11th House Natal Saturn and Relationships

Credit: spfoto via iStockphoto

Credit: spfoto via iStockphoto

The 11th House is not usually included in articles about romance. It represents groups and the collective, so it would seem to have no place in one-on-one relationships. But it is on the same axis as the 5th House (self-expression, romance and receiving recognition) whose themes are carried outwards in the 11th (your place in the group). Now, what happens when you’re born with Saturn, the planet of limits and restrictions, in this house?

Saturn’s location in the natal chart is where you have to make an extra effort. Some astrologers have said that Saturn is well-placed in this house, because Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th, and Saturn is Aquarius’ traditional ruler. But things do not come easily where Saturn is located, partially because Saturn’s limits are rooted in your fears and inhibitions. Most astrologers describe 11th House Saturn people as aloof in group situations. They put up walls (Saturn) between themselves and others. Or, they may become determined social butterflies in an effort to keep that sense of not belonging at bay. In either scenario, group interactions do not come naturally. In his book Synthesis and Counselling in Astrology,  Noel Tyl  has taken this description a step further and suggested that 11th House Saturn indicates a huge “need for love.”

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Thanks, Nadia. My friend’s saturn falls in my 11th house virgo, and is directly opposite my natal saturn in pisces 5H. I recognise some of the above in how he and I relate. I think I’ve made him my world, which isn’t something I normally do. I’m scorpio sun and he is scorpio rising, so I thought it was something to do with that, but maybe it’s saturn.

    My progressed IC is Aquarius. I looked again after I read your post on Aquarius. 🙂 You were right, I am quite Aquarius by the look of things. I’m Libra rising too. So that’s a lot of air. Interestingly, my progressed IC is conjunct my friend’s progressed sun, mercury and mars aquarius. And his progressed MC is Libra which is my 1H. I do find these little things fascinating!

    My friend is sun capricorn 2H, and I think you’re right about difficulties connecting, he is a bit of a loner. Except around me, he seems to warm up and relax a bit. He insists we’re just friends, which I understand, with that 11H aspect, but I can sense there’s more. But whether anything happens is anyone’s guess! I know it may not and that’s ok.

    At this point, I’m looking at how I limit myself, especially with the upcoming eclipse in Aries, as that’s my 7H where transiting uranus is currently blowing everything apart. I’m using this energy to challenge my limits and break out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to be stuck behind walls anymore and I don’t want a relationship that’s not going anywhere.

    Any advice is most welcome. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. I have an 11th house Saturn in Taurus square my 2HLeo Sun, and I don’t completely agree. As a very small child, I was very good at entertaining people and had a very full cast of characters in my life. (I was especially good at entertaining adults). I was born in a Latin American country, where people are nearly always surrounded by a huge extended family. Only when I came here as a kid did I have problems making friends with kids my age. Then I definitely felt like an outcast. Now, for some strange reason, though, I didn’t take it to heart as a grown-up. In other words, even though I was very isolated, bullied and teased as a child in the States, I didn’t think to myself, “Oh, God, I can’t make friends.” As soon as I went away to college, that situation resolved itself, probably because I went to film school, where being a misfit is actually a good thing. The friends I made in film school healed me somehow, I think.

    While there was a time in my life in which I had a lot of frenemies (mostly in my late 20s, early 30s), I ended all those relationships. But nevertheless, I didn’t have a hard time making friends at all and feel very much at ease in social situations. I also have a very easy time making new friends, probably because I take a lot of classes and join a lot of groups. Anyway, I’m always very surprised when I hear that after college people have a hard time making new friends. I can truly say that this is one area of my life in which I feel very blessed and fulfilled; my friends nowadays are a wonderful source of support and I don’t have to work very hard at all to make social plans or reach out to others. It’s a sphere of life that just seems to magically take care of itself. I have been thinking a lot about this aspect, as a matter of fact, precisely because I know that the house in which Saturn resides usually indicates a challenging area of life, so I’ve been very interested in analyzing WHY I was able to transcend my past childhood traumas related to being bullied and isolated.

    “If Saturn rules the 7th House, or one of the houses associated with sex (2nd or 8th House), there will be an especially strong correlation to difficulties in connecting with the group, and connecting with a romantic partner.”

