Pluto Contacts in Synastry: Who Has the Power?

Pluto inter-aspects in synastry (one person’s Pluto aspecting another’s planet) can be some of the most intense contacts around. You would think the Pluto person would always have the upper hand, as the other person is overwhelmed, magnetized or helpless in the face of Pluto’s dark draw. Sometimes this happens, but other times what occurs is much more complicated.

Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) is about penetrating to the core of something to understand it. It’s an expression of personal power via exploration of “the target,” as the Pluto person ultimately seeks to understand themselves. There’s often a thread of manipulation running through these contacts, as the Pluto person does whatever they can to achieve complete intimacy with another.

But Pluto’s power can turn around and bite the person who wields it. Pluto/Scorpio represents the Shadow: the fears/compulsions/obsessions that no one wants to deal with. We all have a Shadow, but for people with strong Pluto/Scorpio in their charts, it’s imperative that they confront it (because it’s dominant). How they manage this power in their life will decide how they handle synastry contacts to their Pluto. They can embrace it as a vehicle for personal evolution, or they can use it to manipulate and fixate on people/situations. Note that a strong Pluto/Scorpio natal signature involves one or more of the following: personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in Scorpio, Pluto aspecting a personal planet, Pluto on the angles, Scorpio on the angles, or personal planets in the 8th House.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. dunyazade says:

    Wonderful article!

  2. astrochick says:

    This is interesting. My Pluto squares his Venus, Sun, Mars and even Moon if we push it to 9 degrees. His Pluto opposes my Mars, so my Pluto does more to his chart than his to mine. Chemistry and desire on both sides is undeniable, but we wanted different things. He wanted a sex thing, and I wanted to take things slow and see where they could lead. He lost interest. So much for having power! lol He has/had all of it. I was thrown back on myself and had to deal with wanting someone who wasn’t right for me. In that respect, Pluto made me deal with my own ‘obsession’.

  3. Fireopal09 says:

    My Pluto conjuncts his 8H Venus/Pluto conjunction. His conjunction sextiles my Venus. My Sun falls in his 8H. Yes, it is intense and sometimes I feel more vulnerable than I wish.

  4. Pinkster says:

    My/her Pluto 2nd house conjuncts his mars 11th within 2 degrees. Feels way too intense….Any insights to help when it feels like war? Otherwise we have moon conjunct moon exact and some other very groovy good aspects but the pluto / mars really knocks us around.

  5. Novlady says:

    This is such a useful article. There are so many online threads in forums where it’s discussed whether the Pluto person or planet person “feels it more”. It varies in responses.

    For me, I found it more mystifying when it’s two Scorpios. He was more the “Plutonian” one in that he had his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio. His chart ruler is Mercury in Scorpio. He has a Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunction all square Nars.

    In synastry, his Pluto made sextile to my Venus exactly. My Pluto made sextile to his moon. My mars made exact sextile to his Sun/Venus conjunction and conjunct his Asc.

    He said he watched me for months. I felt he was obsessed with me. I felt the same. However, I don’t know who felt it more. I didn’t like that I read he would have the “upper hand” of where things would end up. It has played out that way. Intense attraction and relation would be followed by disappearing acts and inconsistent communication. He behaved like he was not interested, yet I felt there were strong feelings.

    When I confronted him about his hurtful disappearing act, he was insensitive. Later he said that he did feel something towards me, but that he likes to be close to people on his own terms. Said that he is selfish and knows he needs to change his ways of thinking. He knew I cared for him. When I declined being friends, he didn’t like that. He wanted to express how he is really good deep down. I think he wanted to control how I would think of him, but I told him that he couldn’t do that and wished him well.

    If his birth time is accurate, my moon opposes his sun/moon midpoint. Also, my Saturn conjuncts his south node and trines his north node chart ruler.

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking, or my Venus affected by his Pluto, but I felt we were both drawn to each other powerfully. I feel fear of intimate and lack of Pluto maturity, on his part, affected much of his actions. He is years younger than me.

    This is a great article because it does allude to where the concentration of power lies, but it does not determine how things play out or who and how someone is affected by aspect alone. I interpret Pluto dynamics as Pluto changing or being changed- the “how” being determined by how each individual wields this great “power”.

