How the Seven Different Chart Types Approach Relationships

If you look at the placement of planets in your chart, you may see a concentration in one area. Or, your planets may be scattered around the chart. This is significant in chart interpretation. There are seven planetary patterns (or chart types) and they describe your overall temperament. This is based on where their energy is concentrated, and what planets are emphasized. When relationship planets and/or houses are involved, there is a significant impact on your love life. Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones first identified and analyzed these seven types, hence their name: “Jones Patterns.” Note that only the ten major planets are considered in these patterns.

Please view this image from The Sabian Assembly to get a visual for each of these patterns.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I fall into the Bucket/Bundle area, and the descriptions are spot on.

  2. PensiveGemini says:

    I’m the bundle with the handle- 4th house has pluto,saturn,mars- 5th has Uranus, SN, 6th has neptune and jupiter, 7th has my moon close to DC. My handle would be my sun/venus in the 12th (close to the angle), with my mercury and NN in 11th not too far from the 12th house angle.

    Let me see if I can piece this together… in spite of my moon being in the 7th, I’ve been more single than I have been attached. However, I’ve had several unrequited and casual relationships (12th). It’s always felt easier to have these casual relationships, with less responsibility because my childhood (4th house pluto/Saturn/mars) has taken years to get over and my self-esteem and the way I see myself in terms of beauty and value (12th venus), has always been very weak.

    I don’t want to be alone forever and have been working on seeing my value and forgiving my family—how can I make the bundle with the handle work for me if it doesn’t really push me towards a one to one relationship?

  3. PensiveGemini says:

    By the way, AWESOME article!!! Thank you!! =)

  4. seekerloverkeeper says:

    Really fascinating stuff; I’d never heard of this!! I’m the locomotive, with Venus (in Aries) as the lead planet, and also the ruler of the 7th house. Since Aries is kind of a weird placement for Venus, does that indicate a contrary-ish approach to relationships?

  5. Nice article! I have a bowl chart (houses 1-6 occupied, 7-12 empty) and I definitely do have that need for external, worldly validation. I also wonder if the fact that my 5th house is occupied and my 7th house is empty means that I have a hard time converting 5th house romance and enthusiasm into 7th house committed relationships?

  6. Nadia,
    can Chiron be the lead planet? It doesn’t have a “natural” rulership, so I’m hoping not 🙂


  7. This is super interesting Nadia….!

    Me, my partner and my son all have the bundle-bucket. My handle (Jupiter) is in 10th house, My son’s (saturn) in 4th and my partner’s (Saturn and moon) in 7th.

    Between me and my son the handle planets are in opposition (synastry). My partner’s handle trines and sextiles them respectively. So the handle planets are aspecting each other in three way synastry.

    The bucket is repeated in the composite between me and partner as well as in the multi composite-between the three of us. In both composites, the single handle is Saturn.

    Does this interpretation apply to composite charts as well? How do the handle planets play out when aspecting in synastry? What could the situation be like when saturn plays such a big bundle-handle role in all charts of a family?

    Thank you.

  8. I’m the locomotive – pluto in scorpio in 5th house is my lead planet. Pluto is also opposite my sun/moon midpoint. Pluto being my lead planet definitely makes alot of sense as I’ve always felt more scorpio rather than Pisces sun/gemini moon! thanks.

  9. Hi Nadia,

    More interesting finding..

    My partner’s bucket handle (moon) is his skipped steps of which the resolution node is the NN. This skipped step of his is conjunct my AC in synastry.

    My bucket handle (jupiter) is also my skipped step of which the resolution node is the NN. This skipped step of mine is conjunct his Vertex (alternate AC) in synastry.

    So obviously you know it automatically means my AC squares his nodes and his Vertex squares my nodes..

    I am now convinced this man has some karmic stuff to resolve with me for the better or worse, bucket handle and all…….:)

  10. @PensiveGemini
    12th House is about transcendence and healing, so you really do need to work on that, first. I think the key is the self esteem, but also realizing that a relationship that gives you plenty of alone time (which seems to be a 12th House Venus essential) rather than an causal relationship, might be a place to start.

  11. @PensiveGemini
    …by “alone time” I mean a partner who understands your need to retreat.

  12. @seekerloverkeeper
    Venus in Aries just means you actively (rather than passively) express your affection/love.

  13. @magiczara
    That could be a possibility. Pay extra attention to any transits/progression hitting your 7th House…that’s your chance to work with it. And, if you meet someone whose planets fall in your 7th House.

  14. @H
    Technically, no. Chiron isn’t one of the main 10.

  15. @Marion
    You’ve hit on another, good point; planet shapes will often be repeated in families. Yes, the same interpretations apply for the Composite Chart. How the handle plays out in synastry totally depends on the contacts made, and the planet itself. It is often a prominent connection in synastry, through (between partners who will have a significant relationship). Saturn as the handle suggests authority, responsibility and dealing with fears/restrictions might be a theme in the family.

  16. @Ellie
    You’re welcome. It’s true that a strong lead planet (like Pluto) can colour the entire chart.

  17. @Marion
    Interesting! Thanks for sharing…it’s fascinating the way everything fits together when you look at multiple charts.

  18. @?Astrochologist
    Thanks. 🙂

  19. Yes Nadia,

    The synastry between me and this guy and my son is simply mind boggling… There are so many more things that fit together between the three of us.

    For example me and my partner have Eros-Psyche conjunction BOTH WAYS (double whammy) in synastry. Then my son natally has Eros conjunct Psyche, which falls exactly on one of the two pairs of conjunctions in synastry.

    There is also a triangular conjunction pattern between Vertices and Parts of Fortune between 3 of us.

    Think i forgot to highlight in the last post.
    In both our charts, the nodal axis ‘seperates’ the bundle from the handle. (Hence, the handle is the skipped step in both cases). The handle (skipped step) is also the resolution node (NN) ruler in both cases.

    I dont know but i am wondering maybe the nodes have some role in gathering/releasing the bundle energy.

    Anyways, now that i am enlightened about the concept of handles, i am going to watch trasits and progressions to them closely.

    Thank you so much for writing about this. Yours is one blog where i actually always learn something new rather than read copy-paste material.

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