Love Horoscope for the Week of August 26

weeklyloveIf you ever watched the original “Star Trek” (or saw the recent remake) you’re familiar with the character of Mr. Spock — the incredibly intelligent and efficient half-human, half-alien First Officer on the USS Enterprise. Although he has as big a bubbling cauldron of raging emotions inside him as anyone else, he manages to get through his days by controlling his moods with implacable, unflinching logic. This week, pretend you’re Mr. Spock. It’ll get you through things more rationally. Mercury (the planet of logic and communications) is pretty well-aspected, while Venus (that pretty, fluffy Love Planet) is getting jolted around. The more you use your head with your love life and the people around you — and the less you give in to emotional impulses — the better off you’ll be.

On Monday, Venus opposite Uranus gives a jolt to the affections and the cash flow. With the Moon in Taurus (which is ruled by Venus) on Monday and Tuesday, you could find yourself with more mood swings than you like. Venus in Libra loves a romantic surprise now and again, but this particular round could be too much for her … and for you. Leave most of your cash at home and forget you have credit cards, otherwise you could be dealing with the consequences for a while. On the other hand, if your love life has gone flat, perhaps the extra voltage is something you can make use of.

Meanwhile, for the first part of the week Mercury is sextile Saturn (which becomes exact on Tuesday) and then trine Pluto. Mercury is a clear thinker, but normally not thought of as a powerhouse of the Solar System. Your brain and your wits should prove to be fairly sharp, so take full advantage of that while your Venus functions are getting zapped by Uranus.

Thursday, the Moon is in Gemini, and it’s Void of Course all day long. You know the old saying, “loose lips sink ships”? Well, on Thursday, loose lips (and badly-worded emails and forgotten details and careless slips) can cause things to go astray. Don’t start up any new ventures that day, otherwise you could find they result in all talk and no action.

For those of you looking to pump up the romance, Friday and Saturday should prove to be productive. The Moon is in Cancer, which will tend to make people a bit shy and wallflower-ish. But clever Mercury is sextile expansive Jupiter, which makes the right words and the right ideas appear more easily and naturally. Even the most retiring of wallflowers can be talked into a dance with this approach, and with a clearly defined romantic goal, you can get what you want. Besides … you’re Mr. Spock, Starfleet’s most intelligent and capable officer, right? Just make sure you choose your date wisely: With Moon in Cancer, choosing the wrong new relationship to explore could turn your First Contact into an encounter with a Klingon…

About Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience, and is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology." Along with Hilary Young, he is the host of "Love And Sex In The Stars" (a show about the intersection of astrology and human hearts) on In his spare time, Matthew shouts at the neighbors a lot.

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