That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen: When Transits Don’t Behave as Expected

A slow moving transit (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) impacting a natal house/planet is often associated with big events in your love life. There is a specific set of expectations associated with each planet. But when these transits hit, and the expected doesn’t happen, you might wonder what the deal is. If a transit does not behave in a predicted manner, this can indicate that your understanding of the planet is incomplete. Read on to see what you might be overlooking in some of the classic interpretations. Note that the following is most likely to impact your relationships: a slow transit moving through your 5th or 7th Houses, over your Ascendant, aspecting your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or the ruler of your 5th/7th Houses.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Thank you for this post… I have moon in scorpio in the 7th house. The saturn transit has been extremely painful and brought heartbreak.. To the point where its unlikely that I will ever want to fall in love again.
    So in my case, saturn did bring pain… I would love to hear what experiences others have gone through.

  2. Jupiter thing ! that’s exactly what happened to me! And yeah It was a easy out too (things for me to break up were suddenly all laid out front of me we both just had to agree) although Jupiter passing 7th, the expected “the good stuff” happy ending didn’t happen, I’m hoping it was for the good..

  3. oookayyy lol Neptune will enter my 5th house when he gets to 9Pisces so a little longer but its something to view with at least some optimism as Uranus is opposing my moon from my 6th house will hopefully give my emotions a bit of a wake up ready for him to enter my 7th house when he gets to 26 Aries, at almost 53 now, I may end up being quite happy by the time I retire lol!

  4. My friend has uranus on the cusp of his 5th, and saturn on his AC.
    Uranus squares his Cap sun 17 deg, which is close to TR pluto right now, and is sextile his moon 19 Taurus.
    TR Saturn Rx is sextile his Cap mars 20 deg, and his Cap sun. It opposes his Taurus moon.

    I have neptune in my 5H pisces. Uranus in my 7H. Jupiter in my 10H. Mars Rx currently in my 1H, and pluto in my 4H. My 5H cusp is Aquarius, and 7h is Aries. I am totally whammied.

    Tr neptune is trine my natal Scorpio sun 3 deg. Square my Sag moon 5 deg.
    Tr uranus is trine my Sag venus and mars, 16 and 19 deg.
    Tr pluto is sextile my Pisces saturn 10 deg.
    Tr jupiter is quincunx my Sag venus and mars, and trine my Pisces saturn.

    It’s a bit busy!

    My relationship with my friend is currently kind of asleep, with Mars Rx, but we’ve been here before and I saw a 180 last time, two years ago. We are both being transformed, but growth is not easy and involves steps forwards and back. No one has got to me to the depth my friend has, and I think it goes both ways. But I don’t fully know what’s ahead, I just feel there’s more to come. He is extremely resistant to change, with a grand earth trine and other inhibiting factors. He does make a change eventually, but it can be years after the actual decision, and even then, his efforts are over-cautious. He’s very saturn. The delay is in my favour as I want to work on myself till I feel ready. He has low self esteem and can be quite timid. So in a weird way, we’re working in tandem. There’s a bigger picture, if I step back and see it.

    He appeared when Saturn was transiting my Libra AC, and we got closer when jupiter was transiting his 7H. If we have ended now, I’ll know for sure after mars is direct again. But I just have a feeling he’s working out his issues while we’re separated, same as last time. I have things to work through too. Anyway, trying to think positively and have some hope and faith. Anything could happen at this point! Thanks, Nadia 🙂

  5. I forgot one! My 5H cusp Aquarius ruler, uranus, is 18 virgo. It is conjunct natal pluto 17 deg. So TR neptune is about to oppose them. TR jupiter is sextile, TR pluto is trine.

