, philosophy, truth, religion, education and legal matters. Sagittarius sees the big picture (hence its reputation for being a generalist). The understanding of how it all fits together makes it intuitive, but details are often sacrificed in favor of a general truth. The Sagittarius approach to life is optimistic; its orientation towards the horizon means that there is always more out there and things can get better. Sag asks “Why not?”

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Along comes Saturn, with an answer that will be along the lines of “Because.” Full stop. Saturn brings results, so we could see a line in the sand for some relationship ideals or truths. Some may be seeking proof to back up their relationship philosophy, and Saturn will offer that proof. But Saturn can just as easily offer the reality that disproves those philosophies. I’m referring to the concept of commitment versus freedom, or monogamy versus open (polyamorous) unions. There may be a pronounced focus (Saturn) on these ideas. In a previous article I wrote on open relationships, I noted that Sagittarius seemed to be one of the signs that was emphasized in the charts of people who were in open relationships.

Saturn formalizes, and this may happen in Sagittarius. It won’t be enough to make grandiose declarations of love, or weave exciting stories for a relationship’s future. Saturn will demand concrete plans, and proof to back those plans up. Saturn in Sagittarius will insist that you walk the talk. I think (in a similar way to Saturn’s transit of Libra) we may see more marriages and divorces. But rather than formalizing relationships (Libra) Saturn in Sag will be formalizing the promises, hopes and philosophies of those relationships. People will be asking what being in a relationship means. Some will be ready to apply rules to their relationship ideals, while others will discover that the future they envisioned does not match their partner’s ideal. Sagittarius represents legal issues, and marriage/divorce are legal matters. The end result may be similar to Saturn in Libra, but it’s coming from a different level. In a similar vein, Sag’s energy of generalization will be constricted. People will zero in on truths and lies in relationships, focusing on the details behind the sales pitch. Faith (in your partner, in the idea of love/trust/commitment) will be put to the test.

Sagittarius and Libra sextile each other, so relationships that were formalized when Saturn was in Libra may be pushed to nail down the next step on the journey. This could be a case of “Where do we go from here? Are we on the same page?” This would most likely occur when Saturn sextiles the degree it was at in Libra on the day you got married, or the day you decided to become exclusive with your partner. A sextile is harmonious, so this shouldn’t be a stressful time. It will be a gentle push to delineate your shared hopes for the future. Again, the shift from big picture to specifics. Taking the partnership’s future and anchoring it in the present.

The possible downside to Saturn in Sag is the potential for rigid belief systems and strict religious ideology. Saturn crystallizes, and while one would hope that Sag’s freeing influence would prevail, the Shadow side of this sign is fanatical adherence to certain “truths.” There may be a risk that some of the progress we’ve seen around same-sex marriage could backslide. I don’t think it will be totally undone (you can’t reverse the flow of evolution) but Saturn in Sag does suggest the manifestation of authority for a type of teacher or guru. And if his/her teachings are rooted in fear, a non-traditional relationship model may be a target.

But this is speculation, not a prediction. Overall, I think Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius will push people to become specific about what they envision for their love life, and how they’re going make that happen. Faith in love and companionship will be tested, proven or disproved. Ideals about being with another person will be confronted with reality. For some, this may be a harsh wake-up call. For others, it will enable them to manifest what they’ve always hoped for. In all cases, truth will be become the driving force in unions and break-ups. Stay tuned over the next two weeks as I explore the specifics of this transit’s impact on relationships for the mutable signs and fire signs.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I am very interested to know how tr. Saturn in Saggi will fare against the square from tr. Neptune in Pisces. The show down between ‘form’ and ‘formless’. Formless Neptune being the stronger one at home.

  2. I don’t have that strong a memory on what was happening in my life 30 years ago (or, during the previous Saturn in Sag. transit). In my NATAL chart, Sagittarius rules my 4H and the issue of my living situation was crazy at the time. I mean, utterly crazy bordering out of control. I have no planets in my 4H except my Part of Fortune @23Sag (which isn’t a planet). As an Aquarian, I can deal with the energy of Sag. pretty well.