    Saturn does rule my 7th house also, does this mean that I will meet a long-term partner in a group or through my social circle? I haven’t found the matches my friends make for me particularly suitable!

  3. Hi Nadia, I’d like to speak about a roomate who’s become a friend. To sum up, he is Pisces, Saturn in 11house in Taurus, Venus square Saturn, Moon opposite Saturn.
    He has quite a lot of friends, many come from childhood, and he’s the most reliable friend i ever had.
    I don’t think he is a kind of butterfly but i completely agree that he’s driven by a huge need for love by the large group he belongs to. He seems to have only good feelings towards his friends and i’ve never heard him complaining or having normal bad feelings like jealousy, disapointment, lost of interest. I am sure he ‘s never cut off ties with any of his friends. BUT the most noticeable word you employed is : threshold. It is strictly imppossible to know his core feelings or having a deep conversation with him. If you try, he escapes with a spin. In social interraction he is a sweet loony guy with a great sense of humour and popular amongst his friends but in day-to day interraction he is painfully pessimistic and negativ. Also you are right when you say he has that capacity to put himself under your dependency for his needs (not especially for social interraction). I really felt that pressure and for a while he was a pain for me because i didn’t love him. I’ve never seen him with a girl and i feel he is completely blocked. It is a bit sad because i don’t kow if he will able to express his true feelings one day.

  4. Hi Nadia,

    I have Aquarius in 11th house, does it also means kind of aloofness in social circles? I am asking this because your article kind of applies to me.

    May be Aquarius in 11th house in exact square to 1st house Taurus and in exact square to 5th house Leo + Saturn in Cancer 3d house are all the summed up reasons for social awkwardness? What i am experiencing is a little bit different from Saturn in 11th house description. Still i dislike when people getting too close too soon. I do not like to invite people to my house too soon. I am very friendly and social and sincere. People easily invite me to do things with them, to go to their house, parties etc.
    I appreciate their kindness, but…This Big But…They expect to do the same, to invite them to my house. And here trouble is starting. They are driving too hard too son in to my personal space. Eventually i had to walk away many times. I know, those people just do not get it, why i am so strange and distant all of the sudden. I just can not explain to them, that it’s all just too soon. I was getting to know them and they are wanting to know everything about me, my domestic / private life in a very short spam of time, coming up with much too many suggestions of doing things together, pushing their agenda on me.
    I must admit, because i felt their expectations, i did make some promises about recreational activities, which later on i could not comply, because it did not feel genuine after all.
    Until the time i feel deep soul connection, i do not let anyone in. Also it seems, as gentle as i try to show in many ways, that time will come, they push even harder then. And than i am gone and they are disappointed and even hurt. That’s the social awkwardness i have been trough many many times.

    ” By setting up situations of denial, Saturn focuses you on certain goals, and can create an almost Plutonic intensity.” – Saturn Cancer 3H squares Pluto Libra 6H in my natal chart. “Plutonic intensity” seems my peace of cake in social scenarios.
    What do you think , Nadia,- are those aspects i described kind of explain it? Thank you.

  5. @Kisses
    Sounds like you’re working with Uranus in your 7th, and that’s about all you can do. I can’t give you any more concrete advice without seeing your chart.

  6. @Eme Kah
    It’s great that you were able to transcend that energy!
    You may meet a partner through friends, but the 11th also covers groups in general (your public associations). Clubs, organizations, etc.

  7. @Céline
    Thanks for sharing that example.

  8. @Eme Kah
    …to clarify, not necessarily through friends, or anyone you know on a personal level. 11th House connections cover “the collective” so it’s just people “out there”. However, if you think that sounds impossible broad, know that Saturn’s limits act as a focuser and narrow things down considerably.

  9. @Tatyana
    Just having Aquarius in the 11th House is not enough to indicate social aloofness. It’s the planets in the houses that trigger certain behaviours. I would look at what’s happening with Uranus (assuming it rules your 11th House). Saturn in the 3rd square Pluto may make your communications very controlled/controlling.

  10. Gemmipraxis says:

    Always learn a lot from your articles. In any rate, my 5th house N node is conjunct partner’s 11th house Saturn (ruler of his 2nd house, Sun, and N node, if that matters). Can this nodal/Saturn conjunction help mitigate some of his 11th house challenges?

