Vesta in Synastry: The Sacred Fire in Relationships

Credit: csuzda via iStockphoto

Credit: csuzda via iStockphoto

Vesta/planet contacts in synastry are often overlooked. This asteroid is named after the virginal goddess of the hearth fire, and gets lost in the rush to find juicier interaspects. But don’t let the word “virginal” throw you off. Vesta can be as intense as Pluto (she is sometimes described as a blend of Virgo and Scorpio). The book “Asteroid Goddesses”, by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch, describes Vesta’s fascinating mythology. In patriarchal Rome, the sacred flame in her temple was tended by young women who took vows of chastity. If the flame went out, they were whipped. If they broke their vows, they were buried alive. Before patriarchal culture took hold, the vestal virgins served the Mother Goddess and were “…sacred harlots who sexually gave of themselves to strangers – men who came to the temple to honor the goddess and partake of the sacred union.”

Natal Vesta symbolizes the area of your life where you can devote yourself with fervor. She is associated with the sublimation of sexual energy into other activity, but she also represents sexual devotion and purity. Vesta holds the potential for sacred sex: intimacy that is physical and spiritual, and that goes beyond personal satisfaction. As you can imagine, when your Vesta is contacted by a person’s planet(s) or angles, the connection is complex and profound.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. I’m excited you did this article! Because of that I looked up the meaning of my own Vesta in the 5th house and it didn’t surprise me.

    “Vesta in fifth house – denies pleasures of raising children. These people may have offspring, but they are not allowed to enjoy being with them during the early years because of work situations, divorces, career dedication, family problems or other reasons. Often these are done for the security and well-being of these same children. Suppression of creative urges for duties and responsibilities makes them seem cold and detached. This control of personal feelings at times expresses as personal illnesses”.

    It saddens me because it’s very true. I don’t have any children, but I am worried that if I have one (and I’m pretty sure only one) that I will be too focused on my career to make sure I not only can provide for the child, but in a way, making sure I still get “me” time. I don’t really hang out with kids, and the one’s I’ve baby sat, in the past, gave me an “I don’t belong here feeling” to where I watched the clock or preoccupied them as well as myself. You say the 5th house also has to do with the arts. Well, I guess my old college art teacher had a hard aspect with my Vesta because her way of teaching and explaining the art “framework” in which we had to do the homework always bit me in the arse come due day. I really didn’t appreciate her because I would ask questions and tell her my exact ideas to make sure I was doing the assignment correctly and yet she loved giving me C’s and D’s and ridiculing projects that I loved and was proud of. Because of that class, I haven’t done much art since because I feel like I don’t “get it”. Stupid, I know.

    “When your Vesta is activated, you must be aware of the balance between honoring what’s sacred to you, and cutting people off. The planet person must be aware that they are entering your sacred domain. It’s an honor if you allow them in.”

    I’ve had trouble with this, and sometimes I ask myself if I’m being unfair by cutting someone off, but I remind myself that I fight for the underdog and I get tired when the underdog doesn’t learn anything or appreciate what I’ve done, and sometimes turns their negativity onto me. I CAN cut people straight off to where they’re surprised and clueless as to why. I always, in my mind, have at least 5 reasons as to why. Some people I will go back to when I realize I was making them wrong, and put meaning into things which did not necessarily matter… lol.

    In synastry,

    My boyfriend’s sun in the 10th house opposes my vesta in the 5th house, and his pluto in the 1st house squares it. I’m reading that from an extended chart selection using under synastry. It says -0s for the sun aspect and -4a for the pluto aspect. I don’t know what that means. Also, his mars in the 12th house trines my vesta, don’t know what that means either, and his vesta also conjuncts my Saturn (4th house)…. is that a marriage aspect?

    I think you so much for these type of articles because it encourages me to dive deeper into astrology and, hopefully, one day I won’t have many questions to ask 🙂

  2. Nadia, may I ask what orbs you use when considering conjunctions to Vesta? I know on the “minors” some astrologers prefer to keep the orbs very tight, but am curious as to your own individual preference on this matter.

    Thought provoking article and not a synastry topic I believe I’ve ever seen covered before – kudos!

  3. This is the first time I’ve looked at Vesta. Mine is 10 deg Cancer, 10H, MC is 9 deg. My friend’s is 11 deg Aquarius 3H, conjunct Ceres 12, Juno is close at 25 deg.

    In synastry, his Vesta is in my 4H, conjunct my Aquarius natal Lilith 12 deg, Juno is 5 deg and Pallas 6 deg. My AC is 7 deg Libra, so that’s a trine. My natal sun is 3 deg Scorpio, so that must be square. My north node is 9 deg Gemini 9H, so that’s a trine with his Vesta. My progressed venus is 5 deg Aquarius.