  3. Monique says:

    I AM ready for Saturn to enter Sagittarius. My Sun is in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio is in my 4th house. Many things have happened under this link. Some good and some bad. I have definitely had to get my act together and had some wake up calls that I am lately grateful for. I’m hoping since Sagittarius rules my 5th house of love, fun, games and children that my love life will pick up and skyrocket. I’ve never been married, but think I am finally READY. Plus the fact that Saturn will go back in Scorpio in June of 2015 for likely 3 months is a bummer…I’m thinking there are more lessons to be learned in my life.

  4. Monique:

    If I could offer my 2c: I don’t think Saturn in Sag. in your 5H will make your love life skyrocket. HOWEVER, the fact that Jupiter will be in Leo is gonna give you (and me, cause I’m an Aquarian) the opportunity you need for “possible” serious relationships.

  5. I have been worrying about my Saturn return for some time now. 30 years ago I was blind sided by this transit, not knowing what it was. I suffered an emotional break down as the most important relationships in my life all changed at once. I had no time to mourn one loss before another came along. It altered my life so significantly that, when I look at where I am today, I could not have imagined how I got here
    My Sun is in the 7th house, so I know this is all about relationships. I have just left my husband of 25 years. We did not have an equal relationship. I was not loved physically for 16 years. We have 1 son who had emotional problems from the start and I’ve just got him graduated from high school.
    I have found a man who I have feelings for, and he for me, but we seem so miss matched. I’m out going an d he is reserved, but the physical attraction is enormous. I can understand now, from reading this particular article, that this may be the lesson of my Saturn Return. We’re both 50 and he has never been married. No children either. Does this sound like a lesson or what?! I’ve got to get a reading from you and will need what support I can get, especially from those who will be having a Saturn return with this transit.

  6. Hi Susan,

    If you are outgoing and he is reserved, that is ok. You are yang and he is ying. No rule book says that a man MUST be yang and woman ying.

    Me and my man are that way. I was also very apprehensive about it at the beginning. But we are hitting it off well in spite of stereo typical, conservative gender role norms in my part of the world..

  7. With natal Saturn in Sagittarius in the 4th, every challenge I encounter is a spiritual one that demands a practical choice or decision be made – how best to face my fears and walk the talk without doing harm to others or myself. Every action or non-action has consequences.

    My first Saturn Return had me feeling rootless, alone and without tangible forms of love or support. I had to be brave and do it anyway, learn to depend less on others to validate or nurture me. As time has passed, I’ve learned to look beyond the surface to determine what’s real.

    Saturn can be a hard teacher in that the truth sometimes hurts. Experience has taught me most organized systems, whether they’re legal, educational, political, religious or spiritual (and that includes New Age systems of thought) are deeply flawed, inconsistent and self-serving in their practice. There are also very few teachers and leaders I believe in, trust and admire, which doesn’t mean anyone is any less deserving of love, kindness and compassion – or that some good can’t come from them.

    Having said all that, my faith has grown stronger, as has my desire to be in right relationship, probably *because* of all that I’ve seen and experienced. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever get angry or that I don’t struggle with dark thoughts (ruler of my Saturn, Jupiter, is in Scorpio – so I do), only that I’m self-aware enough to know they’re never an excuse to treat someone in a way I wouldn’t want to be treated.

  8. thanks Nadia.

    Will be super interesting. And I hope I dont sound nasty.

    This will be the defining moment for what happens in my friend’s marriage and my life. Whether the two are linked or not, only time will tell.

    But while Neptune continues to square their Saturn(her)-Venus(his) opposition, and oppose their Juno-Jup conjunction, as it moves back and forth between 4 and 7 degrees Pisces, Saturn will square their sun moon mid point, then will conjunct his Venus in Sagi.

