The Difference Between Your Natal Moon and Venus in Relationships

Credit: gsermek via iStockphoto

Credit: gsermek via iStockphoto

The natal Moon and Venus are often confused, regarding what they signify in love. It’s easy to see why; they both represent female energy and the “softer” side of partnerships. But they do represent very different issues around what you’re looking for in a relationship. Note this article will focus on the general meanings of these planets (for men and women).

Moon and Venus 101

Your Moon describes what you need to feel safe and satisfied. It’s your baseline comfort zone, and is plugged into situations that were established in childhood. What makes you feel secure is not always the best thing for you, so there’s no guarantee that all facets of your Moon represent healthy habits. But at its core, your natal Moon tells you how your instinctive push for security manifests. If you ignore your Moon’s demands, you’ll find that life feels hollow or stressful. Based on this, your Moon also describes how you express your emotions — those instinctive expressions that have nothing to do with logic. Your Moon is internal and subjective, no matter which sign it’s in.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. wow awesome post! My venus in Libra is conjunct Pluto! trines moon in Gemini..I know I love reading but I wonder if the pluto means i’m somehow obsessed or intense with partnership??

  2. Ana M Oliveira says:

    Wow! Moon in Leo? hihihi.
    True, Nadia, so much that I even had a chill down my spine when I read this! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Nadia!
    This is a well written explanation, as this topic can be quite confusing. Very clarifying.
    My Moon and Venus are both in the same sign (Sag)… Still learning how to master this subjective double entendre.

  4. Acquagal says:

    Cool. My moon is 28 libra conj my 24 Pluto and Jupiter, tho Jupiter is 0 Scorpio. All 10H. I need emotional depth and fairness in my relationships. My Venus is Gemini in 5H conj my 6H cusp, opposing my Uranus in sag. My Gemini guys moon is 13 libra conj his 14 Uranus and his Venus is 4 cancer conj his 7 mars. He needs emotional freedom but I guess wants fairness too since it’s still libra? His loves traditional, motherly women and also passion conj the mars. Indeed with my Venus opposed by my Uranus I have been known to attract unconventional relationships as his and mine began that way. I’m also non committal unless I truly love the person, I don’t go from boyfriend to boyfriend, have no problem being single even though I ultimately do know that I want and need a partner. I’ve heard mars is what we want, and I have that at 12 libra in the 9H.

  5. My moon and venus are in the same sign, Sag 3H. My moon is conjunct my SN too. So Sag 3H must be my comfort zone? So that’s chatting, keeping in touch, feeling I need to learn from my partner, feeling they need to get on with my siblings and vice versa?

    My friend has venus 0 Sag 1H, and moon 19 Taurus 6H. I don’t understand the conflict, though I can see it. He has uranus 20 scorpio 12H conjunct his Scorpio AC, which is directly opposite his Taurus moon. I think it means as soon as he feels settled, he feels restless again (and maybe will never commit to anyone??).
    Also, his Taurus moon is the focal point of a yod, with pluto and neptune forming the base.
    At the same time, his Taurus moon is part of a grand earth trine.
    And his Taurus moon is exactly opposite my sun/moon midpoint, and his neptune is exactly conjunct my venus.
    To cap it all, his progressed AC is conjunct his neptune at 18 Sag, which means his progressed DC is in Gemini, which explains the social butterflies he’s chasing and yet more restlessness.

    His venus and moon don’t seem to be working together. He’s very charming, gets what he wants, feels overwhelmed, then runs away. He doesn’t seem to know how he feels about anyone, or who or what he wants. That’s what I see. Hmmm! Thanks, Nadia 🙂

  6. Moon in 12th house Libra quincunx Venus in 7th house Taurus, at 52 I am finally getting my moon and venus, its been a long hard journey walking round and round crying and bashing my head against the wall of the “monastry” till at times it bled, never understanding why I was treated like me and my feelings didnt matter and certainly werent valued…now I do and hopefully that earthy taurus teddy bear is coming into reach 🙂

  7. of course being a libra moon it doesnt like to be hidden it likes demonstrative expression and my Cancer Sun has constantly told it to stay in its shell….lol!

  8. enigmanomaly says:

    “You relate to yourself (Venus) through exhaustive self-scrutiny. Therefore, you attract others who push you to go deeper, and who are compelled to examine themselves because of their relationship with you….So much Scorpio can lead to partnerships that are profoundly passionate and healing, or black holes of destructiveness.”

    thanks nadia. i feel truth in these words from experience…with uranus conjunct, i’ve found that i always have one foot ready to step out the door…and my saturn square keeps me conscious of some “lesson” i’m exploring…

  9. @lynnQ
    It means you’re intense. You have the potential to be obsessed with certain people.

  10. @Ana M Oliveira
    You’re welcome. 🙂

  11. @Ana M Oliveira
    You’re welcome! 🙂

  12. @Inna
    The freedom to explore relationships.

  13. @Acquagal
    Yes, fairness is important to him because of the Libra. Mars represents how you go after what you want. It’s the action planet.

  14. @Kisses
    Yep, Sag is your comfort zone. Ideals and possibilities.

  15. @debbie
    Libra Moons in general have difficulties with their feelings not being honoured. Sometimes Libra Moon feels like an undercover Leo.

  16. @enigmanomaly
    You’re welcome. Uranus in Scorpio is a tricky mix. But Uranus can also help you detach, whereas someone without that energy (and lots of Scorpio) runs the risk of drowning in their intensity.

  17. acquagal says:

    ahhhh…. so it explains his passivity sometimes! thank you. i never really fully grasped that with him and his mars in cancer… makes sense.

  18. enigmanomaly says:

    yes! I have been thankful for that ability to detach, especially when it becomes evident that I’m getting consumed. It has been my blessing and curse…confusing sometimes for “the other” when I disconnect, shut off, redirect…

  19. Dela Rivera says:

    My sun is in scorpio, moon in cancer and Venus in scorpio. My Mars and Uranus are in Libra. My Saturn is in Taurus.

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