Jupiter’s Transit of Leo and Relationships for the Fixed Signs

Jupiter is about to change signs. On July 16th, 2014, the planet of optimism will enter Leo, giving the words “Love me” a non-negotiable edge. Leo is about pride and pure self-expression, but this sign also craves the sparkle of new romance and indulgent play. Mix in Jupiter’s buoyancy, and you’ll have a bonfire of romantic opportunity. This could be the time to take a romantic risk (Leo rules gambling), demand the best for yourself in a relationship, or play the field. This transit will encourage people to be themselves … unapologetically. No one will want to be told what they can’t have. Jupiter will be in Leo until August 11th, 2015; read on to see how it will impact the Fixed signs. Your relationships will most likely be impacted if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, ruler of your 7th House, or 5th/7th Houses are in a Fixed sign.

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This transit will be your moment to shine. Putting aside the fact that almost every moment is your moment, Jupiter will fuel your abundant drive for recognition and fun. Single or not, you’ll be noticed more than usual (which is saying something) so use the bigger spotlight wisely. Your sense of entitlement will increase dramatically, and if an existing relationship is not giving you what you want, you may be tempted to look elsewhere. This is when you’ll need perspective; is your partner truly not doing it for you, or does your relationship simply require a re-boot? You’ll have the power to bring generosity and fun to your union, and that could be all that’s needed. But if you’re not being appreciated for who you are and it’s time to move on, Jupiter will ensure that you have plenty of admirers. Just make sure you’re not blinded by the thrill of “landing” someone who’s already taken (your need for drama will also be increased). If you’re single, this transit can certainly improve your chances of meeting someone, because few will be able to resist the aggressive charm of you, with Jupiter’s added glow of assurance.


Jupiter will be opposing your sign, which means your natural inclination for freedom will be pumped up. You may be more set than usual on doing your own thing, which can disrupt an existing relationship. Or, this transit might simply inject a new sense of adventure into your union. Single Aquarians may experience increased romantic opportunities, but it all depends on how you spin this energy. It will feel better than ever to dance to your own beat, or wander off down your own path. This could manifest as amplified joy in your own company, which can be very appealing to others. Or, you may see no reason to invite anyone else along for the ride. Your personal ideals will be pushed to new heights, and much depends on how you feel about people in general. If you’re currently the disillusioned outsider, Jupiter’s influence might take some of that edge off. That could be all that’s needed to let someone in.


Get ready to indulge. Jupiter will be squaring your sign, and a square is a tense aspect. Tension from the planet of “more” will increase your desire for expansion. Whether you’re single or attached, amplified sensuality can make romance rich and pleasurable. While you’re at it, your routines may get shaken up. This could breath new life into an existing relationship, or put you in the path of someone new. But there’s always a caution about overdoing it with squares from Jupiter. Watch that your cravings don’t overwhelm your pocketbook or responsibilities. Use a bit of restraint when spending money on your beloved, and remember to tend to other areas outside the bedroom. Also, consider what has value for you during this transit. Jupiter will make you very aware of what else you could have. Whether you’re looking for love, or looking to expand your existing relationship, take note of what or whom you’re adding. Jupiter can make almost anything seem like a good idea, so ask yourself if you’ll be increasing something of value, or if you’ll be adding glaze to a cake that’s already covered in icing.


Is it possible to become addicted to optimism? Jupiter will square your sign, inflating the intensity of your purpose. There will be times when you just know you’re doing what has to be done, and it will feel good. This can create a fanatical push for love or power. It depends on what or who your target is, and how you handle your increased assurance. If you’re single, you may pursue someone as if your life depends on it. To you, it will feel like a joyous mission. To them, it may feel incredibly sexy or scary. Keep in mind that your energy can inspire love, obsession or fear in others, and Jupiter will amplify this. In an existing relationship, you may want to dive deeper, or become fixated on an issue. Again, consider the other person; how important is the issue, and is your partner on the same page? Jupiter does expand, but in your case it may intensify an obsession (thus narrowing your field of vision) rather than opening up your perspective.

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I have sun in scorpio, so tr Jupiter will square that. My natal Jupiter trines my natal sun. That’s a lot of Jupiter!

    My 5H is Aquarius/Pisces. Does that mean the ruler is Saturn as Aquarius is the cusp? Saturn is in my 5H in pisces. Bit confusing. Might work in my favour so Jupiter doesn’t let me get too carried away. My prog MC is 26 Leo, so it looks like an important transit for me.

    My friend has progressed sun and prog mars in Aquarius, if progressions count? His natal moon is in Taurus anyway, so he is looking at a square from Jupiter too. But his natal saturn trines it, so it might temper Jupiter a little. His natal Jupiter is in Leo, so he’ll have a conjunct soon.

