Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityPrince Charming meets the Warrior Maiden in this union of opposites. Smooth Sun in Libra will handle the social niceties, while Moon in Aries steps on his toes. He’ll balance out her impatience, while she gives him a background push to make a decision and stick with it.

Sun in Libra knows how to work a room. “Refined flirtation” best describes his approach. This relationship-focused sign adjusts his behavior to what the other person says or wants. This makes him a gracious, romantic partner, but women looking for a bold, assertive type should look elsewhere. Sun in Libra will do everything in his power to keep things “nice” in his relationship, but he often sacrifices decisiveness and transparency in the process. It’s not that he lies, he just doesn’t like to stir things up (and he dreads hurting his lover’s feelings). Also, possessive types should realize that this Venus-ruled sign loves to flirt (although it usually doesn’t go beyond this). Even when he’s happily attached, his MO involves charming both sexes. This is how he finds out what makes people tick.

Moon in Aries needs freedom to assert herself. And she feels safest when she has something (or someone) to assert herself against. Cozy, domestic harmony will quickly bore this passionately impulsive sign. Moon in Aries must have a challenge, and if there is none, she’ll start a fight with her partner. The positive side of this is that she can’t hide her feelings, and she doesn’t hold a grudge. Her lover will never have to guess what’s going on with her, because she doesn’t have the patience for games or subtlety. The Shadow side of this Moon can emerge when she’s feeling trapped. Destructive behavior and sudden eruptions of anger are sure signs that she’s not happy.

Sun in Libra will graciously handle Aries’ sudden moods. Whether she loses her temper at him, or powers ahead with a crazy project, he won’t complain. However, if she pushes him too far (which she might, since she’s not known for being sensitive) and injures his masculine ego, he’ll react by pulling away and expecting her to notice (and apologize). Eventually, Moon in Aries will get the message, although she’ll probably have forgotten whatever it was that she did to offend him. Harmony will be restored, until the next time. Aries will also provide Libra with enthusiastic support, as long as he keeps the waffling to a minimum.

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