Making the Most of Positive Synastry Aspects

In relationship astrology, people often zero in on the hard synastry connections. There’s something to be said for giving yourselves a heads up about problem areas, and it’s tempting to become embroiled in the challenging energies (especially when you’re going through a rough patch). But let’s not forget about the positive inter-aspects. Smooth connections are part of what drew the two of you together in the first place, and they don’t disappear during the tense times. This article will purposely avoid the high-octane synastry aspects (Venus conjunct Uranus, Pluto conjunct anything) in favour of the positive but quieter connections. These are just as essential, but can be taken for granted. In order to give your relationship the best chance of meeting its potential, it’s important to work with all the energies.

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Person A’s Sun conjunct Person’s B Venus

The Sun’s ego and purpose is the manifestation of what Venus loves. This is a classic “I love you for who you are” aspect. From the Sun’s perspective, life is sweeter and more validating when they are around Venus. This is especially true when the Venus person is male and the Sun person is female (she embodies his feminine ideal). It’s difficult for the Sun to go wrong, because even the most irritating facets of their sign are tolerated by Venus. For example, Sun in Aquarius conjunct person B’s Venus will ensure that Venus finds the Sun’s quirkiness and independence very attractive. When the Sun becomes antisocial or distant, Venus may be frustrated, but will accept it as part of the Aquarius package. If this aspect goes both ways (each person’s Sun conjuncts the other person’s Venus) you’ve got a relationship where mutual adoration is a major component. A Sun/Venus trine creates a nice, affectionate flow, but the conjunction seems to embody the strongest love and acceptance.

Make the most of this aspect: It’s not unconditional love, but it’s as close as many people will come to experiencing acceptance of their personal essence from a partner. The Sun should be aware of their Shadow, and not take advantage of Venus’ ability to love them for who they are. They can use this as a prompt to become the best version of themselves. Venus can use the Sun’s strength and encouragement to power up their Venus-themed goals (finances, creative work, self-esteem). The Sun can be their cheerleader.

Person A’s Jupiter conjunct or trine Person B’s Moon

Jupiter is the Moon’s anti-depressant. It’s very difficult for the Moon to be morose when Jupiter is around (especially with the conjunction). Jupiter opens the Moon up, which can be especially appealing to Moon signs (like Scorpio or Capricorn) who may have trust issues. The Moon instinctively harmonizes with Jupiter’s ideals, and activates their faith in the relationship (and in life). But unless Jupiter is emphasized in person A’s chart, the Moon is likely to feel this connection more strongly.

Make the most of this aspect: Allow yourselves to hope for the best. When things become tense or overwhelming, know that the two of you have a deep well of optimism. While it’s true that looking on the bright side won’t solve all your problems, focusing solely on what’s wrong will drag you down. A Moon/Jupiter connection in synastry is an inoculation against pessimism. Depending on the Moon’s sign and natal aspects, they may be resistant to Jupiter’s efforts to cheer them up. This is when it’s important to remember that not all couples have this valuable aspect. Faith in the future can be the difference between moving forward together, and giving up.

Person A’s Mercury conjunct or trine Person B’s Mercury

Harmonious aspects between Mercuries enables communication that’s so smooth, you may not even notice it (unless one or both people have difficult natal aspects to their Mercury). There is a commonality of thought that makes it natural to agree. Conversations may be a bit boring, especially if there are no hard aspects from other planets to add friction.

Make the most of this aspect: There’s something to be said for being on the same page. One thing you can count on is that ideas and plans will be the areas where you can support each other. Know that if there are difficulties in other areas of your lives, you can always talk to each other; communication is ground zero for dealing with difficulties. There’s something reassuring about being with someone who understands where you’re coming from, because they’re right there with you. Don’t you think?

Person A’s Saturn trine Person B’s Personal Planets

I chose the trine because the conjunction can feel restrictive. A trine from person A’s Saturn to person B’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars ensures that Saturn will support Person B (in the area symbolized by their personal planet). For example, Person A’s Saturn trines Person B’s 1st House Mars. Saturn supports Mars’ initiatives to propel their identity out into the world, while focusing Mars’ energy with gentle guidance. Saturn will take on the role of the mentor in that area.

Make the most of this aspect: Don’t take Saturn’s support for granted. It can be easy for Person B to just assume that Saturn will always be there, in an old faithful sort of way. And Saturn is inclined to always be there, because he feels responsible for person B. However, this kind of support is rare, and without it, the ability for the relationship to manifest into anything solid would not exist. Saturn aspects are a relationship’s foundation. For the Saturn person, know that you are the relationship architect. However, it can’t hurt to allow Person B to inject a bit of energy/levity/beauty into your routine. If trines from each person’s Saturn go both ways, you probably don’t think about your mutual commitment, because it’s just a fact of life. But even facts of life can wither if they are taken for granted. Mutual Saturn contacts can become stale and rigid over time; it’s worthwhile exploring if your partnership rules can evolve, because what’s rigid eventually breaks.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. I picked the aspects that I feel make a major impact, but also tend to be overlooked. None of these connections can guarantee that a relationship will last. But if you nurture them, they will certainly enhance a relationship, and provide areas of comfort and harmony. And sometimes, that’s what you need to keep each other going through the tough times.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Hi Nadia,

    This is very interesting and super useful thanks a lot!