    As we both have very damaged pasts, I think I see this as an opportunity to heal, come out of our shells, and instead of expecting little or the worst, turn it around and expect better. A push from Jupiter to get past fears to what we feel we deserve might be just what we need to stop sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others and listen to ourselves at long last. Right now, we are not on the same page, I am facing my fears and he is still avoiding his. As I understand it, he won’t be able to keep this up for much longer, so I am giving some thought towards that.

    Just out of interest, when was the last time Jupiter transited Leo? Thanks, Nadia

  2. Looking forward to this VERY much. I’m just hoping that my Aquarius Sun and stellium in Aqua. can benefit from Jupiter’s transit. It’s been a very rough couple of years.

  3. I feel surprising optimistic about this upcoming Jupiter through Leo considering the devestation I experienced last time which I have been healing and recovering from, quite publicly, ever since. Leo is dominant in my 10th house, I have MC at the beginning North node at the end aand a stellium including Uranus and Mars in between, I have Venus in Taurus 7th house, Neptune in Scorpio 1st house and Jupiter conjunct IC in Aquarius, public disgrace public acclaim, the proof will be in the eating of the pudding and I have a surprisingly healthy appetite now 🙂

    Thank you Nadia, your article on this has given me some lovely ideas for the possibilities to support my enthusiasm.

  4. oh PS , my solar return on the 22nd will have Jupiter and POF in 11th house, thus as Jupiter’s transit of Cancer comes to an end, it give me hope that with a little more faith, I may well have the good fortune to finally feel “at home” in community of like mindeds where I have my own place and belong 🙂

  5. For a chart i know, MC in Leo squares Venus (7th and 12th ruler) in Scorpio, sitting in 12H natally.
    It is quite possible when Jupiter crosses MC it would translate to a situation of “Big (Jupiter) Public (MC) Announcement (Leo) of the end of (12H) serious (Scorpio) love/marriage (Venus) partnerships (7H)”

  6. on.the.coast says:

    Many thanks for this Nadia. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this transit! The past few years have been non stop heavy Pluto and Saturn transits. It’s been, challenging, intense and, ultimately, transformative. I’m looking forward to some light and vibrance in my life once again.

    I’m having my Jupiter return within the next 2 weeks (in the 4th), and then it’ll move into my 5th in August and conjunct Venus in late summer/early fall, then will RX back over it. Venus rules my 2nd and 7th.

    I’m a children’s entertainer, and I know already that will be expanding. I hope the fun, money and romance department does, too! I’ve been a veritable hermit since Jupiter moved into my 4th, delving deep within my psyche. I’ve learned a lot of relationship (not just romantic) lessons these past 4 yrs, time to put them to good use!

  7. Fixed signs are in for double impact during the latter half of 2014 when Saturn transits Scorpio and Jupiter transits Leo simultaneously.
    Those with all four angles in fixed signs are in the line of double fire.
    Multiply that fire by three, if angles are within retrograde ranges of the heavyweights. (i.e. 16-23 Scorpio and 12-22 Leo). If you have some fixed sign planets as well then happier roller coasting to you all.

  8. @Kisses
    Jupiter was last in Leo from the start of August 2002 to September 2003.

  9. @marion
    Jupiter over the MC usually brings some kind of increased public attention.

  10. @on.the.coast
    Enjoy your Jupiter return! That’s always a fab opportunity to grow whatever natal Jupiter represents to you.

  11. @debbie
    You’re welcome. Jupiter in Leo should be pretty optimistic for almost everyone.

  12. @crys
    Lots of opportunities for you to experience hits from Jupiter, with your Aqua stellium. Enjoy!

  13. thanks Nadia

    August 2002 to September 2003, nothing Jupiterish happened to me. Nothing obvious and noteworthy, except that I separated suddenly and painfully from my husband of 7 years. That was Pluto conjunct DC at works, I thought. My DC ruler is Jupiter, and Jupiter in latter leo, was conjunct my South Node as it squared my 6H natal Jupiter-Moon in 6H and conjunct my exes Natal Mars. But that was closer to sept 2003. We separated Dec 02!

  14. Currently experiencing my natal Jupiter return in Cancer but when it touches down in Leo it will be affecting my Sun in Scorpio and 7th house in Leo… Seems like even more interesting things shall be on the rise as the second half of the year unfolds.
    Thanks, Nadia!

  15. could this be read for rising signs?

  16. SAGARMOY DEB says:

    I m GEMINI guy..My name is SAGARMOY DEB..MY DOB is 12.06.1990.My birth time is 01.30a.m & i was born in Dibrugarh,INDIA. Can u plz te me how will i benefit from the jupiter’s transit into leo from 16.07.2014 onwards in my relationships/love sector. I’m facing a lot of difficulties in my relationship with my girl.

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