Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilitySun in Sag’s lust for adventure may clash with Moon in Taurus’ need for predictability, but both of these signs love to enjoy themselves. Sagittarius’ appetite for more, and Taurus’ appetite for indulgence, could be the bond that keeps these two in a satisfying relationship.

Sun in Sagittarius is focused on more. Ruled by the planet of expansion, “more” implies not only exploration and freedom, but experiencing everything to its maximum potential. This makes him a enthusiastic partner who is generous and playful in all areas (from sex to food to spending money). One thing he does not enjoy is the word “No.” For this reason, Sun in Sagittarius does best with a partner who is more grounded than he, but who also understands that he will always insist on the right to follow his own path.

Moon in Taurus needs security. For this Venus-ruled sign, security consists of two things: predictability and comfort. Moon in Taurus may insist on her routine, but she’s not a fan of denial or spartan regimes. Sensual enjoyment is part of her repertoire, and she can be a wonderfully nurturing partner, as long as she’s not forced out of her comfort zone. Her lover will find that her nurturing is quickly replaced by a stubborn wall of resistance if he tries to spring any sudden changes on her.

Moon in Taurus may initially feel rattled by Sagittarius’ urge to check out anything and everything that’s new. Sun in Sagittarius will take great delight in prodding his stoic partner out of her sacred routine. He’ll desist (temporarily) once he realizes that nothing can budge Moon in Taurus. Eventually, if they can get past their different energy levels, they can meet somewhere in the middle. Taurus will create a warmly indulgent home base for Sag, and Sag will work in new experiences to keep things from getting too stale. The only thing these two will have to watch out for is a tendency to push the limits of their diets and bank accounts.

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