    Later Jupiter (my 7H ruler) in Leo will trine my Desc. And in late 2016, Saturn + Venus will conjunct my SM moon mid point before moving over my Desc, into my 7H. TR Venus and Progressed Venus will both also be in my 7H. Super interesting, shd be.

  9. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I have natal jupiter in cancer, so I remember a lot. I remember saturn in Scorpio in the early 80s and what I went through, and then saturn in Sag, when I put what I learnt into action. I left home, expanded my horizons and had a blast. Plenty of ups and downs along the way, but I called them adventures and got through them.

    I am looking forward to stage two! My prog MC is 26 Leo 11H. My moon/venus/mars/SN/prog sun/prog mercury are Sag 3H, and my DC is 7 Aries. Saturn will sextile my Libra AC and my 12/1H.

    I met my friend when saturn was in Libra a few years back. I don’t know if there is more to come or if this is it, time will tell. Meeting him was when I really started to learn about relationships. It began with wanting to be a better partner, but lately, it’s been about a better relationship with myself. The road has been hard and painful, but I am excited about where I am heading. The past is healing, which means the road ahead is looking sunny. I am sure there are bumps ahead, there always are, but I am learning better skills to negotiate them, primarily learning when and how to ask for help. I am still working on this one.

    At this point, today, I don’t feel too worried about if or whether I will ever marry. It was never my goal in life anyway. After everything I have survived, I am just grateful to see a sunny road ahead. I miss my friend, but the unconditional love he gave me is still with me, and it’s more than I ever had before so I am already the richer. Sag is his 1H. I think once he is through his pluto Cap transformation, he is going to shine. He is a very humble man and he deserves to.

    I am learning to trust Saturn now. It tidies up my life for me and teaches me what I need to learn. One thing I love about Sag is the ability to bounce back. What I want to work on right now is how to bounce forward! Haven’t solved this one yet, working on it. 😉

  10. @Marion
    Oh yes, Saturn and Neptune will bring some interesting contrasts. Adrian Ross Duncan described the Saturn/Neptune combo as “spirit crucified on the cross of matter.”

  11. @crys
    Saturn moving through the 4th House ca bring past/family issues/domestic responsibilities into prominence, even if you have no planets in that house.

  12. @Monique
    Saturn through the 5th is interesting; the house of play gets serious.

  13. @Susan
    while it’s understandable that you’d be concerned, I find that big transits like Saturn returns don’t play out in exactly the same way, the second time around. A theme might be repeated, but the other transits/progressions hitting your chart are different, and you have to take those into consideration as well. Plus, you learned something from your first return (you made changes), and Saturn takes into account what you’ve learned. You’re a different person now, in a different place.

  14. @LB
    sounds like you’re in good shape for your 2nd Saturn return.

  15. @S
    Yes, a defining moment for a lot of relationships. And you don’t sound nasty. 🙂

  16. @Kisses
    thanks for sharing those examples. A nice illustration of how Saturn in Sag can manifest real adventure.

  17. “spirit crucified on the cross of matter.” Wow..
    So what shall we call it when it is jupiter square neptune then? “Spirit inflamed by ambers of fire”. Dont laugh now…:)

  18. 🙂 thanks Nadia

  19. Thanks, Nadia – I hope you’re right. After all that I shared, I forgot to mention how during my last Saturn-Return, when transiting Saturn was 6 degrees past (and sextile my natal 2nd house Sun), I met my husband.:)

    He wasn’t at all like anyone I’d ever met before, so it was a new and unfamiliar experience, with less romantic illusion and more reality (Saturn rules my 5th). I tried to reject him during our first few months of dating but he convinced me to give him another chance, something I’ve never regretted. Neither of us are perfect and we’ve faced a lot of challenges in our relationship, but he is the one and only person I’ve ever felt truly loved by. Sorry Mom and Dad.:(

    After more than 26 years together, we still tell one another how grateful we are. I smile every time I see his handsome face walk through the door.

