Transiting Jupiter in Leo and Romance for the Fire Signs

Credit: Kontrec via iStockphoto

Credit: Kontrec via iStockphoto

Last week, we looked at transiting Jupiter in Leo’s impact on love for the Fixed signs. This week, let’s explore what this big, shiny transit will do for Sagittarius and Aries. Leo is a Fire sign. This means transiting Jupiter will be hitting the other Fire signs (that’s you, Sag and Aries) with a trine. Trines encourage the flow of energy. Jupiter in Leo will create a full-on current of confidence, happiness and possibility. That’s big news for Sag and Aries, because your existing potentials will be injected with steroids. Your love life will most likely be impacted if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in a Fire sign. Also, any planets in a 5th or 7th House Fire sign will be affected.

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Jupiter (your ruler) will increase your already abundant faith and curiosity. Single Sags may see an increase in romantic possibilities, and this could be due to an urge to explore (further than usual), mingle (more than usual), or try something that’s totally random, fun and packed with potential — whatever puts you in the path of Mr. or Mrs. Intriguing. You’ll have charm to burn, and you’ll find it incredibly easy to convince others of almost anything. Mind you, there’s no guarantees that what starts under this transit will be long-term (you’ll need some supportive Saturn transits to back you up). A trine from Jupiter will open the door, but what happens next is up to you and those you attract.

If you’re in a relationship, this will be your chance to make what’s good even better. The Jupiter trine can give you an inspiring nudge by smoothing out rough edges with your partner, or by encouraging you to open your eyes and appreciate what you already have. This is not a majorly transformative influence, so it’s not going to trigger deep insights or life-changing moments in your relationship. But it can (depending on what area of your chart is being hit) create an opportunity for open discussion or pure enjoyment.

Whether you’re single or attached, the other possibility with this transit is that you’ll notice nothing. Trines are harmonious, which means the lack of tension will allow things to continue as usual. What you’ve always done will feel extra good, so you may just slide through this influence on a mellow wave. That’s fine, especially if there’s nothing in your love life that needs an upgrade. But if you want to make some changes, you will need to get off the couch and work with Jupiter.


Uranus has been moving through your sign, shaking you up and giving your love life a boost of rocket fuel. The trine from Jupiter will add a layer of polish to Uranus’ jarring influences. Any unexpected events in your relationships (courtesy of Uranus) could be softened; Jupiter could give you the perspective to see why certain endings or beginnings are happening.

Uranus’ edgy restlessness has probably not translated into romantic bliss. If you’re single, Jupiter may be the social gold that allows you to step forward and smoothly initiate a romantic connection. You’ll be assertive, but this should be well-received by the other person. If you’re dealing with a recent breakup, this influence could be just what you need to get your mojo back. Jupiter can boost your confidence and recharge your belief that you’re Number One. You may not even be interested in forming a long-term union; sometimes a trine from Jupiter is all about you.

If you’re in a relationship, Jupiter can facilitate goodwill during upsetting events. A separation that’s in the works can be made less hostile/volatile. A partnership that’s on the edge can be infused with tolerance, which may be all it takes to put the two of you back on track. This transit is not a cure-all, but it can make it easier to open up (to your partner) or release anger and bitterness. The key is that Jupiter will emphasize how you normally act, but this should make it easier to find the positive side of your behavior. Your natural courage, initiative and ability to move forward (without looking back) will be enhanced. How can you use those qualities in your relationship, whether you’re trying to keep it together or trying to keep your footing as it’s ending?

For all their gold-star potential, trines are passive. Even though this one involves Fire (which is the most active element) it will still be easy to go with the  flow, because Jupiter makes the path of least resistance very attractive (although this scenario is more likely to happen with Sag than Aries). If you want change to happen in your love life, tune into the area where you suddenly feel blissful, complacent, justified or confident. That’s where transiting Jupiter will be hitting you, and that’s where the potential for change will be. Or, you could just lie back and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Thanks a lot Nadia, for this informative article.

    Would it be possible to define what would constitute supportive Saturn transits that could cement this into a long-term relationship?

    Many thanks


  2. Thanks for asking that, S 🙂

    I’m excited for jupiter in leo now. It will be nice for me as scorpio sun, and also because my moon, venus and mars are in Sag. Aries is my 7H but it’s empty, mars is the ruler, and it’s in Sag. I remember last time jupiter was in leo, I did meet someone lovely and fall in love, but it didn’t work out. I am also thinking of the lunar nodes right now. The last time they were in these positions, I nearly got engaged. It didn’t work out because I said no. I know this time round, we have to make the trines work, and work hard etc, but it’s nice to have hope in my heart, especially after my saturn losses.

    Thanks, Nadia, I am looking forward to a happy summer now, and if I find love too, it would be even better. 🙂

  3. I am testing waters between sidereal and tropical zodiacs using this Jupiter transit. Jupiter enters sidereal Cancer tomorrow and to tropical Leo next month. Thanks for all your posts Nadia.

    On a related note, how would tr. Jupiter on Leo IC affect a natal North Node at same degree (trine) in Saggitarius 7H, being the ruler of NN? Will there be karmic relationship themes? Or is it limited to personal planets?

  4. Thanks, Nadia. It’s good to be reminded that trines may go unnoticed. I’m afraid that too many astrologers promise luck, abundance and the tooth fairy waving a magic wand with trines and my experience is that it usually doesn’t work out that way. My question is about progressions and return charts that might contain numerous fire positions. In your experience, do you think that Jupiter in Leo will have an impact on fire signs in these positions. I have 4 personal planets progressed into Aries in the 3rd house, and I’m wondering if I can expect some improvement. I’ve had a really difficult time lately finishing up some writing projects in the past year with Jupiter in Cancer, and I’ve wondered if this could be attributed to my progressions.

  5. Samantha Floyd says:

    Thanks for this article Nadia, I’m excited for this transit but thank you for reminding us that trines can go unnoticed. I tend not to experience much change from Jupiter transits even if beneficial. Anyway Aries rules my 5th house, which contains my natal Jupiter and my natal Moon and Venus are both in Sagittarius.

    I’m paying more attention to when Uranus enters my 5th house and conjoins my Jupiter and trines my Venus, Saturn and Uranus conjunction.

  6. @S
    Trines, sextiles and (sometimes) conjunctions from TR Saturn to natal Sun, Moon, Mars Venus or ruler of the 7th House. Or, TR Saturn through the 7th House.

  7. @Marion
    Yes, there would be karmic relationship themes (partner as your path forward) but t trine to NN is strongly felt. It might nudge a relationship along, but you need other, stronger transits/progressions to really give it a push.

  8. @Mary
    Well, Jupiter’s trine may open up some ideas, but you’ll have to initiate things. Once you get started though, Jupiter should make things easier.

  9. @Samanatha
    Jupiter trine Jupiter is especially nice.

  10. @Kisses
    You’re welcome, and I truly hope that you find what you’re looking for.

  11. hello . i am leo born on august 3 1993 . just had a breakup in august . jupiter in leo is suppose to bring happiness in relationship so why i had such a bad breakup ?

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