    My Vesta is close to his natal Nessus 12 deg cancer in his 8H. My vesta trines his IC Pisces 13 deg. His AC is scorpio 22 deg, and natal uranus is 20 deg scorpio 12H, which may be outside the zone but still interesting. His progressed MC is 20 deg libra, which also might be outside but could be a square. And I think my vesta squares where transiting uranus is in his 4H.

    In our composite chart, Vesta is 27 deg aries 6H. DC is hard to see. AC is 29 Libra, so DC must be 29 Aries. Comp north node is 27 deg cancer 9H, close to Comp jupiter 18 deg cancer. There are 5 planets in 2H Sagittarius, neptune, mercury, saturn, sun, venus, between 4-12 degs. Outside a trine, I think. Comp MC is 11 deg Leo, so that could also be a trine with comp vesta. Comp uranus is opposite at 19 deg libra 12H.

    There might be more, I don’t know. Interesting! Any insights would be great. Thanks, Nadia! 🙂

  4. Wow Nadia, again, you outdid all the articles i have read on ‘vesta in synastry’. Amazing.

    Synastry question. (orbs in brackets)

    My Vesta to my boyfriend’s:
    Conjunct his AC – exact
    Opposes his Saturn – exact
    Opposes his Juno – exact
    Conjunct his venus – 4 degrees

    His Vesta to me
    Conjunct my DC – 4 degrees
    Sextile my Sun – exact

    How exactly will Vesta energy manifest in the above relationship? Can 4 degrees be considered for Vesta orbs? Would you consider sextiles and oppositions?

  5. What about vesta’s conjunction with another’s vertex in the third house? Probably not a romantic indicator huh? From what I have read vertex does not always lead to romance. Interesting read for me nevertheless

  6. Forgot to mention before. Both vestas are in scorpio. His Vesta in his 1st house. My Vesta in my 7th house.

  7. Richelle Smith says:

    My venus is conjunct vesta in the first house. His venus (in the 6th)is conjunct my vesta. Both of our venus’ and vesta’s are in gemini. Cool article, btw. What’s the general interpretation?

  8. My Vesta is conjunct his AC both 23 degrees in Cancer, it’s my 10th house with my Sun-27′ & Juno-20′. His Vesta is in my 7th house Aries. His 9th house conjunct his MC-12′. I think it’s pretty nice synastry 🙂

    Nice article and very timely.

  9. I forgot to add……I think it’s pretty nice synastry 🙂 We’ve been married for 28 years and are still very good friends.

    How do transits effect these contacts? For example, transiting Jupiter at 20′ is conjunct my Vesta-23′ & hubby’s AC-23′. Or would a transit effect each personal individually and WE blend the energy?

  10. @no-perspiration
    You’re welcome. Regarding your 5th House Vesta…it can also mean devotion to your child (or anything you create). If there are limits, they are only there to teach you to focus on what/who you’ve created. Your boyfriend’s Vesta on your Saturn…I wouldn’t say it’s a marriage aspect. There might be a strong home/family connection, but it depends how he handles your “house rules”…(your 4th House Saturn).

  11. @D
    Thanks. I use tight orbs; 3 degrees max.

  12. @Kisses
    You’ve given me so much information here, I can’t say much without doing a chart analysis. Thanks for the comment though.

  13. @Mario
    4 degrees might be a bit too wide. I can’t tell you how exactly Vesta will manifest in your relationship unless I do an analysis of both your charts.

  14. @Taylor
    Vesta and Vertex…probably not. I think there would need to be a planetary contact to the Vertex ( a relationship or personal planet) to make a romantic connection, but even then, the Vertex is not a primary trigger of romance. It indicates significant encounters.

  15. @Marion
    …forgot to add…yes, I definitely look at oppositions. But a sextile might be too weak to have much impact.

  16. @Richelle Smith
    Wow…nice synastry connection. Venus/Vesta conjunct Venus suggests the way you express your female energy (blended with Vesta’s purity…maybe makes you seem a bit untouchable?) blends perfectly with how he expresses love/affection. But this synastry contact is so “pure”, it almost transcends sex. Love and mutual devotion maybe.

  17. @Tracie
    Transits affect you individually, and the synastry connections between you. Jupiter would expand Vesta’s influence (devotion) while boosting your husband’s external image (AC) and magnifying any issues he has (positive and negative) with the public. Fortunately, he has your Vesta there to look after him.
    Vesta conjunct the AC is very nice…

  18. He’s lucky to have me hehe. Sweet words Nadia, and as always thank you for the insight.

  19. Hizagashira says:

    I offer my 10th house Sun conj his 3rd house Vesta and my 11th Vesta square his 8th Sun/Mars/Uranus.

    Thinking about my own Vesta, I always had a thing for groups.