  20. Thank you for your reply!
    You gave me something else to think about, the other planets and their transits won’t be the same. That could be a plus. Also, in thinking back on my relationship with my estranged husband, I very clearly remember thinking that we were not physically attracted at all, but he was a stable person.
    So come on Saturn return! I’m ready for physical attraction and passion!
    I’ll be staying tuned to your posts about this transit and specifics on relationships at this time.
    P.S. My new guy is a Leo sun in the 6th. No planets in Sagittarius in the 10th.

  21. Richelle Smith says:

    I get to have my first Saturn Return with this transit. Saturn in Sagittarius in the 7th house. I’ve been trying to get it together so it won’t be as difficult. Fortunately it wont be until 2016. Nadia, when can I expect to feel the return of Saturn before it actually conjuncts my natal Saturn?

  22. @Richelle
    when transiting Saturn is between 1-2 degrees before your natal Saturn.

  23. Saq/Venus says:

    What does it mean – bad or good?- tr. Saturn will conjunct my Part of Fortune this fall at 28 Sco and after that will conjunct my lucky and independent Venus 1 Saq. Both are in my 6th house. Any advice? Is this some luck killing aspect of these points, incl. my Venus? How to prepare reagrding this?

  24. Nadia, I have a stellium in Sagittarius, will this transit in my first house be negative or positive?

  25. Hi nadia mam…my natal saturn is in sagi 20 degrees in 5 house…nd saturn transits in 5 house on dec 23 2014. Sextile venus in aquar 7 house n trine jupiter in aries 9 house…wat would u say bout dis ??

  26. Hi Nadia!

    My partner and I have composite Neptune in 7th house Sag, composite Sun 6th house Sag.
    His Neptune is in 8th House Sag.
    Transiting Neptune will be square Sag (his sun sign)
    My Neptune is 5th House Sag.
    My solar arc Neptune will square my natal Venus (Libra) and my transiting Jupiter (in Leo) will oppose my sun/moon midpoint.

    From what I understand Neptune is associated with illusions and seeing things with ‘rose coloured glasses”, or about deceit/betrayal. Because there is a lot of Saturn influence will there be less illusions?


  27. I am concerned about the upcoming Saturn transit. Jupiter, Uranus (both in 7th) and Neptune (in the 8th) are in Sagg, Saturn (Rx in NC) is located in my 6th. I took a peek at a short astrology report and my relationship will be on trail from December 2014 until September 2015. Something will be revealed to me (I don’t have any secrets to reveal to anyone) that will be unpleasant. This is my first Saturn experience and I am hopeful that I will make it through without being totally devastated.

    Any suggestions to share??

  28. What about a saturn in sagittarius in the second second?

  29. Hi. I have saturn at 26 in my birth chart. My question is — is my saturn return over since saturn has passed the 26 degree mark in scorpio? or is the entire process completed after it has left the sign for good in september of 2015? please help.

  30. 26 degrees scorpio that is sorry.

  31. I HAVE saturn in 26 degrees of scorpio I mean.

  32. I love Saturn transits. They are responsible for improving our lives where and exactly when we need it most. At the time it may seem like an endless episode but after Saturn finishes it’s job and if you have been paying attention and made the changes, the situation becomes more in tune to our true selves. We evolve. Saturn teaches us to focus and make a few reality checks before continuing in a better direction. If we fight the changes needed in our lives at this time, karma (Saturn) comes back again until we do make the change. Don’t be scared, be brave. Saturn in Sagittarius is about finding our truth in all things. What the world needs now is love sweet love. Thanks B.B.

  33. I got in a serious relationship when saturn was in Libra. (june 2012)

    We’ve had a smooth path all along, best friends, I couldnt ask for a better boyfriend, there were moments when he was a blessing. He proposed twice and I refused.

    But then, I got BORED. I started to have the first feelings of boredom in november! Not to mention his family. I simply dont fit in their ignorance abt the world. They arent really educated, a conversation abt arts and I’d seem to be a total lunatic for them!