  11. Ooh, Uranus as the ruler of 11th is in the 6H Libra conjunction the 7H of Scorpio. Yep, looks like Uranian scenario.
    ” Saturn in the 3rd square Pluto may make your communications very controlled/controlling.” – Yep, that’s sounds very familiar.
    It is a great article of yours. Personally i find 11H – the only house which is the mystery to me.
    Thank you for clarification, Nadia. I needed this understanding.

  12. Hi Nadia,

    Saturn will enter my 11H at 14 degrees Scorpio… so it is close (I have it natally in the 10H). Can you describe what circumstances one might encounter when Saturn transits the 11H? The last time it did for me, I was only 2-3 yrs old, but that is when I began pre-school and socializing with other people. I am applying to join a board for children’s charity this year, and I’m involved with someone who has a son (I know 11H rules other people’s children, i haven’t met him yet but very much want to meet him)… the only planet i have natally in my 11H is uranus, but it is at 1 degree Sag. I have Jupiter natally at 0 degrees Scorpio, and Scorpio rules my 11H, but as I stated before, my 11H does not begin until 14 degrees (i use placidus method). Thanks!

  13. Hi Nadia,

    This post spoke extremely accurately to my case. I have natal Saturn in the eleventh house (in Scorpio) and all my life it has been like climbing Mount Everest making one stinking friend. You said that the limitations are based in fears and inhibitions, but I find that they are more concrete than that, coming from harsh realities you can’t really change. It’s always been something about me or my circumstances that’s beyond the pale for my peers–they didn’t like this, then they didn’t like that, ad infinitum.

    Lately the issue is that the people I would enjoy socializing with just won’t have me because of “rules and regulations”–I’m not “one of them” on paper. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even care anymore. Socializing feels like work to me, I don’t want to have to prove myself to these people. I don’t care. I’m happier alone.

  14. @Gemmipraxis
    Thank you!
    Depends on how strongly you work with your NN. Also, his Saturn will teach you some important lessons (about your NN path).

  15. @acquagal
    It usually narrows your social focus. You may become more selective about who you hang out with, or certain friendships may end. It can also increase your group authority. I can’t comment on the person you’re involved with though, without seeing their chart and yours.

  16. @Anna
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. If you have Saturn in Scorpio, that means you’re about to have (or have just had) your Saturn return, so there should be a turning point in your situation.

  17. @Nadia

    I’ve had my Saturn return, and the turning point is…..I don’t CARE anymore.

  18. MajjikMoon says:

    Hello..natal Saturn 11H in Taurus and yep, social awkwardness, yep older friends, yep only 3 very close friends, all much older than me. And I never thought about it till u mentioned it in yr aticle but yes, definitely relied on my ex-partners social activities to make up for my lack…my life is super boring since we seperated…squares my H2 Venus in Leo…opposition fm th 5H Scorp tr. cmng up nxt yr April…yay can’t wait *NOT*… Oh well looks like broke,single and alone till 2015 at least…but Im ok about it…my Saturn trines Pluto 3H giving me stayng power I guess : )

  19. I have this , saturn in Leo in the 11th part of a grand trine, mercury in aries, neptune in sag. I find group dynamics incredibly difficult. I have pluto conjunct my libra asc and prefer to work alone. I always thought it would get easier with age, it does n’! These days I avoid socialising full stop.

  20. @MajjikMoon
    Oh yes, Saturn trine Pluto is a not-to-be-underestimated aspect of steel. Pluto’s power is honed by Saturn’s limits. That’ll get you through whatever comes up.

  21. @Bee
    A Grand Trine will also make you self-contained, because it’s a closed circuit of energy. In some ways, you truly don’t need to socialize. But it’s not impossible to break out of, either, if you ever decide you do want to socialize.

  22. Pray tell…What happens when you have natal Neptune at 6 degrees in the 11H with venus transiting at cusp into the 12H?! Oh and natal mars at 12d in the 5thH

  23. @Ramona
    Neptune in the 11th House could make it difficult for you to set boundaries with others. Very different from Saturn in the 11th.

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