    I blamed my friend for being resistant to change, but through feeling critical of him, I realise I am resistant too. This period of growth is astonishing and long overdue. It’s hard, but I am sad it didn’t happen sooner. And I am grateful it’s happening now. I wonder what’s at the end of the journey? A pot of gold, I hope. 🙂

  6. Pluto is transiting my 7th house, but after the death of my children’s father at the time it conjuncted the 7th cusp, I have had no motion in the area of partnerships. Natal Pluto is applying by 4 degrees to my 4th house cusp and have often felt that was the energy of my father, who was violent and caused much psychic destruction to every member of my family. A year and a half ago, after dealing with another one of my sister’s breakdowns, I cut off almost all contact with him. I became to angry at him for what he had done to her. Before then I placated him and tried to maintain some relationship with him. So maybe there is some hope that as I work through my damage from him, I will eventually form a healthy partnership. I haven’t had one yet. So maybe dealing with my fear and anger is what Pluto is offering so that I can come into partnership. That at least gives me something positive to focus on instead of cursing my aloneness.

  7. Jane, my father was violent too and it’s one reason for my resistance and over-caution in relationships, I have a deep fear of getting too close. A history of abusive relationships hasn’t helped either. In my case, my timid, over-cautious friend where nothing is happening is a bit of a god-send, I’m learning to trust without actually being involved, not yet anyway. Do continue what you’re doing, just having awareness is a huge step in itself. Good luck! 🙂 xxx

  8. In my natal chart, all rulers and co-rulers of my houses 1 (Venus), 4 (sun), 5 (mercury) and 7 (Pluto and mars) are lined up together in my 5th house along with the Vertex. 5th cusp is in late Virgo.

    In 2010, 2011 when Saturn passed through my loaded 5th house, it was opposed by tr. Uranus & Jupiter in Aries and squared by tr. Pluto. My life went on a non stop high speed roller coaster with no brakes or pit stops!

    Events included;
    unexpected/unconventional pregnancy & childbirth,
    a marriage and a divorce,
    sudden desertion by husband,
    separation from my infant child,
    turmoils and adventures in a foreign country,
    unusual but exciting romantic involvements,
    social contacts with celebrities,
    almost another marriage etc.

    Way too much for 2 years! By the end of the transit i had reached a 180 degree attitude change to romance,relationships, marriage and life in general….forever!

    I am again bracing for the two years to come starting late 2014. That’s when Jupiter will transit my 4th and 5th houses while Saturn will transit my 7th simultaneously, squaring each other a couple of times. Transiting NN joins the dance by churning through 5th and 4th houses in reverse during the same period. NN in the mix means all eclipses are going to be happening in those houses as well. So this time it will most likely be a karmic roller coaster.

    So the roller coaster ride number 2 will kick off in Oct 2014 when Jupiter passes over my IC entering H4 and Saturn passes over my DC entering H7 and NN passes over my 6th cusp, entering H5. All house moves happening within the one month of October, in time for Halloween?

    I am excited, anxious and worried at the same time….:(

  9. @liz
    Sorry to read this, but thank you for sharing your story.

  10. @lynnQ
    With Jupiter, it’s usually for the best. One or both people wanted freedom or wanted to explore outside the relationship.

  11. @debbie
    Certainly sounds like it has potential to be interesting!

  12. @Kisses
    Saturn over the AC usually points to increased responsibilities. Interesting in the context of your relationship.

  13. @marion
    Wow…it has been busy for you! That’s the things with stelliums, they also pack all the action into a concentrated period of time.

  14. @Jane
    That sounds tremendously painful. Thank you for sharing, Jane. Pluto does offer transformation on the other side of death, whether it be metaphorical or literal. You never have to go back to the way things were after a Pluto transit. Actually, it’s almost impossible.

  15. Uranus is about to go through my 5th house and conjoin my Jupiter and then trine my 1st house stellium of Venus, natal Uranus and Saturn. Around the same time I’m going to have my first Saturn return and Saturn will conjoin my 1st house stellium. Since I’m about to finish grad school and enter the work force I figure this might be a time when I settle into work, and possibly have my first child (assuming I meet someone of course.) At least that’s what my astrologer said.

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