Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilitySun in Capricorn’s ambition meets Moon in Virgo’s need for perfection in this hardworking relationship. These two will complement each other with their grounded approach to everything. And their union will run like a well-oiled machine. However, it will be too easy for these partners to get caught up in business and forget about pleasure. Assuming this isn’t a union of convenience, an occasional reminder to enjoy each other will help.

Sun in Capricorn is the master of commitment. He’s ruled by Saturn, the planet of obligation, so being responsible is second nature to him. If he’s committed himself to a relationship, he’s not goofing around. Those looking for a partner who’s reliable, hard-working and has an eye on the brass ring have found their man. But Sun in Capricorn is not a spontaneous romantic who showers his partner with gifts. His executive energy extends to his personal life, which means sentiment is not something he indulges in. He knows how to love, but in a traditional, somewhat restrained manner.

Moon in Virgo needs a project. Improvement makes her feel safe, and if everything is going too well (if there’s nothing to fix) she can become nervous and edgy. Moon in Virgo will show her love by fussing over her partner’s health and the general, domestic orderliness of things. She runs a tight ship at home, but can become fixated on what her lover may view as inconsequential details. Making things better is a stress release for her; if she can fix it, she’ll feel safe.

Sun in Capricorn will take care of business on the outside, while Moon in Virgo keeps things clean and in control at home. He’ll appreciate her practical approach (no sloppy sentimentality for this Earth lady) and she’ll feel safe with his well-defined rules. Each will have a calming effect on the other, due to their mutual understanding that there is a correct way to do everything. But a sprinkle of fun or indulgence could certainly soften things up and keep these two from becoming bored with each other.

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