  6. Richelle says:

    My partner’s pluto energy is a little stronger than mine. My pluto squares his mercury. Both our Plutos are conjunct. His Pluto squares my midheaven. We both are pretty controlling within our relationship. I am a little more behind the scenes than he is.

  7. Pluto in Leo’s conjunct – 4th H for me, 8th for him. For me, Pluto squares both sun & Venus in Taurus & opposes Mars in Scorpio. This square occurs in his 5th. I don’t know, think I’m a simmering volcano much of the time and he’s definitely stronger.

  8. It makes sense….what do you do with your power? It’s akin to Scorpios. An unintegrated Scorpio is a scary thing indeed, Going around stinging all over the place. A self aware Scorpio is a whole different ball game. I would think the same thing applies to Pluto aspects. How aware is one of their Plutonic energy and how do they weild it.

  9. Thank you Nadia! you just gave me an “ah ha” moment on some things that i couldnt figure out! So how would a Pluto opposition between 2 people work? Thanks!!!

  10. Thanks Nadia for this insightful article! I was always wondering what happened in my last relationship.
    I have Moon opp Pluto (in 4!) natally and my Moon resp my Pluto squared my ex-bf’s moon. At first it seemed I had the upper hand in the relationship but at some point it turned around and all Pluto stuff evolved which I had never experienced before… Jealousy, suspicion, obsession… to name only few things.. It was the most intense relationship I have ever had so far but it also felt quite unhealthy. Still, it was difficult to let him go and it took quite a long time to get over it (way too long). My Sun & Moon are in Aries, Venus & Mars in Gemini, so frankly, I am not very keen on experiencing that energy again. I was really confronted with my shadow.
    Although, I am still wondering what was really triggered within me so badly…

  11. Céline says:

    I knew a woman at work and we came into deep friendship quite rapidly but i was frightened by her double-sidded, manipulative tactics in her work relationships …….. until i realised i was also the target of her manipultaive behavior about work topics.
    I know she uses her energy properly in her private life but at work she probably feels too much vulnerable to prevent herself to control all around her.
    She has a Mars-Pluto opposition and her Mars hits my Venus in 11th house.
    I don’t what to do with her , follow that friendship or not. I’ve taken distance.
    My question is : are plutonian people are aware of their behavior? Do they act compulsively or are they cynical?

  12. @Pinkster
    Pluto/Mars is probably the most intense of the Pluto contacts. I would suggest being aware of your security issues (Pluto in your 2nd House) and how you might feel the need to defend or control areas of your life (financial or emotional) when you’re with him. Mars/Pluto always has overtones of power struggle, but both planets want to be dominant. For both of you, try to step back from the idea of dominance. You can’t completely snuff out those energies, but awareness helps.

  13. @Novlady,
    FYI, your Saturn on his SN suggests you were responsible for him in a past life. That Saturn contact would feel very heavy for him in this life.

  14. @dunyazade
    Thank you. 🙂

  15. @astrochick
    Pluto can be a great teacher.

  16. @Fireopal09
    He probably feels just as vulnerable, since you hit his 8th House.

  17. @Richelle
    With conjunct Plutos, at least you’ll both be on the same playing field.

  18. @C-Lee
    Pluto in your 4th would be apt for the “simmering volcano” image, since it’s right at the base of your chart (the lava being childhood/parent issues).

  19. @juno
    Yes, exactly.

  20. @Gypsy
    You’re welcome!
    Pluto opposition would suggest that you both have the same, ultimate goal in your expressions of power, but you’re coming at that goal in opposite ways.

  21. @Nanea
    A Moon/ Pluto opposition can indicate a conflict between your need for security and things that undermine it. You seek safety but find the opposite, instead. But Pluto pushes you to protect yourself.

  22. @Céline
    Wow. Mars/Pluto opposition…this is the aspect of someone who feels they must fight to prove themselves. She will always sense a challenge from others, even when there is none, although her powerful energy will put people on the defensive. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Are Pluto people aware of their behaviour? It largely depends on the person. Some are, some are not. It’s also possible for a Pluto person to be fully aware of their power, and then choose to manipulate, anyway. Awareness of personal power is no guarantee of emotional health. I would say awareness is the first step, followed by the choice of how you would use that power.

