Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityRoutine-obsessed Virgo and freedom-loving Aquarius are not as odd a match as you might think. Despite Virgo’s adherence to precision, this Mutable sign is constantly changing (so he can improve). And who better to balance out Virgo’s relentless anxieties than detached Aquarius?

Sun in Virgo can become obsessed with a certain way of doing things. His rituals may involve anything from loading the dishwasher “properly” to detailed preparations for lovemaking. His lover should understand that Sun in Virgo’s fixation on careful planning is the way he maintains order in a chaotic world; it soothes him. But the flip side of this is his imperative to keep improving. This forces him to make continual adjustments to his life and, ultimately, to change. Shadow Virgo appears when he stagnates; change grinds to a halt if he becomes frozen in the conviction that he’s not quite good enough to move forward.

Moon in Aquarius is perfectly capable of committing to a long-term relationship, provided her need for independence is honored. A partner who has a busy life of his own is ideal for her. This will give her the alone time she needs to feel comfortable. No matter how strongly Moon in Aquarius feels for her mate, she will never be a clingy gusher. She has a core of detachment that keeps her slightly removed from everyone. But this detachment also allows her to play it cool and rational during arguments with her lover. She rarely holds grudges, and it takes a lot to hurt her feelings. Her Shadow side can emerge if she takes the detachment too far, running away from any situation that feels too heavy.

When Sun in Virgo starts to run in circles (driven by his worries) Moon in Aquarius will be there to place a calm hand on his shoulder. She’ll point out that one truth or clarity that snaps him out of his anxiety. She’ll take his odd routines and insistence on finicky details in stride. And it shouldn’t be a problem for Aquarius to have time for herself, because Sun in Virgo will be busy with some task that’s never completed (because it could always be better).

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