Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityVirgo’s precision blends with Taurus’ gradual approach in this rock-solid relationship. When Sun in Virgo gets tightly wound, Moon in Taurus will calm him down with her soothing, Earth Mother embrace.

Sun in Virgo is a master of improvement. He can pick out a flaw from ten miles away. This approach works well in data analysis, but not so much in relationships. Sun in Virgo’s partner will need to take his “helpful” suggestions (about her diet and grooming) with a pinch of detachment. He really is trying to help, and his observations aren’t meant to hurt (he turns this same, merciless vision on himself). His highest goal is to keep getting healthier/smarter/more effective, and he wants this for his lover, as well. But when he picks obsessively at an issue that brings him down, his partner can be sure he’s punishing himself. The Shadow of Virgo’s zest for improvement is self-flagellation.

Moon in Taurus needs comfort, stability and pleasure. She’s practical (nothing too fancy) but loves to enjoy her environment. This is one of the most sensual of all planet/sign combinations, and her lover will reap the rewards. All he has to do is respect her boundaries (including her need for privacy) and be loyal. Moon in Taurus will be the rock in her relationship, as long as her partner doesn’t continually spring dramatic changes on her. Although she’s always stubborn, she can become unreasonably so (to the point of shutting down) if she feels like she’s being rushed.

Sun in Virgo will admire Taurus’ practical needs (although he might cringe at at her love affair with comfort food). Moon in Taurus will be Virgo’s anchor, standing aside while he goes on manic cleaning sprees, but stepping in to soothe him when he gets out of control. She’ll listen to his suggestions about what she could do better, and will calmly ignore most of them. He’ll take care of the details, she’ll keep them comfortable, and together they’ll create a beautifully grounded partnership.

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