  23. fireopal09 says:

    Thank you for the reassurance, Nadia. This Sun conjunct Uranus Libran requires equality and a balance of power. ;-D I look forward to your blog posts as you are very gifted and much appreciated.

  24. Richelle says:

    Nadia, so true! But I think I figured out the my Pluto squaring his Mercury. I am always super suspicious of what he truly thinks about in his mind and heart. So, when I do get suspicious I ask a lot of questions. I didn’t realize what I was doing was bad per se, but it drives him absolutely crazy. I feel like he has a lot of secrets or he is hiding something so I am constantly mining him for information, although I try to be subtle about it. I have been doing this over the course of three years. I also have a tendency to hold off the “Spanish Inquisition” until he has a had a few drinks, because that’s when he is more honest with me! Oh, gosh. I had know idea before, but I guess I will have to cool it and just trust what he says the first time and not over analyze everything that comes out of his mouth! I tried looking up pluto-square-midheaven, but I couldn’t find anything on it. What do you think this could mean for a couple?

  25. Hi Nadia,
    What is the orb you use for planets to connect in synastry. Do you use the standard for conj. opp. square, etc. ? Thanks!

  26. Tatyana says:

    Hi, Nadia
    A great article indeed! I am personally can not get enough of Pluto. He is my favourite!
    What about Pluto trine Venus in synastry from both sides: my Venus trine my partner’s Pluto and his Venus trines my Pluto? How would you describe it?

  27. @Richelle
    Pluto square midheaven…he may have some strong feelings about your career/future goals, but it’s a less personal contact than Pluto in aspect to the planets. So you may not feel this as much.

  28. @France
    I sue smaller orbs for synastry (than standard orbs).
    6 deg for conjunction/opposition
    5 deg for square
    4 deg for trine
    3 deg for sextile
    2 deg for inconjunct

  29. @Tatyana
    Venus trine Pluto on both sides is very nice. An equal (and gentle) flow of loving intensity.

  30. How’s A’s air grand trine of Pluto/Venus/Mars and B plugging in with Libra Venus conjunct Pluto and trine other two? Thanks!

  31. Tatyana says:

    Thank you, Nadia.
    “An equal (and gentle) flow of loving intensity.”- Just wonderful, is not it? I have nothing to wish for, indeed.

  32. Hello Nadia.
    me and my bf have overlaying 7th & 8th house in scorpio.
    he has pluto in his 7th & mine pluto conjunct moon in my 8th. from that overlaying his pluto conjunct both my moon and pluto, and DW pluto-venus in trine, venus-venus, and also my pluto square his moon. he has stronger pluto aspects in his natal than mine. like pluto square moon, pluto-mercury, pluto-nodes,etc. while the only hard aspect I have in my natal is pluto conjunct moon. but in synastry I have my pluto do more aspecting his planets, this probably from our pluto-pluto conjunction.
    we are in LDR, I love him so much and devoted to him. I try not to show my obssesion over him, but somehow I wonder if he feels the way I feel. since other than ldr we also come from different cultures, so it’s a little complicated.
    ps: his venus in 12th and mars + moon in 11th houses fall in my 12th house, and also I have my saturn conjunct both his neptune and uranus.

  33. It is extremely difficult for me.. and I do feel it soo much.. I have the classic obsessive behavior when I am attracted to someone..

    I have an extremely active pluto.. Which is conjuncting my moon by 1 degree in Libra, in my 12th house most probably conjunction with my ascent which might be in scorpio… And ALL of that (Pluto conj Moon conj Ascendent) is SQUARING my MARS!

    It is like obsession over load.. over a gemini with cancer moon venus in aires (opposing my moon pluto) and Mars in Libra (conj my Jupiter Saturn by 8 degree) ..

    Now he has his pluto in LIbra as well, conjuncting my moon and squaring my Mars.. which is understandable because we are of the same age group.

    but I guess it doesnt matter, since, he isnt feeling a thing like I am feeling lol..
    for me it was like “WOA” when I first laid eyes on him.. but had this crazyyyy compulsion not to go near him or walk away from where he is.. every time i see him.. NOT sure what is doing this.. because, I dont see his connection is that strong with me..

