Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityThis union could turn into a battle, as Sun in Scorpio’s intensity collides with Moon in Aries’ impatience. Scorpio will want to be in control at all times, but this will only trigger Aries’ fighting instinct. However, both of these signs require passion to feel truly alive, and they will certainly give that to each other.

Sun in Scorpio’s focus is on deep transformation. Although he may appear still on the surface, underneath is an engine that constantly drives him forward to evolve. This engine is fueled by confrontations and intimacy with others, most notably his partner. Sun in Scorpio is a passionate, possessive lover who demands complete honesty and devotion. Once his partner has earned his trust, he will give as much as he demands, with the added benefit of bottomless healing and strength. But the greater the power, the greater the Shadow, and Scorpio’s Shadow can manifest as a black hole of anger and manipulation triggered by vulnerability.

Moon in Aries needs to feel passion. This could be the passion of anger, conviction or attraction, but she has no patience for a quiet life. She’ll feel most alive with a partner who challenges her (sometimes making her angry) and happiest with a partner who understands her need for independence. Moon in Aries can create a domestic life with her lover, but she’ll never be the one who sits at home, waiting for him to return; she’ll be off on her own adventures.

These two won’t bore each other. Sun in Scorpio will try to clamp down on Aries, alternately frustrated and intrigued by her fire. Moon in Aries will immediately kick against all of Scorpio’s limits, finding his slow pace and controlling tendencies infuriating. But she’ll be drawn to his intensity. Here is someone who will challenge her, but she may eventually feel that life with Scorpio is too heavy for her restless heart.

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