    And I realized our paths would be completely different at some point. I’m career-focused, I wanna travel, enjoy life, I’m study oriented and far more educated than him.

    His dreams are about getting married, having a big family, he doesnt care abt growing professionaly, if he can pay rent and eat in a fast food restaurant once a week, he’s good. This small thinking is a terrible problem for the ambitious person I am!

    I have no idea how to call it quits! We still have some more 6 months in university where we’ll have to see each other often, I didnt wish it to be unconfortable, but it would be a huge struggle to hold it until June.

    Any ideas of a good astrological moment where can I put the cards on the table smoothly?

  34. I was born July 2 1979 in Greensboro NC at 12:35 pm. Would you mind looking at my chart to see what will happen during my Saturn transit? Saggitarius is in my 4th house, a chart I did awhile back said that I would certainly marry a foriegner with this aspect? Another prediction was that I’d marry Sept and Dec of this year? Another says I will meet this guy this June and July? Right now I am feeling more depressed than usual but ok at the same time, like I know it’ll get better eventually.

  35. So I have my Saturn Rx in my 7th house I have a Gemini Rising. Not only do I have the great Saturn there but he’s conjunct Uranus Rx and I’ve realized I’ve always been attracted to older and eccentric men or unconventional relationships…. Now I’m 28 1/2 and my Saturn is due to return in the 7th house this year 2016 and I have this compulsion and compelling feeling to get settled down and actually get married (which was something I NEVER cared about) it’s almost driving me crazy. What do I do or don’t do in this situation I don’t want to drive any potential mates away because of this new found obsession with marriage?

  36. I Wish I Had Patience says:

    CBA – I had a friend who got marriage-crazy before she turned 30 (around the time of her first Saturn Return); I also became marriage-crazy around that same time (after not caring at all before). Three years later, I am still single and am still feeling pressure (from within, not without) to get married.

    T.Saturn 7 can be excruciating, as you’ll feel like you’re ruling out everyone you meet, that no one is measuring up to your standards. You’ll feel like everyone you meet is a “no” and no one is ever a “yes.” It’s tedious, exhausting and soul-draining; I won’t sugarcoat it. And with your Saturn here natally, expect it to be pretty rough. Saturn is telling you to grow up in this area.

    Take the time to take a good hard look at YOURSELF and figure out what you want from marriage and another person. Specifically, think about what you can and cannot put up with, because that’s what a relationship/marriage is: putting up with someone else and their respective nonsense. But if there’s mutual love, caring, and consideration, then it’s worth it. The relationship has to be founded on something REAL; otherwise reality will crush it.

    Evaluate your maturity level. Saturn is all about maturity. If two mature people meet, then a marriage will work out well between them; it will endure (Saturn is Father Time).

    There may also be a delay regarding meeting a marriage partner, or a lot of obstacles between one and one’s marriage partner. Patience is the order of the day. To the patient and realistic come rewards; to the idle, the wasteful and the deluded: failure, suffering and struggle.

  37. Thanks so much for the advice and the real deal without the sugar !!! I needed that because I really feel like I’m going crazy. Not only is it my Saturn return and it’s in my 7th but it’s opposite my moon and Venus. I’m going through a triple dose of the Saturn lesson and I’m greatful but my Asc opposite Saturn is making me feel so fat and unattractive (despite the increase of male attention) and my mind (moon) is so scattered and then of course my love life sucks (Venus). The interesting thing is when Saturn leaves Sag I’ll be dealing with 8th house issues and Saturn will be opposite my sun Mercury rx and Mars in Cancer. Seems like I will not get a break for many years to come. ?

  38. tom russell says:

    during 015 , my new neighbor had Saturn transiting her natal 12th house, which surprise , is my progressed 12th house., also containing mercury at 13 degrees and her venus at 24 of sag , near her ascend. This could lead to what?

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