Saturn’s Transit of Sagittarius and Relationships for the Mutable Signs

The upcoming transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will bring the big relationship picture into focus. Sag’s free running ideals will be put to the test, and the other Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) will experience the Saturn crunch.

All Mutable signs share the quality of adaptability. Their motivation is to adjust what they know or believe. In relationships, this makes them fluid and ready for change. In some cases, they can be frustratingly indecisive as they avoid major relationship issues in favor of odd distractions. When Saturn enters the picture, this adaptability will be challenged and decisions will be demanded of them.

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Saturn in your sign may make you feel like you’ve been herded into a cattle pen. There will be room to move, but only in one direction. You’ll feel squeezed as your options narrow. For a sign that thrives on freedom, it can be distressing when the path to the horizon is (seemingly) cut off. But what will really be happening is this: Saturn will be adjusting your focus in one direction, and that will be the path towards the horizon.

If you’re in a relationship, you may be confronted with a stay-or-go decision. Whether it comes down to making a deeper commitment; confronting difficulties with your partner; or accepting that it’s time to move on, Saturn will not allow you to deny the issue any longer. Sometimes it’s easier for you to avoid the facts in favor of the story, but that approach won’t cut it with this transit.

Some single Sags may begin a relationship that’s heavy on the obligations. Sometimes Saturn can bring a new partner whose existing commitments throw up a contrast to your life, and compel you to look at what you really want, or where you need to grow up. The relationship may or may not last, but it won’t be a light-hearted fling.

For all Sagittarians, Saturn will ask that you examine your beliefs about love, commitment and partnership. You’ll have to get specific about what you’re going to do in your love life, and this will involve taking responsibility for your ideals. No one paints a bright picture quite like you, and your sense of possibility is a valuable resource. Others are drawn to your fire, because you represent hope for the future. As demanding as this transit may feel, know that Saturn’s limits will help you  focus that fire. In the end, the focused flame burns brighter.


Saturn will be opposing your sign. You have no problem with details, but deciding on which detail is valid can be an issue. New choices in relationships are what keep your motor running, whether that’s multiple partners or multiple topics of conversation with one partner. Life is a stream of new and interesting input. The Saturn opposition will clamp down on that stream. The amount of choices will be the same, but you’ll find that only one is appropriate.

If you’re in a relationship, tension could result from a clash between your choice versus your partner’s. Or, you may be pushed to “make a decision, already.” You might be bouncing between option A and B, only to find that neither is acceptable. Option C may be the way to go, but that’s not what you had in mind. And you know that uncomfortable topic you’ve been avoiding? This influence could be the time when your partner makes it clear that you’re going to talk about it. Single Geminis may find their choice of partners narrow, or their supply of perfect words dry up. If you can’t move at your usual speed, it’s a signal that you need to slow down. Saturn’s restrictions are meant to direct your attention to something you’ve overlooked, like a personal issue or a different way of approaching love.

An opposition is a culmination, so all Geminis may be confronted with the results of past romantic decisions. If you avoided the truth, or avoided making any choices, Saturn will bring those results home. And the results may be a permanent relationship transition. The good thing about this transit is that it will make things obvious. You’ll know what (or who) you can’t choose. But in some cases, it will become obvious who you can choose. Your choices will be crystal clear.


Saturn will be squaring your sign. This may seem unfair, because you’re already acutely aware that life is full of limits. External rules will challenge your personal reality. Your relationship worries will be put under the microscope (an even more powerful microscope than the one you use). But even perfectionist Virgo needs an occasional tune-up, and that is what this transit will be all about. As detail obsessed as you can be, your fixations on niggling issues (with your partner and yourself) can throw you off track. The flow of refinements can go in the wrong direction, so this transit will be your course correction.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be pushed to the wall with certain obsessive concerns. Whether your partner is not meeting your standards, or you feel inadequate/guilty, the point of the Saturn square will be to test your reality. If you’ve been pushing to fix something that’s not broken, it may crack under the stress of this transit. That will be your cue to stop. You may also become aware that you’ve been avoiding the real relationship problem by distracting yourself with minutiae. Saturn will make it clear where you need to back off, or what you need to turn your focus to. If you’re single, you’ll have to make some adjustments in how you approach potential partners. Do you expect the worst? Have you been settling for less? Or, have you been short-circuiting your chances with impossibly high standards? Saturn will highlight these issues by making it clear, once and for all, how they undermine your happiness.