  34. Hi Nadia,

    Great article. Please can you throw some light on the following.

    Woman is Taurus rising and man is Scorpio rising. The man has his natal Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio rising sign and his natal saturn and Moon in his Taurus 7th sign.

    The woman has a natal sun/mars/pluto stellium in 5th house. And the man’s Pluto conjuncts her stellium. (By about 1 degree of her sun and 6-7 degrees of her mars/pluto.)

    How is this likely to play out in synastry?

  35. His 12 h Pluto square my 8 h Mars. Intense is an understatement. There is sooo much strong energy between us that is nearly touchable. It feels like a loaded gun, there is need, pull, want, deep, deep sexual attraction and yet there is push, emotional power plays on very subtle perhaps even subconscious level, frustration and ultimate avoidance…
    We both have permanent Pluto in natals though (him square to venus, me trine to mars and both scorpio moons) so to some degree it’s magnified intensity we already know. Nevertheless it is nothing I would recommend to someone who is unfamiliar with depth and obsessive intensity of emotions. It will suck you in, make you a battle ground, light up every dark corner of your self and painfully transform into new beings….. but the price will be steep. Be ready to pay.

  36. My pluto conjuncts my mars in scorpio(5th house), i also have my sun in the 8 th house, and nepune conjuct mercury and jupiter in sagittarius(7th house) in sextile with my mars/pluto conjunction. Furthrmore my moon (gemini) in the 12th inconjuncts this sextile. I Have a very deep connection with a member of the opposite sex in which venus opposites my mars/pluto and trines the other 3, and mars trine my mars/pluto and opposites the other 3. Regardless this deep conection we both realized that there is no sexual attraction (we kissed and it felt wrong for both) , however i find myself to be jealous in some occasions, its us if, i don;t care that i don;t want to , i want to be wanted. We also have mars conjuct pluto because we are in the same age. Any thoughts. therea are also other aspects involved but i don’r mention them.

  37. I’m locked in a ridiculous compulsion towards someone I like very much. It’s overwhelming and I’m trying everything to stay away from the bond, but when I lock into something or someone, it’s very difficult for me to turn away. I’m a Gemini with a close conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the 8th House and my rising is Scorpio. On top of that, my Moon and Venus in Leo are both square my rising, with my Venus sextile my 12th house Pluto. Overwhelming emotional bonds have been the bane of my existence from childhood. This bond though… it’s serious. My Libra Pluto is in close opposition to his Aries Moon and has a close square to his Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. His Scorpio Pluto is in close conjunction to my RIsing and square both my Moon and Venus. Being around him feels wonderful, overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. I don’t like the feeling of not having control of these feelings and my actions because of them.

  38. Can someone explain to me how Pluto affect someone with a natal venus-pluto conjunction and a synastry venus-pluto conjunction? I have it natally and have had it in synastry.

  39. Can someone explain venus and pluto conjunct in synastry, who feels it more. I have never been obsessed in love, but this one is killing me.. His pluto conjunct my venus in 8th house, and his pluto conjunct my sun in seventh house and my pluto conjunct his mars and his pluto trines my moon
    Answere before I die, I sob and sulk.. I can’t live without him but can’t be around him either it’s too much.. It’s real intense

  40. Cm Martin says:

    Even though I have paid and logged in, it still says I have to buy the membership to finish the article. How do I access them?

  41. I have emailed you directly, cm. If you have further difficulties, contact me at

  42. Mithai Dhaba says:

    Okay this is a little confusing. Because I have Heard the total opposite that is if the person does not have Pluto contacts in their charts they are the ones who get obsessive.. Because that is the only way they are feeling their Pluto.. Or having any Pluto contacts.. Which is through the Synastry.

    So please explain your stance..
    And how would a Mercury Tight (0 degree) trine do with a Gemini?

  43. whoever has the outer planet contact has the power. Pluto has to be there for obsession.
    Everyone has Pluto somewhere and if your synastry partner contacts it, you have the power.

  44. lauralaurana says:

    Wow love all your articles. I have lots of Pluto contacts with my that terrifies me is his Pluto square my Moon. How do you think this one could be handle?

    Also, our Plutos aspect our NNs. His opposite,mine conjunct.His Moon square my NN. What could these nodal aspects mean?

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