Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilitySun in Capricorn’s structure may be stifling for Moon in Sagittarius’ wandering heart. However, these two can learn much from each other. Moon in Sag’s emotional adventurousness can be a welcome break for Capricorn after his hard day of achievement and discipline. Sun in Capricorn’s restraint can keep Sagittarius from going off the rails with some her wilder impulses.

Sun in Capricorn has discipline down to a fine art. Not only is he a master of focus and effective action, he can put off indulgences in favor of what needs to be tackled first. While these characteristics make him an honorable, dependable partner, he may continue to put off certain indulgences (like fun, spontaneity and romance) to the point where they get snuffed out of existence. Therefore, a lover who is more comfortable with emotional expression (while still respecting his rules) would be best to soften up his edges.

Moon in Sagittarius needs room to wander. She’s totally capable of being a committed, nurturing partner, as long as her lover gives her room to indulge her curiosity. Upbeat and exuberant, Moon in Sagittarius’ emotional baseline floats a few inches above most people’s. However, the Shadow side of all this expansiveness can be a refusal to take anything seriously (especially if it involves a heavy, emotional scene). But for the most part, this happy Moon’s casual approach to domestic life and love can have a freeing effect on uptight partners.

Sun in Capricorn may be irritated by Sagittarius’ disregard for his domestic rules. She won’t directly challenge him, but she’ll cheerfully continue to do things her way (the inappropriate way, according to him). Moon in Sagittarius will find Capricorn’s authority initially amusing, then excessive. She may poke fun at him at first, but eventually she’ll feel fenced in by his love of tradition. If these two want to make it work, Capricorn can allow himself to unwind in Sag’s presence (while shrugging off her bad jokes), and Sag can allow some of his focus to rub off on her. His boundaries and her need to be open about everything can have a moderating effect on each other.

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