For all Virgos, remember that the intensity of limits becomes stronger if you continue to bang your head against them. Meaning, if the worries, guilt and intensive scrutiny become unbearable, it’s a sign that you need to stop. If you’ve been trying to convince someone to love you by making yourself indispensable to them, this transit will help you cement your boundaries; you’re not a charity. Saturn wants you to shift your focus away from what doesn’t need fixing to what does need strengthening. The result will be a leaner, stronger, more self-assured Virgo.


Saturn will be squaring your sign. Your default setting in relationships is compassionate idealism and/or dreamy avoidance. You’re not terribly comfortable with reality, so this will be your reality check. When the wave of your faith/dreams crashes against Saturn’s wall, the result may be disappointment. But you’ll also gain increased clarity and purpose.

If you’re in a relationship, you may wake up to certain illusions you’ve been having about your partner or yourself. As disappointing as this will be, it may not be the end of the relationship (although in some cases, it will). A Saturn square can be a call for you and your partner to be with each other as actual human beings. And that’s when the real relationship begins. For some Pisceans, this may involve your partner pushing you to take responsibility for addiction/escapism, or vice versa. For single Pisceans, Saturn may bring home the reality of an unrequited love. This transit will also confront you with undermining habits, such as denial about who you are as a potential partner versus who you want as a potential partner, and the actual energy you’ve been putting out there.

For all Pisceans, this will be your wake-up call. If you’ve been making sacrifices for someone, or playing the victim or savior, Saturn will make it next to impossible for that scenario to continue. By the time this transit is over, you should have a new set of boundaries, and an increased sense of assurance about who you are and what you’re able to give to others.

You’re most likely to feel this transit in your love life if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in a Mutable sign. Or, if you have a Mutable sign in your 1st, 5th or 7th House.

Saturn in Sag will be squaring transiting Neptune in Pisces on Nov 26th, 2015, June 17, 2016 and Sept 10th, 2016. These will be key “reality check” dates.

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  1. I am a pisces,but the sun moon and merc are in 9th house..would this description still be for me as apisces since the sun not in 1st house?

  2. If say ascendant RULER is in Gemini or Virgo natally, will this transit be similar to Gemini and Virgo rising descriptions above?

  3. Nadia, does this apply to specific personal planets and/or houses with these signs… Or is this for those with these mutable signs, in general?

    Either way, your summary for Sagittarius rings true, as I already kind of feel this energy now (Moon and Venus in Sag w/ 9th house Stellium, Gemini 5th house/Virgo 8th house). This transit will be quite uncomfortable as I have been avoiding commitment issues and having a focused love life for years, so it is definitely “time” for this.

    Thank you!

  4. acquagal says:

    looking forward to this. when saturn reaches 2 sag it will oppose my waffler gemini’s sun, and then at 4 sag it will oppose his saturn. it will also conjunct his neptune at 2 sag. i hope this brings him to make a decision on commitment. his neptune oppose sun/saturn does seem to add to his commitment phobia. his progressed venus rx is 18 gem (going direct in a couple of years, it wont go any further than 18 gem before going direct), and his progressed saturn is 14 gem. so saturn in sag will oppose significant natal and progressed planets for him.

    saturn will conjunct my uranus at 1 sag in my 11H, oppose my venus in gemini at 5 sag, and then move to my 12H at 5 sag. it will oppose my mercury in gemini at 16 sag, and then hit my AC at 24 sag.

  5. acquagal says:

    correction, it opposes his saturn at 8 sag. he has saturn at 9 gemini

  6. acquagal says:

    lol 8 gemini! sorry.

  7. acquagal says:

    interesting cause i know his first marriage was in 2004, when saturn was in cancer, so i’d be willing to bet he got engaged the first time around while saturn was in gemini in 2002/2003 after it conjuncted his sun and natal saturn.

  8. This will be interesting for both me and my friend. Interesting as in more hard work.

    I have moon/venus/mars (ruler of 7H Aries) in Sag 3H, as well as prog mercury and prog sun. My natal saturn is in Pisces 5H. So I will continue to feel Saturn’s effects in a big way, as I feel I have since it entered Libra. Hopefully, I am growing emotionally and will handle what’s coming up.

