Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityThese Fixed signs want what they want. The trouble is, Sun in Scorpio wants to possess, while Moon in Aquarius needs her freedom. Each will cling stubbornly to their way of doing things, and this is what will cause the tremendous tension between them. But tension can be sexy, and these two may be continuously intrigued by each other’s challenges. They certainly won’t get bored with each other.

Sun in Scorpio‘s drive to possess is based on his desire for intimacy mixed with fear of being vulnerable. He walks the line between merging with — and devouring — his beloved. Therefore, Sun in Scorpio’s lover must have a high tolerance for intensity. While some less evolved Scorpios will use their iron will and powerful instincts to manipulate, a healthy Scorpio will simply love and dedicate himself to his partner with his entire being. He also has zero tolerance for anything superficial; he knows there’s always more beneath the surface, and won’t stop until he ferrets it out.

Moon in Aquarius needs to stand apart. She can be a loving, committed partner, but there will always be some space between her and her lover. Part of this is her core of detachment — she’s never quite in her emotions. But Moon in Aquarius also has a profound need for personal freedom. She must do things her way, and that’s rarely an exact match with what her partner (or anyone else) wants. That’s OK, because the tension between her and everyone else is what keeps her on the edge. And that’s where she’s most comfortable.

Sun in Scorpio will be frustrated and obsessed by Aquarius’ unreachable core, and Moon in Aquarius will feel alternately intrigued and suffocated by Scorpio’s intensity. It take a lot to rattle her cool composure, so in some ways she’s more able than most to stand up to Scorpio’s will. But eventually they’ll collide on the issue of personal freedom versus control, and neither will budge. If these two want to have a somewhat amicable relationship, they’ll have to agree to disagree. Scorpio must accept that parts of his Aquarian partner will never be available to him, and Aquarius must accept that Scorpio will always want to get closer to her than she’s comfortable with.

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