More Hidden Synastry: Shared Degrees, Mutual Reception

Credit: boryak via iStockphoto

Credit: boryak via iStockphoto

In a previous article, I discussed hidden synastry (connections that are not obvious) in the context of similar planetary aspects and house overlays in each chart. These commonalities give couples a shared issue that bonds them. But sometimes, what’s shared is less specific, but more crucial. One of the following two conditions is ground zero for meeting those that you will connect with; it places people in the same vicinity, so a relationship (any relationship) can happen. The other provides a mutual understanding at a basic level. These connections will not guarantee marriage, commitment or even romance. What they will do is create an initial affinity, and what happens after that depends on the nature of the inter-aspects.

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Shared Degrees: We’re on the Same Team

Try this:  compare the degrees of your planets and angles with a few people that you have relationships with. They can be friends, family, a lover — as long as you have a relationship with them. It’s more accurate if you know their birth time (then you’ll know the degrees of their angles and Moon), but not essential. You’ll probably see degrees in similar ranges. For example, if you have something at 0 degrees, they probably have something from 0 to 2 degrees (their planet/angle does not have to be the same as yours). If you have a few planets located between 20-22 degrees, they probably have planets/angles in the same range. Most likely, you and another person share at least one planet/angle in the same degree.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. So Uranus in Libra is quirky way of being loving partner that resonates with independent love nature of Venus in Aquarius? Is Uranus always unstable or inconstant or can it just be fun, energetic, and creative?
    i.e., can you optimize it?

    It makes a lot of sense also that Pluto in Virgo would be attracted to the intense conversations of Scorpio Mercury. Neat connections.

  2. I have a friend whose Sun and Venus are exactly conjunct my south node at 22 degrees. Our shared experiences travel timelines.

  3. I see the number 19 a lot in mine and my friend’s charts and also his natal moon 19 taurus is directly opposite my sun/moon midpoint 19 scorpio. In general, the numbers seem to be between 16-21.

    I am finding mutual reception quite hard to figure out, bit confusing! If progressions count, I think my progressed sun in Sag is in mutual reception with my friend’s natal jupiter 6 deg Leo. At the same time, his natal jupiter trines my natal moon 5 deg Sag.

    In our composite chart, Libra/Aries AC and DC are 29 degrees. My friend’s natal venus is 0 deg Sag and my natal jupiter is 1 deg cancer. My sun is 3 deg scorpio so that’s a bit out. I’ve read about ‘critical’ degrees but wasn’t sure what it meant.

    It’s good fun looking for these patterns in our charts. Thanks, Nadia 🙂

  4. Super interesting!!!

    My man is scorpio AC and i am Taurus AC.
    In his chart, 7th house (Taurus) ruler Venus is in Scorpio. In mine, 7th house (scorpio) rulers mars and pluto are both conjunct and in Libra. As our ascendants are opposed, these planets also happen to be the chart rulers of the other person..going both ways.
    So I really like this mutual reception….:) I didn’t notice it so far cos i have been largely using the sidereal zodiac. But looked via tropical zodiac today after reading your article. Thank you for highlighting this for me.

    We also have his scorpio Ascendant ruler Pluto exactly conjunct my Leo IC ruler Sun, at 29 degrees Virgo. I think this is called Aries point with a relationship focus (virgo-libra). How would you interpret these Aries Points, Nadia?

  5. @Leo
    you can optimize any energy in your chart. Uranus can absolutely be creative. But there will always be some inconsistency connected to it, because that’s the nature of Uranus. That inconsistency is less when Uranus is aspect with harmonious trines or sextiles (when it has a creative outlet). The inconsistency is magnified when stagnation takes over.

  6. @Jill
    That’s a beautiful way of putting it.

  7. @Kisses
    Yes, your Progressed Sun is in mutual reception with his Jupiter. Progressions count, but the mutual receptions are stronger if they are present between the natal charts.

  8. @marion
    The Aries point is 0 degrees of all the Cardinal signs, so 29 degrees Virgo does not qualify.

  9. Ok thanks Nadia,

    So 29 Virgo is not aries point but critical degree. I wonder how one person’s chart ruler Pluto conjunct other’s IC ruler Sun at this last degree works in Synastry? From an evolutionary astrology perspective, does it indicate karmic endings in this lifetime?

  10. @marion
    It is a critical degree, yes. Not necessarily an ending, but the Pluto person would certainly push the Sun person towards achieving whatever goals are associated with their sign. The 29th degree has an urgency to it because there are issues that need to be “finished up” before the planet moves into the next sign. The Sun person would feel the urgency associated with the 29th degree, but the Pluto person would just feel the usual Pluto drive to penetrate and understand the Sun person.

  11. Well, I’m not sure that 3 Years later somebody will notice this comment, but you never know, so I’ll give it a try:

    I looked at the Degrees, and I found something quite amazing:
    I have similar angels with ALL of SOs planets+Angels!!!
    Yes, you’ve read it correctly, ALL of them, no exceptions!
    So, what could this mean? 😀

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