    My friend has natal saturn in virgo 9H, so he too will experience the square to transiting saturn. Sag is his 1H. His DC is 28 Taurus, ruler venus is 0 Sag 1H, where he also has neptune, mercury and prog AC. So the saturn’s transit will be significant for him also.

    Looks like whatever we have both avoided/denied/resisted will no longer be tolerated and we will be pushed to grow.

    In the comp, we have a stellium in Sag 2H of neptune 4, venus 10, mercury 10, sun 10, saturn 12. Looks like more growth to me.

    Thanks, Nadia 🙂

  9. I’m liking your articles. This will be a light for me to know what’s going on.
    This is my Saturn return, and my sun is 29 degrees Sagittarius, with a Gemini rising, and a Pices moon!
    I think I’m a direct hit with this.
    Isn’t the 29th degree an Anarectic degree? A Karma degree? Should I find a bunker, or bomb shelter with this?! This sounds serious!

  10. Samantha Floyd says:

    This will be interesting… for both my friends and I. This article is very timely and accurate.

    I’m Sag Rising with my Moon and Venus in Sag. My mom and I recently had an argument over the type of men I like. Looks like this will be a time for me to put my ideals to the test. It scares me a little though because of Uranus entering my 5th house and conjoining my Jupiter and a couple other progressions.

    My friend is a Gemini Sun and Venus and I’m curious how where her long-term relationship will go. She definitely has some decisions to make.

  11. Hi Nadia, i have just finished my saturn return in scorpio in my 7th house libra.i am first decanate saggitarius with taurus rising.How will be saggitarius in 1st house will going to affect me?is there any chances with relationships i mean marriage? i am 31 now.

  12. I’m curious about oppositions are culminations. My Mars/Venus/SN conjunction in Sag opposes my Gemini Moon and NN (4th house). My Pisces Saturn and Chiron opposes my Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo (7th).

    I am hoping I can get my boundaries more defined because this is an area I really need to work on, particularly with my Pisces rising mom. She is going through her 3rd Saturn Return. She has finally learned to be gracious when people help her. She has a history of being quite mean spirited, competitive, and a bit of a control freak. As her health deteriorates I have to help her with everyday tasks – but I still have to maintain my sanity – and set my boundaries with her and own my authority now.

    I look forward to this transit in that I need help in creating and maintaining boundaries, and focus. My Aquarius Rising might vibe with the Saturn energy more than the Uranus energy this go-round. I hope that Saturn will help me stop analyzing things to death and make this Libra Sun/Gemini Moon more decisive. Maybe that is the lesson I will be learning this transit: standing my ground and making more commitments.

  13. Hi Nadia,

    Saggis herded to a cattle pen! Perfect analogy.

    In 2015 and 2016, Jupiter will be transiting Virgo. And Neptune will still be in Pisces. It will be interesting to see how these big guys mix and match with the Saturn flavor, for the dual signs. Hope you write about these combinations at some point.

    In on 5 June 2016 there will be a mutable grand cross around 12-14 degrees. These three guys and the new moon + Venus at Gemini 14!

  14. @brn
    Please re-read these sentences from the article:

    “You’re most likely to feel this transit in your love life if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in a Mutable sign. Or, if you have a Mutable sign in your 1st, 5th or 7th House.”

  15. @marion
    Yes…factoring in the house position of the ruler.

  16. @Inna
    It applies to the house/sign/planet combinations I specified:

    “You’re most likely to feel this transit in your love life if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in a Mutable sign. Or, if you have a Mutable sign in your 1st, 5th or 7th House.”

    But this is in the context of romance only.

  17. @Susan
    29 degrees is an Anarectic degree, yes. But it’s no better or worse than any other degree. It just means the energy is more intense at that degree.

  18. @niki
    I would have to analyze your chart to tell you that (which requires a consultation).

  19. Ana M Oliveira says:

    Unrequited love, a big issue.

    “For single Pisceans, Saturn may bring home the reality of an unrequited love.”

    Nadia, is there any more aspects/transits for an “unrequited love”? I really would love to know more of this theme, since I have so many friends falling for unrequited love (and of course I also fell on that in my past)

    Not under the scope of synastry of this article, but….a natal aspect between Saturn and Neptune (like a square) can signifie a tendency for an unrequited love?
    Thank you

  20. wow..thanks Nadia.

    I have my AC DC in mutable.

