Venus/Mars and the Sun/Moon in Queer Astrology

Credit: Rikke68 via iStockphoto

Credit: Rikke68 via iStockphoto

We’ve explored what a man’s Venus sign and woman’s Mars sign mean. But the definitions of a man’s Venus as the type of woman that he is attracted to, and a woman’s Mars as the type of man she thinks is hot, do not encompass same-sex attraction. How do natal Venus and Mars work when sexuality does not fit the boy-meets-girl mold? And while we’re at it, how about the natal Sun and Moon?

This article is not about how you can discern someone’s sexual orientation by looking at their chart. Personally, I don’t believe you can. There’s many so-called “indicators” of homosexuality in the natal chart (for example, a strong emphasis on Uranus with the relationship planets). But I’ve seen these indicators in the charts of gay and straight people. This article is a simple exploration of how the male and female significators of attraction manifest in the charts of gay men and women. Please note that the theories in this article are based on my observations from work with clients, and light research into the charts of gay celebrity couples. These ideas are not carved in stone; the only thing I can state with absolute certainty is that sexuality is fluid, and so are the theories.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Thanks for touching on this subject Nadia.

    I have a gay friend who’s Mars is tightly conjunct his Venus. And i think they together are unaspected too, though i am not very sure of the orbs. I suspect this has something do with his sexual orientation.

    What are the orbs (and aspects) you use, to identify UNASPECTED planets in a natal chart?

    Thank you

  2. Ana M Oliveira says:

    A very good explanation for this kind of relationship, Nadia. Very useful in understanding aspects of synastry between certain types of Charts.

    Nadia, could you indicate me a good article about synastry: when a man’s Mars makes aspect with the Moon of a women (more specifically the opposition…); I think that I’ve read someting about the conjunction and the trine here on this site.
    Thank you

  3. Hello, Nadia and thanks always for your very informative posts! I’m not bisexual, but I’ve several bisexual friends and acquaintances. Bisexuals are a subgroup of both straight and gay, yet they don’t completely fit-in to either, nor are they completely accepted by either group it seems. I always assumed their sexuality flipped either way with ease. I happened to be on a float trip with several bisexual men and that topic was discussed. Several of the bisexual men enjoyed sex with other men, yet could only form an emotional bond with women, but didn’t enjoy sex with women. For the other bisexual men, they liked sex only with women and didn’t enjoy sex with men, but felt an emotional bond with men. I can’t generalize this to all bisexuals, but I found this most interesting, as these bisexual men were simply not able to be emotionally and sexually satisfied ever with one person, whether male or female. Hope this adds to your repertoire of astro-analysis.

  4. My two cents: the year that Uranus transited over my Venus I was consistently approached for sex by other woman (I am a straight woman.) It was noticeable because they were so direct! and it really hasn’t happened since that transit.

  5. @marion
    An unaspected planet makes no major aspects to any other planets. The key word is major: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile and inconjunct ( I consider the inconjunct to be a major aspect although others may not). The other, minor aspects don’t seem to be strong enough to integrate the planet. Anything larger than a 9 degree orb would qualify as unaspected. It sounds like your friend has a duet with his Mars/Venus, if they make no other aspects. These two planets function together, in a similar manner to an unaspected planet. They talk to each other, but not to the rest of the chart. Karen Hammaker-Zondag covers unaspected planets quite thoroughly in “The Yod Book.”

  6. @Ana M Oliveira
    Thanks. If you type in “Moon Mars” in the search field on this site you’ll come up with a few articles on this topic.

  7. @mike
    Interesting…the split between between emotional and sexual connection. Thanks for sharing that…

  8. @Jane
    I have heard this about Uranus/Venus transits. Uranus really likes to shake things up.

  9. Thank you Nadia,

    Do you consider a 9 degree orb for ALL of the major aspects that you mentioned or is it just for the conjunction?

    Please can you advice me what percentage i should set astrodienst chart options for in order to generate the charts with the orbs that you use.

  10. @marion
    The conjunction and opposition are the widest orbs you’ll use, so 9 deg applies to them. For the square use 6 degrees, trine/sextile 5 degrees, inconjunct 3 degrees. Note that these orbs are a bit wider than the standard natal orbs I use, because if we’re determining that a planet is truly unaspected I’ll add 1 or 2 degrees wiggle room to make sure that it is, absolutely unaspected.
    I’ve never had much luck setting the astrodienst chart percentages….so I can’t help you there.

  11. Thank you. Sorry to bother you with yet another question on unaspected planets.

    So if a 9 degree conjunction is valid to rule out ‘unaspected’ status, then would a 7. 28 degree OUT OF SIGN conjunction involving the Sun count?

    I am just curios because this is my lonely Sun at the critical degree of 29 Virgo. But my Mars and pluto are at 6.28 and 7 degrees of Libra respectively. So i wonder whether my sun is unaspected or whether it is a part of an out of sign stellium involving mars and pluto.

  12. @marion
    I never count out of sign aspects…

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