    1) would a square between the man’s Progressed Venus in Aquarius and a woman’s Progressed Sun in Scorpio be positive or negative synastry?
    – The Man’s Natal Venus in Sagi makes no aspect to her Natal Sun in Virgo.
    – there are no aspects between the Lords of these Natal or Progressed houses either

    and two general questions, unrelated to this specific post.

    2) is there a plan to write a post on configurations of meetings that are likely to lead to a full relationship later ? And its flip side, meetings that have little chance of leading to full romantic relationships later?

    3) also any posts on what are some of the top aspects indicating separation and a divorce court case or more specifically a custody battle? I have some examples of this from my own life

    thanks a lot

  2. Ok yes Sun-Venus conjunction is great.
    What about when they are square or semi-square? Is it positive or negative or bit of both? I read confusing stuff elsewhere about Venus-Sun square. Some sites say it is great chemistry/attraction while others say it causes conflict.

  3. My partner is the picture book definition of a man-of-few-words. He is a born introvert with most of his planets hidden below the horizon and the rest (including mercury) hidden in the 12th house. To make matters worse, his mercury does not connect with my mercury, except that they are both in Venus ruled Taurus and Libra respectively.

    My words to his words ratio is about a pathetic 100:1. For me it is like hearing one word from God at the alter in response to my cacophony of prayer. However, we do have great ‘communication’, during the limited times when he does decide to open his mouth. It is a proverbial quality over quantity situation.

    I guess the secret lies in the fact that we have a mercury trine Venus double whammy in synastry.
    As our AC’s are conjunct in Taurus, Venus is chart ruler for both. Mercury rules the SN as well as the 5th house for both. And luckily our mercuries are not receiving any squares from other’s planets either.

    So people, don’t despair if your Mercuries don’t connect each other; there is still hope as long as they make other contacts to counter.

    Thanks Nadia for the space to share stories.

  4. Interesting insight on introvert. I realise that except my Sun and Mercury both in 7H, and Saturn in 11H, but bordering 12, all my major planets are below horizon. No wonder I feel like an introvert, except when it comes to being quirky and fun with words (Mercury Rx square Uranus).
    My Chiron is in Aries, in 10H. Very public and related to status or perhaps my mother

    Only my Natal Neptune and Vesta are conjunct his Natal Venus. Our respective Venuses dont aspect each other’s major planets. However his Progressed Venus is conjunct my progressed DC. In fact we have powerful synastry if we include progressed planets. My progressed Jupiter is conjunct his Venus.

    His Natal Venus does square my IC and MC, and his Jupiter Rx is conjunct my IC
    and also trines my Natal Sun in 7H.

    His Neptune is conjunct my Natal Jupiter-Moon conjunction.

    Very dreamy connection.

    We do have one Positive Synastry. My Saturn tightly trines his Sun.

    However overall, we do have more of squares than trines. His Saturn squares both my Sun and Mercury.

    We also have powerful asteroid and NN connections – Chiron, Ceres, Vesta, Lilith and Juno connection.

    My Chiron conjunct his Saturn and trine his Venus. His Chiron trine my Jupiter-Moon conjunct. His Lilith opposed to my Natal Mars. My Lilith trine his Sun

    My Vesta conjunct his Venus.

    His Ceres opposed to my Ceres, and conjunct his SN, and my Ceres conjunct his NN.

    My NN conjunct his Mars.

  5. Oh and my Juno tightly trines his Sun which falls on my 7H, and his Juno tightly conjuncts my Vertex and widely conjuncts my Mars, and falls on my 5H. To complete the asteroid aspects.

    Overall we do have more Sun than Moon connections and more Mars than Venus connections. And also lots of Jupiter. His Venus is Sagi which is my DC. And his Jupiter conjuncts my IC. My Jupiter conjunct Moon sqares his Mars.

    His wife’s Juno conjuncts his Jupiter!!! (Infidelity)..and her Saturn squares his Jupiter and his Venus!

    Thanks a lot Nadia for the space to share.

  6. @S
    Squares always cause tension, whether it’s between natal or progressed planets. A square Sun/Venus creates attraction and excitement, but natal aspects would override progressed.

    To answer your other questions:

    2) I’ll run this post idea past Jeff.
    3) I could write a post on synastry aspects that might lead to this (divorce) but I don’t think there’s any specific aspects pointing to a custody battle. If you search in the archives on this site you might already find articles on aspects indicating divorce or separation (use those a key words).

  7. @marion
    See my answer to S, above, about the square. Between Sun/Venus is not negative (all contacts between Sun/Venus are positive) but it doesn’t have that almost unconditional vibe of the conjunction. However, excitement and attraction is not a bad thing. But the tension comes from a conflict between the Sun person’s ego versus what the Venus person wants; they are not quite in synch. The semi-square is just a weak square, so a less pronounced version of the square’s tension. More like irritation.

  8. Hi Nadia

    Thanks a lot.

    A synastry post on divorce (court case leading to formal separation) would be great. I have checked the archives. There are a few scattered mentions across articles esp on celebrities as case study, but no consolidated crisp article such as the one you have written on marriage aspects.



  9. What do you think about the Magi Astrology and their studies?

    According to them ANY Saturn connection is considered bad.

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