    Hi Marion, thats grt, looking forward to June 2016, Grand Cross, Saturn will be on my Sun-Moon Mid point in 6H. I hope it means joint nappy responsibilities in daily life (6H) at home (4H), signifying a turning point (12H), and career (10H) worked around that! Phew..thats called dreaming sweet dreams…

  21. @Ana M Oliveira:
    hard natal aspects between Saturn and Neptune, as you said. Or, a hard aspect between Neptune and any personal planet since unrequited love is Neptune’s Shadow (sacrifice/chasing after a fantasy). Sometimes when Pluto is in hard natal aspect to Venus/Mars/Moon, but then it’s more obsessive love (which can also be unrequited). But it all depends on the chart, of course.

  22. hi,

    my experience is a stellium in Scorpio creates dangers of unrequited + obsessive. Whether it Pluto transiting through the stellium or in 7H, or Neptune squaring the Scorpio stellium, all makes it very tough!

  23. also Jupiter-Moon conjunct in Scorp, esp if Jup is Lord of 7th, all can give a lot of unrequited love..

  24. MajjikMoon says:

    Hmm on the subject of unrequited love..I know someone who has Saturn Neptune/Venus Neptune/Saturn Jupiter themes and Virgo Pisces nodes conj MC /ICthemes thru th entire natal chart making his Vesta/Venus/Pluto conj in th 4th trine Asc look lame..evn wth his Prog Sun 1deg orb fm hitting this tyt Venus n Co. conjunction.His prog Venus/Jup are in Scorp too..28deg Neptune 7th house Scorp…Im startn t feel sori for Im wondering is it possible to be in a relationship wth someone yr obsessed about but be longing for someone else at the same tym??Confusing for sure.This poor guy will have Saturn opposition just as it hits his DSC cusp where his natal Scorpi Nep lives at 28deg..Capricorn 9H natal Saturn in Taurus conj Asc 12H.Does it mean the person yr in a serious obsessive relationship with doesn’t really love you??Unrequited love??Is it possible to have a reality check with so much Sat/Nep in one chart..feels like a lifetime prison to be so trapped like that.Or have I misunderstood this aspect totally.

  25. Richelle says:

    I have Sun in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, Moon in Pisces, Sagittarius 7th house(with natal Saturn if that matters), and 5th house Virgo. So I’ll have all these squares, and oppositions(gulp) at once?? Honestly, I have always felt restricted in relationships. Nothing has ever come lightly in a relationship. They are always grueling and hard work. I wish I could take a sabbatical away from relationships for a while, but I am always compelled to be with someone. I think I’ll just dig a hole and pull the dirt in on top of me. Ahaha. *sigh*

  26. All I know is that I’m REALLY going to be feeling this transit. I have a Virgo Sun, Gemini Rising, and Pisces Moon with similar degrees. I also have my Mars in Gemini, hopefully I can get some grounding with my Venus in Leo. My 1st, 5th and 7th house cusps are in mutable signs!

    Thankfully I can prepare myself for this transit better because my ascendant begins at 16deg, so I’ll start feeling this more around 2016.

  27. Thanks for this article (and your other recent articles on Saturn transits). It really helped put some recent relationship challenges into perspective. Saturn has been transiting square my early Virgo planets (Mercury, Venus and Pluto) and also has moved into my 5th house. I knew there might be challenges with all that going on, but anticipation and reality are different things! I have Virgo Sun square Saturn in Sag natally anyway (2nd Saturn return not for another 2 years yet) and he’s trine my Leo Moon. I have found that contrary to the advice to buckle down and work too hard, Saturn transits sometimes show me more where I have to stop and pull back from overwork and overanalysis – I suppose it’s the Virgo niggling perfectionism that gets overdone. But some clear-eyed reality is good, too. Anyway, thanks again for this perspective.

  28. Hi, I was born July 2 1979 in Greensboro NC at 12:35 pm. If it is possible, could you please tell let what is going on in my chart with Saturn transit and lessons to learn? I am new to astrology and having a hard time figuring things out.

  29. Saturn has been conjunct my 7H Sun & Mercury at 13 degrees this last while; and I’ve prevailed through some big battles this year, through pure grit.

    In 2017, transiting Saturn in 7H will form a Grand Cross — opposing my natal Moon, square natal Pluto and square my Chiron Return.

    My natal Moon is the apex of a Yod with Venus and Neptune.

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