  20. Nadia, husband’s and my Vestas are conjunct in Taurus…they are also conjunct my IC (both falling in the 4th house). Does a Vesta/Vesta synastry conjunction factor in here, too, or is it just a contact with another’s planet or angle that counts?

    It was no surprise to read about the IC connection and living together. I have always said he is the only person I could/would ever live with.

    PS – another interesting article you have written, thanks

  21. @Julie
    Yes, I would say a Vesta/Vesta conjunction counts (you’re both on exactly the same page regarding what’s sacred to you). And it’s made more significant by the IC conjunction…mutual devotion to home/family. Lovely connection.

  22. Hi Nadia,

    In one of the responses you said Vesta/Venus is pure love. How about a man’s Vesta-BML conjunction sitting on woman’s IC while the woman’s Vesta sits on his DC.


  23. @marion
    To clarify…not just Venus/Vesta, but one person’s Venus/Vesta conjunction, conjunct another person’s Vesta. And the quotes remain firmly around the word “pure”. There may be difficulties mixing sex and love with this one.
    Vesta/IC and Vesta/DC sound very nice…he may be drawn to set up house with her while she may be drawn to be his partner. But his BML in the mix could make things edgy…depends on how he handles female anger/power. Often, when a man’s BML is contacted by a woman’s planets/angles, he feels some fear and pulls away.

  24. Hi Nadia,

    What does it mean when two people’s vesta oppose each other? One of the vesta is conjuncting the other’s chiron too.

    Thanks x

  25. His Vesta conjuct my Venus on MC exact aspect. How to interpret this?
    Does this mean that he influence me in carrier ? I met this person at work..

    thanks a lot

  26. hey, Nadja! very interesting info! thks
    what would u say about synastry aspect his vesta 9*40″ pisces conjuct my lilith 9*41″ pisces?
    thanks a lot

  27. Hi Nadia, and thank you for this article!
    My Vesta (along with Venus and Uranus) falls exactly on this man 12th house ! This 12th house is packed with planets, Mars Saturn and Pluto.
    And I feel this can mean something important….like me having access to his dark side, through my sacred femininity?
    Please advise 🙂

  28. Any ideas on Vesta conjunct Chiron exact in synastry?

  29. @Lex Found this on the magi website. Chi-Vesta is what makes you lay down your life for another, even if it’s not romantic in itself, but when combined with Romance and Sex links: good for romance and compatibility as any of the Cinderella Linkages (Chiron-Venus, Chiron-Jupiter & Chiron-Neptune), and nearly as good for sex as a Sexual Linkage (Venus-Pluto and Venus-Mars).

    But it works differently from Cinderella and Sexual Linkages in that what it does is to foster lifelong (Chiron) friendship (Vesta) grounded in a very deep emotional sympathy for each other. The associated desire to protect and please each other is very intense and it is from this emotional sympathy that the romantic properties of the linkage arise. That is also the basis of the sexual affinity, which is not selfish and can lead to an intimate relationship even if the actual sexual attraction is one-sided, because the un-attracted party is willing to put aside the absence of attraction just to please and support the other.

    In a nutshell, this linkage makes the parties more concerned with giving to each other than with what they get back from the relationship. The getting is intrinsic to the giving. And having it appear reciprocally and represented in both dimensions gives it an extraordinarily strong influence as compared with the other interaspects

  30. @Lex another interp I found:

    “it is my view that when you are dealing with a positive aspect between Chiron and Vesta in synastry, you are going to experience a harmonious flow of energy between two of the most “spiritual” bodies in our celestial sphere, that get right to the core of our inner soul.
    The Chiron person is the one who has the ability to get underneath the skin of the Vesta person, to cause the walls to come tumbling down regarding issues relating to that person’s capacity to be their true selves whilst offering selfless devotion to another. The Chiron person ignites the “eternal flame” within the heart of the Vesta person, ie. The divine spark within that allows keeps their spirit intact even in the darkest of times and guides them to take joy in their life and focus on their goals. In return the Vesta person offers warmth, loyalty and devotion to the Chiron person …. a safe haven for Chiron that they can call home, a true sense of affinity and spiritual kinship that is hard to beat.

    The reason why the Chiron person can get so “close” to the essence of the Vesta person is because they have deep insight into the key issues buried in the private heart of the Vesta person resulting from the wisdom that Chiron has gained from dealing with his/her own personal struggles or “wounds” which still haunt him/her.

    The Chiron person provides the “rainbow bridge” or the catalyst that opens up the Vesta person’s right to be themselves in a relationship which is key to any healthy partnership. Chiron’s methods are often that of the Maverick, for they also march to the sound of their own drum, not conforming to traditional or established rules which might take Vesta by surprise. With the harmonious aspects, the mentorship of the Chiron person is likely to be gentler and better accepted by the Vesta person, whilst with the hard aspects there is likely to be more resistance and a harsher (but more growth inducing) impact”

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